rebel poet

Home is an interesting and vague concept. Is it where you were born or what your genes claim? Is it where you feel safe or where you dream yourself to be? Or is it just a state of mind? Whatever it is, I feel homesick all the time. Maybe it’s the confusion. Maybe it’s the longing of a place that I haven’t found yet. Or maybe it’s just the rebel in me desiring not belong to anywhere.
—  Hira

In a year where tyranny, bigotry, and hate seems to be winning. A year where artists, rebels, and outcasts keep being taken from us…The world needs us: the freaks, queers, artists, writers, activists, resisters, revolutionaries, rebels, dreamers, creators, thinkers, poets, philosophers, deviants, outcasts, pacifists, fighters, and lovers more than ever.

Rise up and unite against the Empire, my rebel friends. ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿

RIP Carrie Fisher. ❤

they began discussing Nietzsche. I took part, expressing my enthusiasm over the great poet-philosopher and dwelling on the impression of his works on me. [James] Huneker was surprised. “I did not know you were interested in anything outside of propaganda,” he remarked. “That is because you don’t know anything about anarchism,” I replied, “else youould understand that it embraces every phase of life and effort and that it undermines the old, outlived values.” Yelineck asserted that he was an anarchist because he was an artist; all creative people must be anarchists, he held, because they need scope and freedom for their expression. Huneker insisted that art has nothing to do with any ism. “Nietzsche himself is the proof of it,” he argued; “he is an aristocrat, his ideal is the superman because he has no sympathy with or faith in the common herd.” I pointed out that Nietzsche was not a social theorist but a poet, a rebel and innovator. His aristocracy was neither of birth nor of purse; it was of the spirit. In that respect Nietzsche was an anarchist, and all true anarchists were aristocrats, I said
—  Emma Goldman
The oxygen you breathe fuels forest fires so what makes you think you’re any less formidable or captivating than the flame that swallows everything
—  d.g.

Temiz kalan tek yerdir devrim
bütün bir yıl
kirlenen duvarda
ama görebilmek için
asıldığı çividen indirilmelidir
yaprakları biten takvim
Zorbalara direnmektir devrim

Sunay AKIN

Görsel :  Stanley Greene -  Chechen rebel during the first war in Chechnya (1990’s) - On the road to Chechnya

a poet
not rebelling against their world
is a poet
rebelling against their wound

~Cherokee Soul