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Can Steamquestria Rareity knit with her pointy fingers by chance?

using her fingers as straight needles? hmm…well it isn’t a matter of sharpness so much as it is that it’s just a huge pain to do! (speaking from experience here. I…may have tried some wacky things in my sordid knitting youth.) it makes handling the yarn really awkward, and even Twilight hasn’t built in the ability to turn fingers 180˚ (GOSH TWI) so to start every new row she’d have to slip the stitches off, turn them around, and slip them onto her other finger while hoping none of them drop. much easier to use separate needles! :B

(also if she knits like me, and she does because I write her, she likes to do scarves in the round. extra warmth, a neat symmetrical look, and no border-curling, for only twice the amount of work! HA HA HA sob)

of course there is a real finger-knitting method, which is actually pretty fun and useful if you need something to do with your hands! :D I used to do it before classes, it’s a good time-waster that doesn’t take up 100% of your attention.