rebel money


Guys. William Shakespeare’s patron was a smokin’ hot, well read, BISEXUAL religious rebel with money, land, and social status.

I’m not saying Shakespeare cheated on Anne Hathaway with the Earl of Southampton–or that he should have cheated at all–but hot damn.

UPDATE: Shakespeare dedicated his first published erotica poem, “Venus and Adonis”, to the Earl, so make of that what you will.

Source: Wood, Michael. Shakespeare. Basic Books, 2003. pp. 147-150.

Ich zähle kein Geld, weil ich nicht so viel Zeit hab. Du warscheinlich auch nicht, ich glaube weil du keins hast.
—  Kc Rebell feat. Farid Bang - Kanax in Moskau

Those Disney Infinity Rebels figures are gorgeous. So gorgeous. 3.0 is looking fantastic, and I can’t wait to get every last one.


Where. Is. Hera?

Seriously? If all of the rest of the crew (organic crew at least) are present, why isn’t the captain?

Do we seriously only get one girl at a time? Could they not take one of the boys away and then do a small second wave?

Or just include her from the get go.