IMG_7427.JPG by Jamie Smed


IMG_9885.JPG by Jamie Smed

emilyheart  asked:

your pictures are gorgeous! you might have answered this before, but what camera/lens do you use?

Thank you!! All photos from the trip were shot with one of the following: : A canon rebel T1i with a 28-135mm canon lens, an iPhone 6, a Fujifilm INSTAX 210, or a Polaroid PIC-300P. We edit with VSCO cam and CS6

But the flood is over! We can’t wait to post about the actual wedding when we get our photos back from our photographer! 


Torrey Merritt
Seattle, WA
Canon EOS Rebel T1i

Your work varies from analog to digital. Which do you prefer and how does your process change when working with each?

If I had to choose which I prefer it would be analog photography. My reasons are very similar to many other people and not especially profound but I feel it is more personal. It doesn’t allow for instant feedback, adding anticipation. It slows down the entire process and makes things more purposeful. The sound of the shutter, the way highlights can’t “clip” like they do digitally but simply glow, the way bokeh and grain look, the occasional unknown split toning and light leaks, etc. are all really memorable pieces of analog photography. My process doesn’t change drastically between analog and digital actually, it is mostly just knowing the limits of each kind and then applying it, but the feeling definitely changes.

It seems that your talents reach beyond photography. Please tell us about your music and how your photography inspires you to create music, and vice versa, and if you’re ever planning on bringing these together in some way?

The hobbies of music and photography have been safe havens for me in the last couple of years, while also challenging me and showing me how limitless learning can be in any discipline. I think music has aided my photography because it involves the right amount of tension and resolution. This is beautiful to the ear in ways difficult to understand. A good photograph often uses the same premise with the eyes. All I can do is hope to access some of this beauty with both these interests. And I know at the very least they will bring me joy, so I have nothing to lose. I haven’t brought the two hobbies together tangibly yet, but I’m excited to see where they continue to lead me.

Tumblr: @torreymerrittphotography