Pedro Camejo….

Pedro Camejo, was a Venezuelan warrior soldier who at first fought with the royal army, only to later go over to the rebel army during the Venezuelan War of Independence, reaching the rank of lieutenant.

The nickname of Negro Primero was inspired by his bravery and skill in handling spears, and because he was always in the first line of attack on the battlefield.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to extend their tenuous hold over parts of the city, rebels at the headquarters ran off leaflets telling civilians to stay indoors and to coöperate, and that they wished them no harm—only to protect them, and to see an end to the Assad regime. They said that they were the government now.
—  Jon Lee Anderson reports from Aleppo, Syria as the Free Syrian Army rebels prepare for a decisive battle with Assad:

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Hope you enjoy this video of us from our last visit @ Yoko Ono’s Meltdown Festival (Southbank Centre) Royal Festival Hall. You don’t want to miss my crew when they come to your town.



Final Fantasy II is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I’m in love with the leveling system. Additionally, the soundtrack is exceptional. One of my favorite tracks is the Rebel Army Theme. (Ignore the picture.)