rebel streets

“let me see you move like you're from the rebellion”

Jyn Erso gets uprooted from her cushy life on Coruscant when her father is relocated to the Imperial planet of Lothal. Cassian Andor, an Alliance Intelligence officer, happens to be stationed there to orchestrate an uprising. Jyn runs into him and other rebels dancing in the street one day and her entire world shifts. She has to decide between family loyalty and moral duty – between continuing down the sheltered path that’s been carved for her or breaking free and learning to move like a rebel.

in short, the Havana Nights AU in the Star Wars universe that’s been living in my head for the past month.

Oh my gods. I can’t fucking believe this is a thing. I’ve been laughing for four days straight. (But in all honestly, it’s well written and it seems like it’s gonna be a blast!)