Sue Klebold with the daughter of David Sanders. This image is so powerful. SUE KLEBOLD AND CONI SANDERS Sharing sorrow: “ Klebold (at left) is the mother of Dylan Klebold, one of two teenagers who carried out the 1999 shooting at Colorado’s Columbine High School. Klebold wrote about her experience in A Mother’s Reckoning and donates any profits to mental health charities. She has become a mother figure to Sanders (at right), whose father was killed in the massacre. For years Sanders was angry with Klebold for raising a son who became a killer. But her struggle to raise her own teenagers helped her understand Klebold. “If anyone’s pain is greater than my own, it’s hers,” she says. The women, here at a memorial for the victims in Olinger Chapel Hill Cemetery, now share a strong bond. “ Credit: National Geographic ❤️😢❤️😢❤️😢