→ Reagan is a member of the President’s Pack.
→ Human Name: Clarissa Gwen Reed.
→ Reagan IDs as cisgender female and heterosexual.
→ She does remember all of her past, and she does freely talk about it.
→ Reagan has been described as humorous, insightful and ambitious but also as boisterous, impatient, and short-sighted.
→ Reagan’s suggested FCs are Rebel Wilson, Nikki Blonsky and Jolene Purdy and she appears mid to late twenties.
→  Her Imprint is Lincoln and they have met.
→ Reagan is available.

                               What does PACK mean to you?

To be a Moonskin is to be a silent, unknown protector of humans. For hundreds of years, Moonskins have hunted in packs to ensure the survival of the next generation. In a small town in Tennessee, unknown evils wait to spring into action. The result will be devastating. Some will fight for survival, and others must make the eternal sacrifice; a life dedicated to a species that doesn’t know they exist.

                                                Will you SURVIVE?
New roleplay opening at six applications

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