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Thank You, From the Bottom of My Heart

About a week ago I put out a post about needing money because I was in a desperate situation with my rent. Well, my internet/fandom family pulled together and gave me more than enough to help me pay for rent. So this is a thank you, to everyone who saw my plea and decided to help. I’m tagging everyone who reblogged (forgive me, I’m on mobile, so no under the cut for me), but first: @marvelsee thank you so much for your initial donation and for everything you offered afterwards. You are a lifesaver. (Also no one actually made any bids on the items marvelsee offered up, so no one gets those.)

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Movie AUs!

A year ago, you couldn’t have convinced us that we’d be running a writing blog that just just hit 3,000 followers, but here we are! Thank you guys so much, each and every one of you, for sticking around here with us through the craziness that the past year has brought to this blog. We love y’all! (Please excuse the banner that was made in like two seconds omg I’ve never made one before lol)

Anyway, in light of our most recent follower milestone, we’ve decided to host a writing challenge! We’ve seen so many different, super cool challenges floating around lately, so we came up with the idea to do movie AUs! Below the cut, you’ll find the rules for this particular challenge, followed by a list of 75 movies that we came up with off the tops of our heads in like 20 minutes. This is a long post, our apologies; but in order to avoid everyone asking questions and general confusion, we tried to include everything we could think of. Please read entirely before entering the challenge, thanks!  

Hope y’all decide to join and have some fun with us here at Stark Tower! 

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Marvel Secret Santa Writing Challenge Masterlist

It’s come to the end of the year so lets finish off with a load of fanfiction.

Thank you to everyone who join and made this possible. Special thanks to @marvel-ash who organised most of it.

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Tethered by @vintagevalentinexx

Warm Up by @imhereforbvcky

Merry Christmas by @writing-soldiers

Tradition by @fanlove-fandomlife

Snowman by @givebuckyhisplums2k16

Merry Christmas by @valynsia

‘Tis The Time For Love by @hellomissmabel

Snowball Fights by @imaginesforyoufandoms

Picture Perfect Christmas by @avengerofyourheart

Double Presents by @jennareedus

Cookies For Santa by @avengedwritings

Winter Days by @buckys-shield

I’ll Be Home For Christmas by @archangel-trauma

Christmas Shopping by @oneshot-shit

Magic by @justapieceofgeekytrash​

Finest Gift by @writingruna

Hold Me Back In Time by @abovethesmokestacks

Steve Rogers x Reader

Sledding by @violentlyfarts

Tinsel by @tatortot2701

Keep Me Warm by @callingmrsbarnes

Evil Gingerbread and Mistletoe Kisses by @janetgenea

An Early Present by @missrainbow15

Clint Barton x Reader

Antlers and Giggles by @themcuhasruinedme

Elves by @t-challala

Bow and Arrow by @denialanderror

Pietro Maximoff x Reader

The Speed Of Christmas Lights by @james-bionic-barnes

Tony Stark x Reader

The Old Fashioned Way by @canumoveyourseatup-no

Unwrapped by @beccaanne814-blog

Christmas Wish by @bionic-buckyb

Scott Lang x Reader

Merry Christmas I Love You by @likochkah


Stockings by @creatorofwritings

Christmas Cookies by @rogersxbarnesx 

People under the cut! I can’t find your oneshot/fic so please send it to me when and if you’ve written it so I can add it to the list.

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Soooo guys the days are getting colder and darker which means late movie nights and snuggling up on the couch or it means writing. How about combining the two??

There is a lot of great movies out there and what is more fun than using them in fics. There is a list of movies under the cut. Check them out and choose one.

You can rewrite the entire movie, a scene from the movie or you can use it in your fic (have the characters watch it, talk about it, ect). You can use the score from the movie or even just the poster. Get creative.

There is a lot (100) of great movies and 10 different genres. Look through them and join the fun.


Send me an ASK (ASKS ONLY - IM’s and Replies and Reblog sign-ups will be ignored - As will sign-up’s via Anon cause come on guys…)

That ask has to tell me

1 Read the Rules!

2. what pairing (x female reader or ships) you want me to write for! Any SPN character or actor goes. Ships are for characters only (wincest, samifer and dalistar are excluded for personal reasons no hate meant I just can’t read it) - RP x readers are cool too.

3. The movie you choose to write (Title and number) for and a second choice in case your first pick is taken.

4. If you write from a sideblog I need the url for that one.

5. The last day I might open up for the option to sign up twice but as for now it is one time per. writer.


1. There is no theme this time which is weird for me but I decided to just let you guys go where the inspiration takes you!

2. You can write reader inserts with SPN characters or rp fics (as long as it is SPN related actors). You can write character ships if you so please. For personal reasons Wincest (in any shape or form - meaning no dean x sam, sam x john, mary x dean ect.), Samifer and Dalistair is excluded. I don’t hate but can’t stomach reading that either.

3. Keep it between 600-5000 words pls! USE A KEEP READING CUT FOR FICS OVER 1k OR I WON’T REBLOG. 

4. You can make it part one of or write a seris around it or make it a one shot. If you make it a series please make a masterpost and tag me in it so I can use it for the challenge masterpost. 

5. Remember to tag me: @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and use the hashtag “SPN MOVIE NIGHT CHALLENGE” - I recommend you follow me and the tag for updates but it is not a must!

If I didn’t like it - I didn’t see it!! Give me a few days but feel free to send me an ask or IM letting me know it’s up!

6. Mention it is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Movie Night challenge and the title of your prompt movie somewhere in the header.

7. Use the tag “SPN MOVIE NIGHT CHALLENGE” within the first 5 tags.

8. You can write smut, fluff, angst or anywhere in between. You can use all the gifs you want - if they are NSFW please put them under a cut.  

9. Important Dates!

Sign ups ends: Oct. 12th - send me an ask before midnight danish time that day if you wanna join the fun.

You can post before sign-ups end but I will not be reading or checking the tag before after that date.  

Due date is December 15th All fics must be posted on this day - if you need a extension ask I am not gonna say no. Just please keep in touch. I spend a lot of time on these and signing up to never be hurt from again is rude.

Masterpost will be up by December 20th at the latest and that with all the fics with will be added to the Challenges page my blog.


I am tagging a few writers under the cut along with the list of movies to spread the word and who I think might want to join. 

Anyone tagged or not. New or established are welcome to join in!

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Yay another day in high school, being 18 and a little sister of a some-what famous rapper, Skate was not easy, stupid ass bitches asking for his phone number while some idiots call me and him a stoner and a druggie, so 2 years ago I lost it and went off track, I became a “rebel”,an annoying chick causing trouble around school, yea that’s me.
This is my last year of high school and nothing has changed, except for my brother’s popularity and well mine, Nate will be back in Omaha in a few days and spring break is coming too, I’m very happy and scared to see him, he’s my older brother and well our mum is probably gonna tell him that i got suspended for like a week (3 times, mum had begged the principal to take me back) and he won’t be happy.


PE, the subject i loved the most, and was good at it but today was the last day before spring break and the boys and the girls are having  PE together, amazing! Can you feel the sarcasm, the truth is theres a guy who is a total jerk, a player, my ex, who is trying to get me back (sex reasons), so today I decided to just ignore him and play football with the girls, soon after PE is over and everyone is headed to the changing rooms, someone grabs me by the hand and pulls me back, pinning me against the wall I see him, my ex, Josh.
He smirks and literally grabs my ass, I gasp at the contact of his hand slapping against my butt, but then my hand makes contact with his face, he stumbles back for a second before turning back to me, he pins me against the wall again this time kissing me, roughly.
I push him back and my fist collides with his face, again and again, until he’s on the floor, blood from his nose dripping everywhere, I was mad and scared.
I feel someone pull me off of him, I look up to a bunch of people creating a circle around us, fuck.
Soon the principal is here too, he looks at me angrily “Maloley, my office, now” I sigh and follow him to his office, sitting in one of those chairs while he phones home,great.

“Someone is coming to get you, but Rosalie this is your 4th time getting into a fight with the same guy” he says and I shake my head chuckling a bit “oh, right but he is totally innocent, there is camera there, take a look a the tape, I was standing up for myself, he was pinning me against a wall, kissing me, grabbing my fucking ass, I was defending myself” I finish and just then Nate,Swazz and a tall guy with black hair walk in, greeting the principal they talk about how great Nate was in school, great.
They chuckle a bit and say good bye, I stay quiet for the whole ride home, reaching our house, Nate turns to me.
“What the fuck happened Ro?! I thought you were doing good at school I-” before he could finish, I walk out of the car not even wanting to listen to his bs, he runs ahead of me and stops me “Are you gonna answer me?!” he screams in my face yet again, now I’m pissed.
“YOU WANNA KNOW?! HM? WELL LETS JUST SAY MY DICK OF AN EX BOYFRIEND WAS TOUCHING ME AND KISSING ME AND I DIDNT WANT THAT,I WAS RAPED BY HIM YOU DUMB FUCK, BUT YOU WOULDN’T KNOW COS YOU’RE ALWAYS AWAY!” I scream right back at him, tears down my face, I shove him out of the way and walk into the house going straight to my room in tears, fuck him.

*okay so, i decided to not be lazy and write again..part 2??*


okay so greg rose and the gems were all ADORABLE but i think we need to talk about how well steven universe has told the story of this family with nothing but visual cues and a few passing details.

The moment I saw the screenshot of Marty and greg’s picture together, I knew this man was Sour Cream’s father. He had the hair, the eyes, the nose the build. Seeing Vidalia only confirmed it further; she contrubuted the cowlick, the bangs, the unusual pastiness. Also her name comes from Vidalia Onions, following the food theme of the family.

From the episode we learned who Marty was and we met Vidalia. Cool. Now here’s three assumptions I think are pretty safe to make:
1. Marty is Sour Cream’s father
2. Vidalia is Sour Cream and Onion’s mother
3.Marty did not return to Beach City (if he did, only to get a ride out of there)

So if all these things are true then we can put together a bit of a family history that goes as follows:

1. Marty comes to Beach City with Greg and meets Vidalia
2. Marty hooks up with Vidalia that same night (not much of a stretch; he seems like a womanizer and she’s a much younger rebel rocker party scene chick)
3. Marty leaves town.
4. Vidalia discovers she is pregnant and is left to raise Sour Cream on his own.
5. Years later Vidalia marries Yellowtail and gives birth to Onion.

I know this theory is on a much smaller, arguably less important subject than my usually stuff, but….the thought the crewniverse give to their side characters in this show is astonishing. They gave a family of background characters an entire intricate and heartbreakingly real story. This show deserves all of the props.