[EN] rebekka-levvika: If “Photobomb” isn’t your actual name, then what’s your real name?

slipper-blog: Photobomb-san, what is your real name?

captain-candysweet: What is your real name?

~ Uhh… yeah, as for this… Actually, I’m Helen. Helen Fidelis. Well, ya’ know, my parents didn’t ask for my opinion while choosing a name and gave me a name they wanted. I always tell everyone that I’m Photobomb, ‘cause I like my pseudonym way more than my real name. Only my parents call me Helen. Also my brother calls me Lennie. I like “Lennie“, but only he can do so. And for others I’m Photobomb.


[EN] rebekka-levvika: Have you already chosen what you’ll be wearing at the Galloping Gala? You must look awesome in a dress!

~ Oh yeah, right, I need a dress as soon as possible… I think, my mum’s friend is good at sewing. I can ask her to help me with my ball gown.

        goldpon18: Oh, seems like I’m repeating Celestia’s mistakes! How many tickets do you need? You MUST be at the Gala! There are ponies from Cantherlot elite who would like to meet you…

~ Wait a sec! Of course! Mum! No need for the tickets, they’ll only cause you more problems! I’m giving the second ticket to my mum!