rebel alek

Sci-Fi Rebels AU

Aleks- A Private in the New Republic’s military. Since he was young, he dreamed of being in the military, but after seeing first hand how evil the New Republic can be he begins to question everything he’s been told.

James- A captain in the New Republic’s military and also a spy for the Rebellion. Every month he sends coded messages out to the Rebellion letting them know about everything that is going on.

Trevor- Co-Owns a bar with Jakob in the south-side of the New Republic’s capital, but it’s a cover-up for what he actually does. He works as a smuggler, helping refugees get out of the city and helping Rebels get in.

Brett- As head of the Rebellion, Brett works 24/7 trying to keep everyone safe. He took Aleks under his wing when Aleks stumbled upon the Rebel base. He keeps it a secret, but he is the ex-head of the New Republic’s military.

Jakob- Co-owns the bar with Trevor. Gathers intel on the civilian side of the New Republic. Also, a couple of officials have gone missing after having a run in Jakob.

Asher- Is the head weapons expert at the rebel base, even though he can’t shoot a gun correctly to save his life. His greatest achievement is a gun the is undetectable by scanners and lethal enough that all a person had to do was graze their target with a bullet.

Anna- She is the best hacker on the Rebel side and she retrieves sensitive material from the New Republic’s database. She also is the head of the cyber attacks the Rebels send out.

Lindsey- She’s the head of the propaganda department, spreading the Rebels beliefs across the planet. On multiple occasions, she has hacked one of the New Republic’s satellites to broadcast live feed of what ACTUALLY happens in the New Republic.


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I can’t tell you how much I love that in the newest podcast, Gavin says he can’t hit people because he’s afraid he’ll get deported and Meg immediately tells him “I got you, babe.” 

Like, imagine highschool au. 100% here for Meg being the punchy, fast talking, smart-alek rebel who smooth talks nerdy Gavin and beats up anyone who talks shit about him.