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Rebel Alliance Pride Flags!

For all your Star Wars and pride needs. I can do more with other pride flags upon request as well

Feel free to use them for banners or icons, etc. Please don’t remove credit, the caption, or repost. A like or reblog is greatly appreciated! Take care!

Billie Joe Armstrong posted this on instagram and a lot of the comments are white men saying that they’ve lost their respect for him and his music because of this post. The confederate flag is not “southern heritage” as redneck asswipes would have you believe, but a symbol of racism. This is the flag of the side of the civil war that wanted to keep slavery legal. There is no reason to hold on to it and keep it as “part of your culture” if that part of your culture is oppressive and racist. The German people do not fly flags with swastikas because it’s part of their culture. German people are not proud of that part of their history. And it’s more that just getting rid of the confederate flag, it’s about ending centuries of institutionalized racism. So you know what, you go, Billie Joe Armstrong.

I have been thinking about the use of a red flag in les mis

That’s actually innaccurate…

I’ve actually been thinking about the red flag usage in actual history and the real June Rebellion….

So we all know that a white flag in the military is code for surrender.

But raising a red flag was a sign to the other side that they wished for a fight to the death

The June Rebellion was triggered when a red flag was raised at Lamarque’s funeral bearing the words “La Liberté ou la Mort”.

This was the first use of the red flag as a symbol of the future and revolution (Red goes from “The blood of angry men” to “A world about to dawn” aaaaaah symbolism)

The people seemed shocked by the brutality of which the national guard reacted to the rebels but by raising the red flag the rebels instigated a fight to the death. 

just something I thought about…