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What is Motorcity? I've never heard of it !

 Motorcity is a REALLY GOOD cartoon that aired on DisneyXD in 2012 that was tragically cancelled after 1 season, likely to a lack of viewership. The plot is a bit cliche: Detroit is taken over by an iron fist ruler who keeps his people in check with a big robot army, but a rebel society lives underground and their mission is to provide safety, freedom (and most of all: cool car privileges) to Motorcity.

If cool dudes driving fast cars doesn’t sell you, then check this out:

The animation was done by Titmouse studios (❤❤❤) and LOOK 

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Originally posted by titmousecartoons-blog

that stuff is GORGEOUS

and does that artstyle look familiar? It should! Robert Valley of Gorillaz fame did the character designs!

And boy howdy don’t get me started on the backgrounds

they’re some if the best I’ve ever seen.

But hey, take the art away and what do you have? A really charming story of a family of heroes looking out for each other, fighting their demons, driving fast, and saving the world.

Now I don’t give a HECKDARN about cars but I can never fully express my love for the genuine charm the characters have, the jaw-dropping art, the unforgettable humor (see: threat level:texas) and reid scott’s delicious voice. I can’t recommend it enough, especially to my animator friends!

SFW roll: Nat 1 "She's not entirely blind"

Hey There! Same poster from “The Dragon is a very precise creature.” I thought this would be funny enough to put on this blog, but it has a bit of nsfw language involved so warning a bit!

Context: Homebrew campaign and as of now they have gotten a bit deeper into the kingdom of Brightwood, the only kingdom of the game’s main plot. The Redbrands are a group of now reformed and underground rebel army. There is a dragonborn entering the library to find something on a map and need to go through the librarian first.

Me(DM): As you enter the library, you notice it lit with lanterns and candles near every bend, vines and flowers all over the walls.

Dragonborn: “Alright then, pardon me m'am? Can you tell me where the librarian is?”

Me(as the librarian): “Yes, I am her, I am Ms. Soundinghorn.”

Me(ooc): As you talk to her, you notice she is blind, but infact her eyes glow a faint gold. This is a special magic exclusive to her, “Life Sense,” Pretty much she can sense life in a 120 ft. radius, she can tell what it’s shaped like, any details. Pretty much think daredevil.

Dragonborn(ooc): So she could tell if I pull out my-

Me: Yes.

Dragonborn(ooc): Can I? *does it anyways*

Me: She calls it small and to put it away before she calls the town army. Btw, you’re a hero and you’re doing something illegal. Take 5 damage for burn damage.

(After that I sent time backwards so he could try again.)

A Game of Stars

Jonsa • Star Wars AU

Read: here (Tumblr) or here (AO3)!

Sansa Stark may not be Force-sensitive, but having one of the most powerful Force lineages in the galaxy makes for a charmed life. Growing up on Alderaan, Sansa has little to worry about besides her sister’s pranks, the quick temper of her fiancé Joffrey, and the growing rumors of a rebellion against the Targaryen Empire.

That all ends when Ned Stark, one of the Empire’s most trusted lords, is revealed to be a rebel himself. House Stark is stripped of its lands and power and Ned is taken to Coruscant as a hostage, while the rest of the once-great family is banished from the Core Worlds. Sansa is horrified to be leaving her home in disgrace, but her family isn’t done with the rebellion. There’s another secret Ned Stark has been keeping to protect his children from becoming weapons of the Empire: the Stark children are, in fact, Force-sensitive.

Sansa finds herself living on the frozen wasteland of Hoth, a planet devoid of life except for fearsome creatures like tauntauns, direwolves, and underground rebels. All she wants is to be back in Alderaan, not helping the rebel army and training to use the Force—no matter how much she loves the Jedi knights from old songs. But while her siblings have their own Force gifts, none of them can manipulate the thoughts of others as well as Sansa, making her invaluable to the rebels.

Jon Targaryen is more than just the Mad Emperor’s grandson being groomed to take the Kyber Throne: he’s an imperial general who uses the Force to command Rhaegal, one of the galaxy’s three legendary dragon-class starships. Fearsome in combat, there are whispers that he wields his red lightsaber like a flaming sword as he leads his elite stormtrooper unit Blizzard Force into battle. Jon, a bastard, was never meant to rule until his siblings were killed by rebels. After their deaths, Jon wants nothing more than to end the rebellion once and for all.

It’s a small galaxy, and secrets don’t stay hidden for long. When the Mad Emperor’s little birds tell him that the Starks are Force-sensitive, he tracks them down, discovering the hidden rebel base on Hoth. He sends Jon and Blizzard Force there with one order: Burn them all. But bring the Stark children to Coruscant.

It’s time for the two most powerful Force bloodlines in the galaxy to merge.

Ooooo this one started really strong but then a serious cold and a bottle of NyQuil happened.  Brain not work good now on pretty pictures. 

But I always wished the Rebels/smuggler/the underground criminal element was explored more and with a touch more uh … grit.  I mean, I know it won’t (save for GMs running “Edge of the Empire” games) cuz Star Wars ain’t Bebop or Firefly but .. eh.  I can dream.

cw: smoking

artist: @badgertastical

Badlands || Soulmate!AU Chan

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GENRE: soulmate!au, dystopian!au, prince!au

WORDS: 6265

BLURB: In this world, soulmates are born with half of a mark somewhere on their bodies which slowly light up when they come to stand by each other. However, in an attempt to keep the castes in place, the government rebranded everyone with new soulmate marks – barcodes – that work the same way but their new “soulmates” will only ever be people from the same caste.

“They’re only going to get stronger if we remain on the defence!” The King’s voice reverberated through the heavy oak door, echoing down the hallway. “We need to start attacking and squash their forces now!

The anger in his father’s voice made Chan step away from the door but it didn’t shock him. Things have been tense since two summers ago, when the rebels first showed themselves. They have been pushing the boundaries ever since, coming down from the mountains and occupying the Badlands, the buffer region between the Lee Kingdom and the rebels’ own exiled territories. They’ve went past the city walls too, slithering underground like rats in the sewers and exploiting old mining tunnels that had once been used to transport minerals from the caves down to the city. It was only a matter of time before the rebels tired of simple theft and rebel graffiti. Rumour had it that there were already over a hundred safe-houses mushrooming around the kingdom, and the people’s loyalties were swaying. The officials were getting antsy and Chan’s father, the highest ranking official around, was the antsiest of them all.

Chan decided it was time to move on, leaving the great War Room behind and continuing his journey down the hallway. There was no one around. His quiet steps echoed in the emptiness. Even as he descended the stairs to the back garden where one of the castle exits was, no guards stopped to greet him. In fact, there were no guards about at all. Castle security had been lax ever since more and more men were sent to patrol the Walls. Not that it mattered – the rebels were still evading capture somehow. His father’s words from a few days ago rang in Chan’s ears, “If anyone is caught harbouring these rebels or assisting them in any way, they will be arrested and executed immediately.”

Chan carefully unlocked the garden gate, looking furtively around. When he was satisfied no one was watching he slipped outside.

It could just be the placebo effect but Chan felt the sunshine was warmer out here than it was inside. The alley he was on was also quiet and void of people, but it was different somehow, the sounds and sights up ahead creating a sort of ambience that was absent from the emptiness within the castle walls. Crowds pleased him and he enjoyed being able to walk about without the responsibility of being his father’s son heavy on his shoulders. No one seemed to realize he was a prince and treated him like everyone else.

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Danger Days Slang/Words/Terms/etc.

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of interpretations of different DD words, and very few official definitions. So I’ve decided to make a list of what I think everything means. These are all my own interpretations of words/slang, so don’t get mad if it doesn’t agree with what you think. There are a few things in here that I came up with myself.


  • Killjoy - A member of ‘the killjoys’, a disorganized network of gangs fighting against BLi from the zones. All killjoys have strange names which they go by. Each gang has its own name as well, the most well known being the Fabulous Four.
  • Neutral - A non-killjoy resident of the zones.
  • BL/ind - Better Living Industries, a company that has tyrannical control over the people. Also referred to as ‘BLi’.
  • Draculoid - A member of BLi’s SCARECROW unit. Devoid of all emotion, always seen wearing terrifying masks. Act as the city’s police, and BLi’s military. Often shortened to ‘drac’. 
  • Exterminator - Leaders of BLi’s SCARECROW unit. Control the draculoids. Act as investigators, spies, and executioners.
  • SCARECROW - BLi’s police/military unit. Consists of security guards, technological security, draculoids, exterminators.
  • BCU- Battery City Underground. Killjoy-like rebels who work inside of the city, often staking out in ‘underground’ places. Usually act as smugglers of both people and supplies, as well as saboteurs. Led by three unknown men.


  • Battery City - The city controlled by BLi. Only known major civilization left. Devoid of much color, emotion, and freedom. Also called ‘Bat City’ and ‘the city’.
  • Zones - The desert surrounding Battery City, consisting of six areas determined by geographical terrain. There were once more, but were destroyed in bombings by BLi. Mainly where the neutrals and killjoys live, but does contain scattered BLi factories and warehouses.
  • Death Valley - The areas beyond Zone Six. Used to contain farming communities, until the land was destroyed in bombings by BLi.
  • Route Guano - The main road through the zones. A paved, multi-lane road that stretches from Zone One to abandoned factories in Zone Six. Also called the ‘Getaway Mile’.


  • Helium Wars - War in the 1970s fought over the resource of helium. A second war was fought in the late 80s/early 90s between BLi and other civilizations around the world, which all then disappeared.
  • Analog War - A series of large scale fights between the killjoys and BLi during the 90s, beginning towards the end of the second Helium War.
  • Fires of 2012 - A series of large fires in 2012 which were lit by BLi to sabotage the killjoys, but spiraled out of control and burned several neutral establishments and BLi factories and warehouses. BLi claims to not have started them, but to have put them out.
  • Pig Bomb - A bomb dropped in Zone Seven by BLi in 2017, destroying the single farming community there and metaphorically wiping Zone Seven off of the map.


  • Carbons - Form of currency. Consist of flexible plastic bills and hard plastic coins.
  • Batteries - What everything that isn’t run on electricity runs on. Common commodity in the city, harder to get a hold of in certain zones. Have a very long life span. Can be bought from vending machines.
  • Vend-a-hack - Gadgets that can hack vending machines to dispense products.
  • Ray Gun/Laser Gun - A gun that shoots dangerous lasers. Common weapon, used by draculoids, exterminators, and killjoys. Run on special batteries. Occasionally called a ‘zap’.
  • Mousekat - BLi’s mascot for children’s products. Heavily modified versions are often seen in the zones.
  • Phoenix Witch - A goddess worshiped in the zones whose main domain is death. Main deity in a pagan religion.
  • Pornodroid - Androids in the city made specifically for the purpose of sex. Only female models exist.
  • Zine - A magazine, usually small, handmade ones.


  • Crash Queen - A daredevil and/or thrill-seeker with an unhealthy taste for doing things that could easily get them killed.
  • Motorbabies - People who live out of their cars, whether or not they are nomadic. Oftentimes are also gearheads.
  • Gearhead - Someone who is obsessed with cars/mechanical things.
  • Rubberburner - Someone who lives their life too fast, burning through everything. Often tend to drive far too fast and burn out their tires. Tend to also be crash queens.
  • Dust Angel - A resident of the zones, though this term is often only used to refer to young children and the elderly.
  • Pig - Derogatory term for draculoids and exterminators.
  • Zone Rat - Derogatory term for residents of the zones, generally used to refer to killjoys.
  • Zonerunner - People who spend time in the zones but do not live there. Usually BCU smugglers, and other BCU operatives.
  • Ritalin Rat - Drug addict.
  • Clap - A physical fight, usually between a killjoy and a draculoid.
  • Costa Rica - For things to go crazy/become chaotic. (Ex. “Things went all Costa Rica.”)
  • Dust - Dead.
  • Dusted - To kill or to be killed, through any cause.
  • Firefight - A gun fight.
  • Getaway Mile - Route Guano.
  • Ghost - To kill.
  • Ghosted - To kill or to be killed, generally through murder.
  • Hit the Red Line - To run away, usually from a bad situation/home life.
  • Shiny - Awesome or cool.
  • Tumbleweed - Someone who wanders the zones, living a nomadic lifestyle, having no home. Oftentimes are killjoys, but there are some bands of neutrals who choose to live nomadically, generally for religious purposes.

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In Rothenberg's interview on IGN this morning, he comments on Bel and Gina's relationship being a mistake they made in the story, and also how he is excited to bring Bel and Clarke together again after years of independent growth. Do these comments ease your fears of another Gina-situation? I feel like they will have a hard time pulling something like that off a second time.

I actually never had a problem with Gina and Bellamy. I am not afraid of Clarke and Bellamy having relationships while they are not together and I never have been. If Bellamy has relationships on the ring, it makes sense to me. 

I don’t see it as being permanent, or lasting. Just because I really do believe that the story they are telling is endgame Bellarke. And that hasn’t changed. They’re just starting it over again with the separation and reunion. Look. I LOVE Persuasion. Is it the story I wanted here? No. But it’s not my story.

This is interesting though

To me, that’ll be part of the fun of it, putting Clarke and Bellamy back together when Bellamy has been a leader in his own right, if that’s his story, for six years on the Ark. Likewise, Octavia and Bellamy coming back together when she’s been forced to lead in a way that may or may not be something he approves of by the time they come back together. I think it’ll be fascinating and that’s the challenge for us, creatively, to have them feel like the same people, understand how they got that way, perhaps by including some flashback storytelling into the six year time gap, and keeping it fresh moving forward. [x]

You see this? He is “putting Clarke and Bellamy back together” only this time, he’s the authority and she’s the lone wolf rebel. Interesting. And how will Octavia rule underground? 

I do think that this will only be the set up. He’s not going to give away his story too soon, so we’re going to see some political struggles, alliances change, and getting to know each other again as adults who have had very different lives these past 6 years. “if that’s his story.”  

(side note. How the hell does eric goldman review a show that is about the relationship between Clarke and Bellamy (so says JR himself) and never once talk about the relationship between Clarke and Bellamy? Hmm. Do you think a professional media journalist might have MISSED a few important points of the show these last few years? Did it go over his head? Was he, perhaps, hmm biased? ohh well saying that felt good. who’s delusional?)

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if in the season 3 they decide that mom or dad kogane (if your theory that he is a galra druid is confirmed) make they re appearance, how do you think Keith would react ? Especially if he discover that his father is also galra and druid

I’m going to link back to this post because this is pretty much my biggest gathering of Keith’s parents’ thoughts, and this is kind of establishing my perspective here.

I think that if the bike/shack and the blade are sort of symbolic indications of his relationship with his parents, I think it’s likely Keith is going to connect with his mom first, and it’s going to be, much like his encounter with the Blade, kind of a grim homecoming.

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Based losely on this fic!

On another world a cataclysmic disaster shatters the staunch Man of Steel causing him and the former League to take control of the planet. Only Batman is left with an underground group of rebels and a fluxing portal to another, safer, world.

I was experimenting with fake screencaps to make a series on screenies based on a roleplay my gf and I have on DC and Marvel characters. ;v;

You should go and read the fic, it’s great! It takes place in the Injustice Universe.

I asked a bunch of ppl to explain Red Queen to me, pretending I didn't know and from my other account and these were the ones who responded.

Okay, firstly, it’s a young adult novel by Victoria Aveyard.
In this universe, there are people with red blood, and people with silver blood. The silvers consider themselves gods because they have different powers and abilities. (think like, the x-men)
Mare Barrow is a red, and she gets a job at the palace. The palace is currently undergoing Queenstrial. Queenstrial means a lady from each silver high house will fight to be the next queen.
Some stuff happens, and it’s revealed that Mare has powers. She can control lightning.
To cover up this supposedly impossible case, the royal family take her and pose her to be the long lost daughter of some dead general.
That’s basically how it starts, but RQ is great because of so many other things too! I highly recommend reading it :) hope I helped!

Yeah! So it’s set in the distant future in North America where there are two types of people: Red and Silver. Reds have red blood and are like normal humans and Silvers have silver blood and have special powers like superheroes. The Silvers are the ruling class and Reds are seen as inferior because they don’t have powers. The story follows the main character, Mare Barrow, who is Red but discovers she has the ability to manipulate and create electricity. The Silver King and Queen don’t want people to know that a Red could have powers to they try to hush it up by saying she was the lost child of a dead Silver noble. And it just goes from there.

Sure! Red queen takes place a future world where humans have adapted. Some of silver blood while the others have red blood. The silver blooded are very elite and they have magical powers depending on their family (ex-some can control fire, some can control metal, water, plants, some can heal, etc). The red are peasants and are sent off to war st the age of 18 unless they have a job like a seamstress or fisher or something. Mare Barrow is 17 and red without a job so she’s going to be conscripted by her next birthday. She finds out she has magical powers as well even though she’s red blooded and she’s forced to live at the palace with the king and his two sons.

Ooooh boy lol. It’s a 4 book series (only ¾ books are written so far) by Victoria Aveyard. Very basically it’s kinda like racism but instead of skin color it’s blood color? There’s silver blood people who have abilities and are the royals/gods to the red blood people who are normal like you and I and are mass slaughtered by pointless wars and treated as slaves. The main character of the book is Mare Barrow, a born red-blood, who is revealed to have silver abilities. The first book is her being discovered and having to pretend to have silver blood while she stays with the royals and is engaged to one of the princes aka burners aka fire ability. She’s engaged to Maven, but she starts to like his older brother and heir, Cal. Some crazy stuff happens and then it’s book two where Mare works with an underground rebel group fighting for red-equality called the scarlet guard and they find other red blooded people with abilities. More crazy stuff happens and in the third book Mare learns about other countries who have solved the equality problems and they start fighting even harder.

Haha it was fun. 😜😜

I was watching Markiplier’s Silly.TIFF video, and when it got to the clip with Hotep, I was like, “oh my god that’s Sonic Underground”.
Which led to me listening to some of the music again. And then I wanted to draw Sonia and Manic. So today at work I doodled the sketch for this and finished it up digitally in about 5 or so hours.
While the cartoon itself may not exactly be very good, I still like the main concept behind it of Sonic having siblings that have to find their mother in order to stop Robotnik. I think it could be kinda neat if they sort of redid it but replaced the music concept with something a bit more up to date. Hence why I included the Chaos Emeralds.

I also tweaked the designs of Sonia and Manic a little because the skin tight clothes didn’t really work in this style and Manic’s Mickey hands always bugged me.

So… Yeah.

BTW, if you’ve never seen the show, Someday is the song they play in the first episode.

Sweating man with two buttons meme and the sweating man is a stealth game developer and one of the buttons is “tell a story from an obviously leftist perspective where you’re an underground rebel against bigcorp co” and the second button is “here you get cool tactical shit though”