rebel love song by black veil brides

Songs That Make You Feel Good About Yourself

American Idiot-Green Day

Do It Now Remember It Later-Sleeping with Sirens

Don’t Wanna Be Like You-Blood On The Dance Floor

Fallen Angels-Black Veil Brides

Gold-Sleeping With Sirens

Kick Me-Sleeping With Sirens

Kids In The Dark-All Time Low

King For A Day-Pierce The Veil

Knives And Pens-Black Veil Brides

Little Me-Little Mix

Missing You-All Time Low

Never Be-5 Seconds Of Summer

Never Giving up-Of Mice And Men

Parasites-Sleeping With Sirens

People Like Us-Kelly Clarkson

Perfect Weapon-Black Veil Brides

Raise Your Fist-Social Repose

Rebel Love Song-Black Veil Brides

Resurrect The Sun-Black Veil Brides

Runaways-All Time Low

Satellite-All Time Low

Roger Rabbit-Sleeping With sirens

She’s Kinda Hot-5 Seconds Of Summer

Sing-My Chemical Romance

Social Casualty-5 Seconds Of Summer

Something’s Gotta Give-All Time Low

The Strays-Sleeping With Sirens

Teenagers-My Chemical Romance

Therapy-All Time Low

Tomorrow Never Dies-5 Seconds Of Summer

Try-Colbie Caillat


We Don’t Belong-Black Veil Brides

Weightless-All Time Low

We Like It Loud-Sleeping With Sirens

Welcome To The Black Parade-My Chemical Romance

You Only Live Once-Suicide Silence

2 Chord-Sleeping With Sirens

Parker! (Peter Parker X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Peter Parker X Fem!Reader, Dad!Tony Stark X Daughter!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers, Spiderman

Warnings: Bit of bullying, angry over protective dad.

Request: Tony Stark’s daughter is popular and in a band and at a concert, Peter is getting picked on for being alone so Reader goes and kisses him and hugs him, surprising everyone with their secret relationship, much to Tony’s disapproval. 

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You were the infamous Y/N Stark, the daughter of Tony Stark, also known as Iron man. There’s a lot of things you get from your dad: Your looks, your brain, and your love for music. Especially rock music. Tony had an infinite source of videos of you singing rock songs, from infancy to now. Because of you always singing, you had quickly discovered you were quite the singer, and started a band. You were the lead singer, with your 3 close friends as the other band members. Because of your smarts, you were the top of your class, and because of your looks, you got a lot of attention. Also it was inevitable you would get an attitude like your dad, which made you quickly rise in popularity. Also since your dad was an Avenger, you knew things that the world didn’t know about… like who Spiderman is. Though to be honest you had presumed it was the little nerdy boy in your class.

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Andy Biersack x Reader

Andy’s Pov:

I didn’t know what happened. It was all so fast. One moment I’m on the phone with CC entering into my house, the next I’m screaming. She was on the floor, bleeding. There was a lot of blood. I thought she was dead. I dialed 911. The rest was a blur. Now I’m waiting outside for her to be stable enough to speak to me.  Surgery was done within an hour of getting here, quicker than I’d imagine.

One thing I’d never forget is the sight of (Y/n) bleeding on the kitchen counter. The sticky red pool of blood collected around her head. Her hair color was tainted a disgusting shade of red, I wanted to vomit just thinking about it. Who would do this to such a wonderful girl?

“Andy Biersack?” My head snapped up and I rubbed my hands together as I nodded. “(Y/n) (L/n) is stable enough to speak to you. She has some amnesia, she might not remember you. Try to say little things that might spark her memory without stressing her about her memory. Room 80.”

I quickly stood up and speed to room eight. She had some tubes connected to her arm, nothing too bad. Her head had been bandaged but some red coloring seeped through, not to mention how her hair was still unwashed and was matted with blood.

She looked so weak, I wanted to hold her but at the same time murder whoever did this. Only until now I realized how her once joyful eyes held a look of fear and confusion. When she finally spoke her voice was hoarse and she clearly was in a desire need of water.

“W-Who are you?” My heart dropped. She doesn’t remember me. I was a stranger to her.

“I’m Andy. Andy Biersack.” I was tempted to look away from her eyesight, not wanting her to see the tears welled up in my ducts, but I just couldn’t pry them.  

“Do I know you? What am I to you? Are we dating? Is that why you’re holding my hand?” She quickly became stressed, I swallowed a lump in my throat while searching for a response.

“Yeah, We are. We will have been dating for 3 years in December.”

“I don’t remember you. Did I really used to love you?” I nodded handed her a glass of water. I know and hope she didn’t mean her choice of words. I’m unknown to her, I can’t blame her for being skeptical.

“Yeah, We moved in together last year. Now you come on every tour with me and Ashley. And CC. And Jake. And Jinxx.” I listed everyone’s names slowly in case she remembers someone.

“You go on tour?” She tilted her head in question. She always does that, it’s a little habit of hers.

“Yep, I’m a singer in a band called Black Veil Brides,” I stated with a smile, this all reminds me of when we first met.

“That’s so cool! I’ve heard a few songs by them. Rebel Love Song.”

“Wanna listen?” I asked pulling out my phone. She always had a playlist on my phone in case she was using my phone.

I turned on the first song we bonded over, watching her reaction. “Don’t get too excited there, might hurt your head.”

Maybe this wasn’t so bad. I get to fall in love with her all over again, but there is always the possibility of her deciding to love someone else.

Rebel Love Song came to an end and a new song came on. I froze. It was her favorite slow song. On December 28, about two weeks after we started dating, I had just gotten back from a family Christmas trip and we decided to have a date night.

After watching a movie, (Y/n) sat straight up with a look in her eyes. The one when she had an idea just demanding to happen.

“Andy, look it’s snowing!” (Y/n) pointed out to the new snow building up on the streets.

“Not enough to play in though.” I fake pouted wrapping my arms around her in a hug. “But we could dance.”

“Andrew Biersack, are you asking if I want to slow dance with you? Because if I pick the song then yes.” She had the brightest smile as she pulled out her phone, typing a title of the song.

“God, You’re so adorable (Y/n).”

“We’re… We’re in love.”

I snapped out of the past to be thrown back into the harsh present. “Huh?”

“We’re in love. I love you, Andy. I remember that night. I don’t remember much, but I think it’s coming back to me.” She grabbed my hand.

“Dear God, I love you so much and we can get through this together.