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“I don’t want to be rescued!” (Rogue One :: RebelCaptain)

Jyn and Cassian sat silently in the cell. The bars were wide spread apart, but not large enough for Jyn to squeeze through. They were taken underground after a mission gone bad. Most missions didn’t go as planned, but this one went entirely wrong.

K-2SO was told to stay with the ship when they headed out, and now they had no way of contacting him. The people who’d imprisoned them took their comlinks and any other communication devices before throwing them in the cell. Jyn longed for her lock-picking tools to use on the rusty lock closing them in, but they had taken those from her too.

Cassian shifted his position. Jyn was leaning heavily on his shoulder, and moved to make him more comfortable. He had been shot on his back when they had been taken hostage. It needed to be treated as soon as possible, or it might get infected. She was frustrated with both the guards and herself for not being able to care for his injuries.

“We need to get out of here…” She whispered to Cassian as she scanned the outside room of the cell. Two men were chatting at the end of the hall. She inspected their posture. Observing how they carried themselves. She could tell a lot about a person just by their physical characteristics, and she hoped she would be guessing correctly when she turned to Cassian.

“I have an idea.” She stated firmly, getting to her feet. The guards didn’t pay her a second glance.

“And what’s that?” Cassian sounded disinterested. His voice came out rough from the pain, and he shifted his weight when she left his side. She nodded in the guards direction.

“What- the guards?” He questioned. He furrowed his brow in confusion. Jyn just rolled her eyes. She had done many things to escape prisons in the past. Being imprisoned so often makes you get a lot of ideas on how to escape… This wouldn’t be so hard.

She removed her vest and threw it on the ground beside Cassian. He looked up at her, even more confused than before. He lifted himself from the ground and leaned heavily on the wall behind him.

“Trust me on this- Alright?” She said briskly. She pulled her shirt out from her pants it was tucked into and started tearing the bottom off to reveal her stomach. Cassian raised his eyebrows and looked away.

“uhh… You sure this is a good idea?”

She only nodded in response, tearing the front open slightly as well.

“Trust me.” She repeated, before turning towards the guards. She was relieved to see there was only one now. The other probably had some business to attend to. She made a gesture for him to come closer. The guard made his way over, a hand rested firmly on his blaster.

He was a stocky looking man. Not short, but shorter then Cassian. He had stubble lightly covering his broad chin, and his eyes looked tired.

“What do you want girl?” He spat. His eyes instinctively went to Jyns exposed stomach, and Cassian grunted in response.  

She moved to block Cassian from the guards view.

“I wanna’ get out of here.” She stated, her expression blank. The guard huffed, almost a chuckle.

“I’m sure ya’ do.”

Jyn reached her arm through the cell bars and grabbed the mans shirt, pulling him towards her. Cassian glared at the guard as she did so. The mans face was uncomfortably close to hers, and Cassian wanted to get up and punch the man for even looking at Jyn.

“Let me out?” She pursed her lips lightly. Her mouth slightly curved up in a smile. She placed her other hand on the guards shoulder, sliding down his arm. Cassian felt his stomach tense.

“ahh… I can’t do that.” The guard said firmly, but didn’t resist.

“I’ll give you something…If you let me out…” She whispered to him, just loud enough for Cassian to hear. Her lips were only inches from his. The guard looked like he was contemplating for a moment before he unlocked the door. He didn’t seem to even remember Cassian was there. Jyn, quickly, pulled the guard closer and kissed him. He kissed her back aggressively, his hands moving down her arms to reach for her waist. Before he could get that far, Cassian quickly moved forward, shoving the man off Jyn and Punching him in the face. Hard.

The man fell back, smacking into the wall and going limp. He’d passed out.

“He’ll feel that tomorrow…” Cassian mumbled to himself, turning to Jyn again. She looked surprised.

“You okay?” She asked him. She placed a hand on his arm gently.

“Don’t ever do that again.” He started firmly, grabbing her arm and pulling her out of the cell.

“I got us out, didn’t I?” She challenged. Her tone was aggressive, and she ripped her arm away from Cassian, placing her hands on her hips to look up at him with a stern expression.

“Jyn- That’s not the point!” He started, raising his voice slightly. She didn’t faultier.

I got us out of that damn cell, and now you’re yelling at me?” She raised her voice in return, glaring back at him.

Cassian gripped her shoulders, meeting her gaze. “I don’t care if we stayed there for days until the rebels came to rescue us-“

I don’t want to be rescued!” She cut him off, waving a hand to express her frustration. The other still rested on her hip. “I can handle myself. I got us out of there- You could at least-“

“I don’t want any man touching you like that. Ever.” now it was Cassian cutting her off. He sounded harsh, but Jyn could see the concern in his eyes. “Got it?”


“Jyn… Please.” He breathed. She could see the standing was making him feel weak from the wound on his back, and he loosened his grip on her shoulders. “You don’t deserve to be treated that way.”

She felt her stomach turn with an emotion she couldn’t quite place. Cassians hands drifted down her arms to grab hers gently.

“Okay…” She whispered, gripping his hands.

“Thank you.” He said softly, leaning forward to kiss her forehead. She looked up at him, smiling softly.

“No.. Thank you.” She pulled back her hands to drag him closer to her and pressed her lips against his. Cassian encouraged her by releasing his grip on one of her hands and placing it on her face.

She moved back and met his eyes.

“Let’s go home.”


More wine? (Rogue One :: RebelCaptain)

Jyn and Cassian stepped through a large entry way lined with gold intricate carvings. The walls were a light tan and had patterned tapestries hanging from them. Chandeliers smiled down on the guests and glistened softly in the light. Red carpet covered the floor and long, endless seeming tables were set out for the guests.

“Just try to act natural…” Cassian manages to whisper to Jyn as he leans over her shoulder. His face was so close that Jyn could feel the light tickle of his facial hair on her cheek as he pulled back. She was dressed formally, hair braided up into a bun instead of her usually sloppy up-do she was accustomed too. She wore a long, black dress that rose just above her ankles, and had a short train behind her. The sleeves elegantly fell off her shoulders. Revealing her collar bone.

Jyn could almost feel Cassians gaze weighing her down, making her more nervous than before. It was like he hadn’t stopped staring since she first walked out in the dress. Or, a Ridiculous garment, as Jyn had put it.

Cassian found himself stepping around her or avoiding being his usually close distance to avoid stepping on the dress. He’d already stepped too close multiple times, to his embarrassment, making Jyn stumble forward. Luckily she hadn’t been holding a drink in the past. She now held a delicate glass of wine between her small fingers.

He made a point to avoid close contact in case of further embarrassment.

Jyn couldn’t deny that she too, was admiring Cassian. He cleaned up well She admitted. But she quickly averted her gaze. making eye contact would only embarrass her further. His constant staring was enough already.

They had been assigned this mission only a few days before they’d arrived. They were disguised as political figures, or, in other words, a political couple. They were meant to eavesdrop on the conversations at dinner. Jyn left that part to Cassian. She basically only came to “Look pretty” as their commander had put it.

Jyn was reluctant to accept the mission at first, but came along anyway. There was no way she’d let people think that she was afraid of looking pretty or something of that nature. She could do anything. And if cleaning up and dressing fancy was needed, she’d do that too.

“Fake names… what were they?” Jyn hastily breathed to Cassian, hushing her tone to avoid any questions. She smiled and waved at a few other guests.

“Cameron and Jade.” He briskly answered, moving to shake the hand of a man who had come to greet them.

We just have to make it through dinner…

Cassian offered his arm to Jyn, smiling boyishly. She stole a glance in the mere moments that he was looking away. She studied his uniform and the way he’d trimmed his hair to look neater. She slipped her arm between his and let him guide her to their seats. They sat across from each other on the long, narrow tables. A brute of a man was sitting on one side of Jyn, and she gave Cassian a somewhat, unimpressed expression. The man attempted to make conversation, but she quickly made herself sound uninterested, in order to avoid a distraction.

“The conversation will be to the right of us.” Cassian whispered to Jyn. He grabbed the glass set out in front of him, pouring a bit of wine. He sipped it and glanced at the group forming around them.

Jyn, completely ignoring his insight, smirked at him.

“I thought you don’t drink?” She teased, taking more wine for herself. Cassian shrugged and raised an eyebrow at her.

“Keeping appearances.” He smiled, leaning back in his chair.

The night dragged on for what seemed like forever, and Jyn wasn’t paying attention to any of it. At times, she wondered if Cassian even paid the group a second glance. He seemed to be too distracted by Jyn. She’d had too many glasses of wine to count, taking too much enjoyment in the evening, and the small-talk she’d made with the woman sitting beside her.

Jyn glanced at Cassian every so often, his gaze never seeming to move. She just hoped that he was deeply focused on the conversation as much as he had focused on her figure.

Jyn felt her face growing hot, and poured herself another glass of wine. Cassian looked slightly nervous, and leaned over the table to whisper to her;

“You sure you should drink more?”

She grinned at him and took the wine she’d poured in one gulp, and slammed the glass on the table. Cassian was grateful that it didn’t break, and glanced at the other guests. They hadn’t seemed to notice her behavior.

“Jyn- You’re getting drunk…” he pressed. “You need to stay focused…”

People were beginning to retire, and Cassian decided that it may be best If they did also. He stood, turning to a man beside him. His words sounded muffled to Jyn. She couldn’t make them out. She stood also, stumbling slightly.

Cassian moved around the table to offer an arm to Jyn. She smiled warmly at him and took the offer, leaning slightly on him. She was small and fragile against him, and her cheeks were pushed up cutely by her giddy smile. Cassian couldn’t let himself be frustrated with her for overdrinking. He knew it was a habit of hers, and he should’ve paid more attention to it at the beginning of the dinner. He lead her out of the building, making their way over to his ship which they’d landed not far off.

He pressed his comlink;

“Hey K2? We’re back.” He stated. There was a brief moment of silence before the ship doors opened for Jyn and Cassian to head inside. Cassian gently placed Jyn on one of the seats and walked over to K2.

“And how was your evening?” K-2SO asked. He leaned sideways to look at Jyn from behind his seat. “Oh my.”

“I know… “ Cassian waved a hand at K2, attempting to silence him.

“I thought you said you’d control her with the alcohol?”

Jyn lifted her head at the droids comment and let her mouth drop open, a dramatic expression of distrust and annoyance.

“You said WHAT about meee…?” She dragged out her sentence, leaning forward and pointing at Cassian. Cassain only smiled and shook his head in return, taking a seat beside her. He offered her a glass of water.

“More wine?” She seemed to have forgotten her past irritation and took the water, attempting to take it all at once, but failing by spilling a small bit on herself. Cassian chuckled lightly.

“No, not wine Jyn.” He took the glass from her and placed it next to him. “Water.”

“Oh…” she sounded disappointed. “Is the party over?” She hiccupped.

“Ah- Yes.” K2 chimed.

Jyn let out a sound of disdain and leaned on Cassians shoulder heavily. She pressed herself against him, cuddling up to his side. Cassian felt his cheeks get warm as he lifted his arm to let her get into a comfortable position beside him.

“Time for bed then.” She stated, closing her eyes.

“No no Jyn-“ Cassian pushed her upright again, grinning lightly. “you can’t sleep right here. There’s a bed at the back of the ship, alright?”

Jyn only nodded.

“Are you going to take me to bed?” She asked innocently, leaning back on the seat, away from Cassian now. Cassians face flushed red, and he looked at K2.


“She doesn’t mean it like that Cassian.” K2 said in annoyance. “Are you always this inappropriate?”

Cassian placed a hand on his face and stood up, lifting Jyn up to guide her to bed. She pulled on his sleeve, almost a childlike gesture, and frowned.

“I don’t want to go to sleep.” She complained, furrowing her brow. “I want to stay with you.”


“Pleaseee…..?” Jyn dragged out the word, letting out a soft hiccup at the end of it.

“Ah- fine.” Cassian waved a hand. “Wanna’ go stargaze?”  

Jyn nodded, smiling brightly.

“Alright, Come on Jyn.” Cassian put an arm over her shoulders and guided her outside.

“Behave yourselves!” K2 called after them. Cassian ignored him.


They laid on the grass outside the ship, the doors still open so K2 could feel like he was included. Though the droid didn’t actually care. He just did it to annoy Cassian.

Jyn and Cassian sat in silence for quite a while. He enjoyed the quiet. It wasn’t an awkward silence… it was a peaceful one. He looked up at the stars glistening lightly and studied their different constellations. Jyns voice interrupted him;

“Do you think star-crossed lovers… are… are…are real?” she asked, moving closer to Cassian, pressing against his side. Cassian again, felt his cheeks get hot with embarrassment, but didn’t refuse her gesture.

“Star-crossed lovers?” he repeated, staring up at the small specks of stars in the dark sky hanging above them.

“Yea. lovers.” She spread her arms wide in the air, hiccupping again. “Soul mates?”

Cassian took a moment to consider. He let his thoughts drift to if she’d remember any of this tomorrow, and found himself not really caring either way. If she remembered, so be it.

“I think they do exists.” He stated.

“If they didn’t…” Jyn started, turning to face Cassian. She propped herself up on one of her elbows. “How would you explain us?”

Cassian looked at her, surprised. She was smiling warmly at him, leaning in close. Her face just inches away from his.

“Jyn…” He started, reaching to touch her face with his hand gently.

“Yes mr.Cassian Cameron?” She asked, a tease coming into her tone.

“I love you.”

He let the words escape his mouth as a whisper, barely seeming to breath them. He wondered if they’d even met the air. And he wondered if she had heard them, and if she had, would she remember in the morning?

She snuggled closer to him and closed her eyes. Cassians lips brushed her forehead, and he kissed it gently. He could feel the rise and fall of her breathing grow slower. She was falling asleep. He let out a sigh.

“Goodnight Jyn…” He said softly, closing his eyes and pulling her closer.

“Goodnight… hiccup …Cassian.”