I remember reading a post about Hera and the crew when they got sick… And the one with Ezra… It was perfect.

Give me Hera and Ezra moments goddamnit.

They swore they’d be together forever - they’d take on the world ( universe ) together. But Person A is the chosen one. They’re the one prophesied to save the world. Person B isn’t. And while they were together as children, Person A left when they were barely a teenager to start training. And B? They started training too. Each grew, on two different paths.

B became a leader of their oppressed community, protecting their people and navigating them through the world and its harsh conditions alone.

A grew and trained and after years apart from B, they return, and fulfill their destiny, swooping in to destroy the great evil and save their friends.

They expect B to be happy. They did it. And B is. At least, about the thing being gone. Because after it? After the battle when A goes to talk to them? B doesn’t acknowledge their existence. B pretends A is nothing more than a stranger. And it hurts. Somehow more than any of the obstacles A faced before.

An Inside Man: How it happened
  • Kallus: Ok Kallus, these stormtroopers are clearly the jedi from the ghost
  • Kallus: They're in the elevator with me
  • Kallus: Ok, now I just have to prove I'm on their side. I'm a rebel now.
  • Kallus:
  • Kallus:
  • Kallus: "don't move...REBELS"
  • Kallus:
  • Kallus: Great Job Kallus. They definitely know your on their side

A really rough doodle of Sabine ~

I actually started this ages and ages ago but I had 30 minutes today and I thought why not :D

I saw the latest episode last night; I’d been avoiding spoilers and I was surprised by the ending! (Although, to be expected I guess.) 

Sorry for my inactivity, I’m super busy right now ;w; I’ve done a lot of drawing, but only sketches as I’ve had no time to sit down and develop them! Forgive me :)