rebel sky

Star's magic metaphore interpretation

Firstly Star had to unleash her dark side. After causing some damage, she has to learn to accept it and to work on it. She finally understands that the real magic has been within her all along and thus she just has to *dip down* into her essence to make it bloom and with that accomplishment, she finally could gather all the her broken pieces and restore her full Light. BUT this reborn light is not like the previous one from before the wand breaking, its a new light, a matured light.

Star is a fighter and this 14 yo character is such an inspiration even for my 22 yo self like this girl is so important, such an amazing role model for kids especially girls because she’s so strong yet so humble yet so sure of herself yet so innocent yet so witty yet so goofy man she’s a Rebel Princess™.


Literally one of the best Anakin and Ahsoka tribute videos I’ve seen!! I was crying…

Through Rebel Eyes

(I’m still filled with feelings from the Star Wars Rebels Season 3 finale so… *throws a random character study fanfic into the void and runs*)


The first thing Kallus notices about living with the Rebellion is how bright everything is.

He has lived his life among shades of black and white and grey. His years have been spent walking the polished corridors of Imperial strongholds and stations, standing on the spotless bridges of their ships. The world around him has been smooth, ordered, monochrome – and those things always meant safety for him. Colour and chaos were things he encountered only in battle, brought to him by blaster fire and bursts of flame.

But as the Ghost leaps through hyperspace – once, twice, three times, to shake off any pursuit as they head towards Yavin – it all changes. He, and the other battered souls the Ghost crew rescued from the ruined base on Atollon, collapse to sleep on chairs, on tables, some even curling up on the floor like children. And as Kallus lies there, exhausted but sleepless, he notices the paintings.

Sabine Wren has covered the insides of the ship with her signature graffiti, coloured shapes and emblems and figures coating nearly every available space. In the dim light, Kallus casts his eyes across them, and realises how comforting a sight they are. He isn’t sure why, until he sees the symbol, that symbol, the phoenix emblem that’s repeated again and again across the walls in ink of every possible hue. The symbol that, for years, set his teeth on edge when he saw it, because it represented chaos, it represented his enemies.

Now… it’s a symbol for freedom. It represents the rebellion – and that means it represents him.

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