Hello friends! My traditional stuff started piling up again and that means I’m ready to sell some of it! Plus I could really use the money. Reblogs are very welcome! 

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Shipping (worldwide) for the SWR copic sketches you see above is 5$ and 10$ for everything in the list below:

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Keith Haring photographed by Janette Beckman, 1985.

“In 1985 I was working for the New York Daily News magazine when they asked me to shoot Keith Haring for a cover  story – I was already a big fan, I knew Keith’s work from the subway and my friend Kim (Paper mag) who’s home phone was decorated by Keith. So one afternoon I went to his studio on LaGuardia place. It was  was packed with paintings, and things Keith had covered in his signature style. There were tags from friends all over the walls, art from the likes of Warhol, paint pots, a Mickey Mouse phone, his bike, a decorated boom box, stuff everywhere.  He was a lovely man, he posed for me and we chatted all afternoon. He gave me a massive ‘Free South Africa’ signed poster which I treasure, it hangs over my desk today.”