I’m kind of sort of really obsessed with Kanan’s hair. It’s a problem. But frankly, I think it’s a major bummer that he keeps that luxurious mane tied up in a ponytail all the time. Come on, bro, help us out here. Granted, the ponytail IS great, and very practical, and I respect that. But for God’s sake, boy, your hair is too pretty. DO SOMETHING WITH IT.

Anyway, I think Sabine would agree with me, and every once in a while, she corners Kanan and braids his hair for like 2 hours. Maybe 3 when she’s really inspired. (No one else on the Ghost crew has stylable hair, and the only reason that Ezra cut his was to avoid this whole thing altogether - but also Kanan’s hair is so damn pretty it’s impossible to resist.) Kanan agrees to these sessions every time because he’s a Good Dad ™ but also Hera really digs it. Like really really.

Inktober 25!
Sorry, for the wavy paper, the color was still drying, I had to be quick to save her from my cat.
Young Ahsoka!!! She was a lot of fun, she’s so cute and I just love every bit of Ahsoka. I really hope she’ll come back in Rebels Season 3, I’d be really pumped for that and be super happy about it.
Hope you like her.

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