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@Rebel_Socialite aka Kristoff
1. What do you want to be when you grow up?   The owner of my own Lifestyle Creative Company/Concierge Group called “Rebel $ocialite." 
Rebel $ocialite is a tightly knit New York based collective comprised of a crew of influential visionaires, who just so happen to be some of the city’s youngest avant-garde movers & shakers. We are attracted to the idea of "Living Above Mediocrity” & “Changing the Status Quo” by any means necessary. We are pioneers in the world of street culture, design, art, music, fashion, television & film, food & beverage, nightlife, consulting/managing & marketing. 
Basically, R$ is a company that is going to allow Me & My friends to make history and get paid off our Lifestyles. The only thing we’re required to do is LIVE.  2. If you had a magic lamp what would be your 3 wishes?     1. Have My Mom back in my life in the physical form.2. Success for all my friends & fam.   
3. The ability to time travel.
3. At what point will you feel that you’ve accomplished something?    I’ll feel that I’ve accomplished something when; “I can wake up one day & do whatever the fuck it is I want to do.” Say it’s too cold in New York, instead of me bitching about the weather, I’ll simply board a G5, go to Hawaii for the day and change it. Or let’s say I’m in the mood for Crepes I’ll simply fly to Paris because I can (laughing). I guess the answer I’m really trying to say is, I will feel accomplished when, Me, My friends & family don’t have a want/need in the world. That’s when I’ll feel truly happy, content & accomplished.     4. Do you fart in public?
I don’t make it my business too. But, I am guilty of doing it every so often (usually when nobody’s around for obvious reasons lol).   5. What was your last dream about?   I’m living my dreams (so to be honest, I don’t be remembering half the shit that goes on in my mind when I close my eyes).   6. What does money mean to you?   Money is a weird thing because it helps you grow but it also helps tear people apart. Depends on how you utilize it. Feel me? But, all in all, Money is a Blessing because with out it, the world wouldn’t operate. So, I guess it’s safe to say that, “Money is POWER”. Think about it, when the world is going through a crisis, what do people ask you to donate? The answer is Money. But, then on the flip side, when you hear about people getting killed, what is it usually over? The answer is Money. So, Money is what YOU make it! 
In the words of Malice (from The Clipse) “I don’t mind spending all it is Paper” 7. Favorite toy as a kid?   Favorite toy as a kid were my WWF action

Be Awesome Thug-Life -Fredrick

A First Review of Ghibli's Newest Film, When Marnie Was There
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The sweeping fantasy epics of Ghibli’s golden heyday can’t be found in the studio’s newest movie, When Marnie Was There, released today on July 19th, 2014. But, for the first time since the release of Arrietty, I feel okay about that. Because this movie has so much to appreciate and laud on its own that it doesn’t need to be compared against the likes of Spirited Away or Castle in the Sky. It’s a story about lives, not actions, and the story’s elements of the fantastic don’t need a world of magic to make them move. The background art, the musical score, the characters and the animation are all up to par with Ghibli’s pedigree. On top of everything else, I’d like to think that this movie breaks new ground for Ghibli and for children’s animated movies in general with the thorough departure from a male-centric storyline and a surprising amount of LGBT representation. Since this review was written on the movie’s opening day, it’s going to be a while before we find out what the Japanese public thinks of it. But I have a feeling that once the movie goes international, it’s going to be the topic of many discussions in those realms. I’m looking forward to it.

WARNING: SPOILERS AHOY. What follows is my commentary on the first two-thirds of the plot and major themes of the movie, so if you wanna save yourself for the wedding night then you should stop reading here.

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