rebel beat

Rebel Beat
  • Rebel Beat
  • The Goo Goo Dolls
  • Rebel Beat - Single

We keep heading in the same direction.
You’ve become my own reflection.
Is that your soul that you’re trying to protect?
I always hoped that we would intersect, yeah.

You need time to cope and time to heal,
Time to cry if it’s what you feel.
Life can hurt when it gets too real.
I can hold you up when it’s hard to deal.

Alive, alive,
Alive is all I wanna feel.
Tonight, tonight
I need to be where you are,
I need to be where you are.

“All I want people to know is that our band fucked everything up– and we still did it! I just want them to realize that you can’t avoid the bullshit, but take it easy and don’t worry about it! You become worried that you wont get your dream and you sell your soul metaphorically, because you want your dream so bad. Be patient–it will happen."  ~John

rebel beat | sutton and jackson

Since getting back to Easton, Sutton hadn’t done a lot. Moping around in her parent-paid apartment was always one thing, and watching crappy TV shows was another. Though since she got back, she was happy to see that everyone she used to know seemed to remember her. But there was one person she was slightly worried about. Jackson Sherlock Montgomery Holmes wasn’t acting the way he used to, and yeah, she admitted that she was a little worried.

Walking into the Starbucks felt like walking into her old favourite place. Oh how she missed the coffee aroma and the chitter chatter of the various people dotted at the table. Sutton always thought that the happy was due to the Starbucks. After ordering her favourite Frappuccino, the girl sat in the window - the seat of her preference - and waited for the boy she intended to see, thankful for once that she was earlier than he.