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“the darksider will not be able to open your jedi holocron.”

the thing I hate the most about people who prefer the original star wars canon to the point of not engaging with the new canon is that every one of them who I’ve met is so… Condescending. Like, don’t watch it, whatever, that’s your choice I’m not gonna judge you for it at all.
But they have a tendency to act like they’re SMARTER than new canon folks, like their knowledge of the star wars universe is better, more accurate, makes them much more superior to new canon folks… And the argument that it’s cuz there’s so much more is just. Silly, because the new canon is NEW. And also because of how extensive it is, it’s harder to engage with the old canon in the same way as the new. Especially for younger kids.
And that’s another thing. The new canon fanbase is largely younger people. Like me! I grew up watching the clone wars! And little kids who’s first introduction to star wars is watching Rebels on freakin’ Disney XD! that’s MY star wars, that’s THEIR star wars. OUR star wars.
And I dunno. It really stings when old-canon folks belittle that just because it doesn’t agree with their star wars.
And I’ve never seen new canon folk be so dismissive of the old canon in that same way.
I dunno, sorry for the rant, this was just on my mind.


you must break your chains | ezra bridger [contains s3 spoilers]