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kc au week | day 2/3: adversaries/sci-fi and post apocalypse

Star Wars AU
Caroline, a powerful jedi with a troubled past, agrees to help infamous smuggler Rebekah Mikaelson find her brother and bring him back from the dark side.
Klaus left his past behind when he decided to join the sith and their crusade for ultimate power. He didn’t expect a pretty little jedi and his sister to follow him.


Bo Burnham by Rebekah Witt 
Ferris State University Homecoming Comedy Show, September 23rd 2015


“So I was thinking-” Rebekah started, sitting you down on her bed.

“That’s dangerous.” 

Rebekah rolled her eyes and continued what she was saying. “I was thinking, since you’re single and all - well, I could set you up with one of my brothers.”

Your eyes widened, but you tried to hide your worry the best you could. For a couple months now, you had been dating Rebekah’s brother, Kol. It had been a secret, seeing as the two of you didn’t want to get the supernatural involved in the development of your relationship. 

“I don’t know, that seems like a bit too much.”

Rebekah sat down the stuff she was moving in a huff. “What are you talking about? You’ve been crushing on one of my brothers for months! Everytime they come into a room your heart speeds up and you get into a better mood. Why would you not-” She froze in realization. “Unless you’re already dating them! Who is it? Kol? Klaus? Elijah? How long have you been dating him?”

You grumbled under your breath, not wanting this to happen. “For Five Months.”

“For five months?” Rebekah raised her voice in anger. “Five months? And you haven’t told me?”

“We wanted to keep it a secret, you know, so the supernatural didn’t get in-” You were cut off by your phone ringing. The contact read “Babe.”

“Answer that! Answer that right now, Y/N! I’ll find out eventually.”

In a state of defeat, you answered the phone. “Hi Kol.”

“Hey Y/N-”

“Kol? I knew it! You’ve been shagging my best friend behind my back, you annoying rat!”

“Rebekah? Y/N- Why did you tell her?”

You rolled your eyes in annoyance. “I didn’t. She already figured it out and then you called.”

“Really? Well- I gotta go. Before Rebekah kills me.I love you.”

“I love you too.”

That’s kinda long for my usual imagines?? You’re welcome, I guess.


Make Me Choose

Anonymous asked: House Greyjoy or House Targaryen?

Like their dragons, the Targaryens answered to neither Gods, nor men. Catelyn Tully

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