'The War Is Over': FARC Rebels Approve Peace Deal with Colombia
"The guerrillas ... have given their unanimous backing to the final accord," said the FARC's Ivan Marquez.

The FARC rebel group announced Friday that close to 200 delegates representing all the guerrilla units in the country have unanimously ratified the peace accord signed with the government last Aug. 24.

“The war is over,” said Ivan Marquez at a national conference of the FARC to vote on the deal and relaunch the group as a political party.

“The guerrillas … have given their unanimous backing to the final accord,” he said, on the sixth and last day of what now promises to be the FARC’s final meeting as a rebel army.

Almandine is the leader of the Tank faction in the Rhodochrosite’s Court Rebel Army

Character Theme(s):

Gem type: Fusion

Unfused gems: Spinel and Thulite

Faction: Tank (Leader)

Pronouns: She/Her

Clothing: A maroon leotard with stars on its side.

Height: 7'6"

Hair color: Dark Purple

Gem Location: Forehead, Chest

Weapon: Impervious Cloak. This cape is stronger than steel, nothing can break through it

Special abilities: Almandine is capable if seeing the absolute worst in people, she can read anyone like a book. This ability makes it difficult for her to become close with others, but she tries her best. In addition to being able to see the worst, she can project her visions into the minds of others, making her targets see themselves at their worst. Almandine refrains from using this ability as much as possible, because when it’s used, she sees her own worst self.
She has incredible strength and durability.

Fun fact: Almandine rarely opens her eyes

Favorite Quote: “I see now that even the worst of gems are capable of change.”

(main ref)

Battle Flag Of The 26th North Carolina (The Museum Of The Confederacy)

​"North Carolina cannot remain much longer stationary; she must write her destiny either under the flag of Mr. Lincoln and aid to coerce the south or unite with the south to resist and defend their rights.“ 

William Holland Thomas to his wife, January 1, 1861. John C. Inscoe, The Heart of Confederate Appalachia: Western North Carolina in the Civil War.

North Carolina seceded from the Union only reluctantly, yet it contributed as much as any state to the Confederate cause in soldiers, money, and supplies. North Carolina was also home to many Unionists, and this civil war at home — on top of the hardships of Union occupation, the deaths of thousands of men, and runaway inflation — tore the state nearly to shreds.