August 1, 2017


by Tristan Eaton

In 2003, with $500 in his pocket and a $300 credit card limit, Joshy D. reached out to his tattoo artist friend Mike Giant for some t-shirt designs, and in a small San Francisco apartment the Rebel8 brand was born. A decade later, as the two continued working together to build Rebel8 they moved into a larger facility in Los Angeles, on Wall St. near Washington Blvd. and before long reached out to Tristan Eaton offering full creative freedom to give their new headquarters a fresh look. For his first wall of the year in early 2016 Eaton told Chop ’em Down Films he wanted to do something ambitious in keeping with the high graphic standards set by the brand. He says he included much more detail than he normally would, all loosely relating to a rebellious, outlaw spirit, and Hypebeast calls the final result one of Eaton’s “most interesting and technical murals to date.”  @tristaneaton  @rebel8