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This is tagged with Kassius Konstantine but I’m fairly certain it’s Sato’s death he’s reacting to. He and Konstantine were no longer colleagues at that point.

What I meant to invoke by using ‘colleague’ is comparisons and contrasts between Tua and Konstantine, two fellow Imperial officers of Kallus that had interacted with him the most than other Imperials by the time of their respective deaths. I suppose I should have added 'former’ to that description… but you seem to be implying that the moment someone stops being another’s colleague, their entire relationship is severed, and that two colleagues instantly have concern for the other even if they’ve barely even interacted with one another.

Kallus has worked alongside Konstantine for about a year or so. We’ve seen Konstantine complain to Kallus about the new Inquisitor, and we can be lead to believe that Konstantine has been making other such gossip, complaints, and other comments to Kallus offscreen like how co-workers in other workplaces would, to the point that Kallus thought he and Konstantine had at least some semblance of a friendship (and of course, it turned out Konstantine only used him to rant to someone about his own problems and how he’s in the right).

But even then in “Steps Into Shadow”, where Kallus is probably Fulcrum II already, Kallus and Konstantine do exchange some glances about Thrawn, as if to say 'wtf this guy is weird’. Konstantine also briefly looks at Kallus for validation/as if to say 'You agree this is weird, right? Help me out here!’ when he expresses confusion to Pryce about Thrawn wanting them to stand down (which earns him an annoyed look from Kallus, which he doesn’t see. That also pretty much confirms that Konstantine doesn’t know Kallus is tired of his crap now lol).

But as for Sato, there’s only ONE known instance where they’ve interacted with each other; an offhandedly mentioned holocall between Sato and Fulcrum II about the shortage of pilots for Phoenix Squadron shortly prior to the events of “The Antilles Extraction”. While we can assume that Kallus as Fulcrum II has continued to make active holocalls with Sato and other Phoenix Squadron personnel every now and then until maybe “An Inside Man”, it’s impersonal, as the only topics that would be discussed are military plans and intel, and Kallus obviously cannot get personal anyway for security reasons, lack of trust from the rebels if he gives away his identity, and professionalism.

Now returning to what you said about Kallus actually mourning Sato’s death and not Konstantine’s death, I’m definite that Kallus was guilty and remorseful about being part of the cause behind the Battle of Atollon and every single person & thing lost in that fight. However, Kallus doesn’t know that the commander of Phoenix Squadron died in that blaze right before his eyes, but someone he does know did—Konstantine.

(Though that isn’t to say that Kallus doesn’t care if Sato dies. He would definitely care. It probably wrecked Kallus even more to hear that the leader of Phoenix Squadron died partly because of him in order to kill Konstantine. What I’ve been saying in the past few paragraphs is that you seem to be invalidating the relationship between Kallus & Konstantine, so I pointed out why in terms of story context and meta, his relationship with Konstantine means more than his relationship with Sato.)

Might I add that it’s been hinted a couple times throughout the season that he’s reluctant about putting down other Imperials, even if it’s for the greater good.

For example, as annoyed he could be with Lyste trying to show off, Kallus only intended to use Lyste to distract the other Imperials by making them think he’s the spy until they realize Kallus flew off with the rebels—meaning HE’S the real spy, and Lyste is innocent, so for all Kallus knew, Lyste would be let off the hook. Kallus resorted to framing Lyste because the latter shooting Pryce made everything seemingly perfect for Kallus to stay.

In addition, back in “An Inside Man”, when Azadi comms Kanan that his rebels are going to attack the east wing of the Imperial factory, Kallus looks briefly shocked, then turns away with a reluctant facial expression.

It’s like if a well-meaning person that doesn’t know any better (like a kid) is surrounded by bad people, and then when they realize that these people are bad, they leave. But that person’s been around these people long enough to know who they are and why they do these things. You know firsthand that they could have been better than they are now. You wish things were better. But you have to live your own life now, and sometimes that means you’ll be in direct opposition of the people you used to call friends.

(Disclaimer: I used this analogy to better connect to readers. I am not saying Kallus is innocent or anything like that, because he was in a state where he should’ve known better before he did what he did as an Imperial.)

So, yeah, like I said before, Kallus didn’t know Sato died right then and there until later, probably. So in that moment, he felt bad about a fellow officer he’s worked alongside for months even though those feelings may not be reciprocated if the two switched places. A bit of turn the other cheek.

I just want to say what an amazing year this has been and I appreciate each and everyone of you. And there are many of you that have stuck with me through the years and I am so grateful. Since it’s the end of the year and I did not really do anything when I hit 2.5K followers, I am doing this as a mutual appreciate post. I may not be around as much but I do try and catch up on your blogs as much as I can! This took me ages since I literally went through everyone’s blogs again one by one! Happy New Year!!

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  • Eleven: I wear a bow tie, bow ties are cool
  • Twelve: no. no they are not
  • Eleven: no one asked you
  • Clara: guys...
  • Twelve: well I'm a rebel Timelord so I don't need to wear ties to be cool
  • Eleven: well. you know what, I SPIN-HUGGED CLARA BEFORE IT WAS COOL
  • Eleven: yeah well -
  • Them: BUT-
  • Clara: SHUT UP