rebel tree

@knightpilotweek day 2 theme “Legacy”

Both the sons of skilled pilots, Ben and Poe were descendants of the best Rebel fighters, bonded through their heroic family ties. Finding love after their parents battled along side one another to bring peace to the galaxy and balance to the Force…

//Canon fun facts: Poe’s mother was Leia’s personal pilot, and Poe’s father was one of Han Solos best pathfinder soldiers. Luke Skywalker gave one of the last Force Trees to Poe’s parents to plant in their front yard on Yavin. Poe tended the tree growing up… Ben & Poe– the legacy children.

Since Leia was in a star wars rebels episode, I wonder if we are going to see Luke in the Twin Suns episode. Like maybe he gives Erza directions or we see him in the background crowd of in town, or he pokes a collapsed Maul faintly muttering “Kenobi” with a stick or something.

It would be cool to see him animated style.