Klaus x Reader

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You sleepily stepped out of your room only to be swept into Klaus’ arms, bridal style, as he descended the stairs and set you down next to the dining room table. He smirked at you as he bowed and kissed the back of your hand before pulling the chair back and waiting for you to take a seat.

“Klaus I can walk myself.” You object but he shakes his head and vanishes into the kitchen.


“You should let us help you.” Hayley hummed as she took the seat next to you, biting into an apple in her hand.


“I don’t need help.” You sigh, jumping when Klaus is next to you with his hand resting on your swollen belly.

“You wouldn’t say that if you knew all of my enemies.” Klaus mumbled.

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Rebekah: “let’s make a selfie for (Y/N) since she can’t be here”
Klaus: “You have to know i’m only doing this for her, don’t think were gonna make selfies every day now”
Hayley: “Okay everybody, smile for (Y/N)”


Rebekah x Fem!Reader x Klaus

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Warnings: smut, sex, threesome, oral, mind reading, dirtyish talk

“What’s happening?” You whispered to Klaus as you wondered inside to find a thick stream of smoke flowing from the kitchen.

“Rebekah’s cooking you dinner.” Klaus hummed as he watched your things down in the hall.


“Really?” You swallowed nervously and a flush filled your cheeks, the odd action not going unnoticed by Klaus who decided he’d investigate later on.


“No love, we plan to starve you and deliver your body as a warning to our enemies.” Klaus scoffed making you roll your eyes.

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Would involve:
- Super protective
- They are always there for you
- They first have to approve the person your dating
- They would die for you
- They need to know where you are all the time
- They are always annoying you because your the youngest
- Cuddles
- Klaus & Elijah are way to overprotected
- You can always talk with Rebekah about relationship problems or how annoying your brothers are


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The sickening snap of the witches’ neck in front of you made you flinch. She dropped to the floor, revealing the arrogant vampire who had been stood behind her.

“Hello Love, looks like I got here just in time.” Klaus smirked as he stepped over the body, reaching or your hand.

“I was fine Niklaus.” You grumbled. He chuckled and rolled his eyes, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead. “You didn’t have to kill her.”


“I know, but I wanted to.” The vampire muttered as he tangled you fingers together. Sighing you allowed the original to lead you out to a car that was waiting in the parking lot. If you were honest, You’d had enough of his brutality. Even though you loved him, you needed to get away from him, just for a few days and, you knew exactly which Mikaelson would help you have fun for a few Klaus free days.

“My dear sister, sit.” Klaus snapped as soon as Rebekah entered the room. He forced her down by her shoulders and began circling her slowly, she knew exactly why he was acting this way and had no intention of making his situation any easier.


“What’s the matter brother, you look troubled.” Becca jumped when Klaus’ hand slammed down on the table next to her and he moved closer to her, his anger practically vibrating the air around him.

“(Y/N) is gone, so tell me why would my good little (Y/N) run away, Rebekah?” Klaus spat. Rebekah didn’t move but continued to look forward, jaw clenched, making Klaus even more furious. “Very well, you have five days to bring my love back to me and if you don’t, I’ll put you in a casket.” Klaus glared at her for a moment before pushing away from her and violently stormed through the house.


The vampire rolled her eyes and pulled her phone from the front pocket of her jeans, dialling your number as she left the house, fully aware of her brother’s lurking shadow.

“So, he’s incredibly angry and has given me five days to return you to him.” Becca snapped as she opened the garage, climbing into her car.


“Good, serves him right for being so horrible to everyone all the time.” You snapped stubbornly. You heard your best friend chuckle through the phone.


“I understand your need to get away from my brother and his murderous aspirations but is running away really the answer?” Becca pressed as she turned down a winding road that led to the small house you’d decided to hide in.


“Well we have five Klaus free days so, running away is seeming pretty good… no evil plots or enemy’s just hanging out with my bestie.” You mumbled, strolling around the new found hiding place while you waited for Rebekah to join you.

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Imagine: Elijah going to his sister Rebekah to tell her about your death and crying, because he doesn’t know what else to do.

“Elijah? What’s happened?” Rebekah see’s the intense sadness take hold of her older brothers perfect complexion. “Where’s, (Y/N)?” she asks him, looking at the space next to him, the space that you always took up.

Elijah’s head falls down, tears finally escaping his eyes. “She’s dead.” his voice doesn’t even sound like his.

“What?” Rebekah chokes out, tears building upon her waterline.

“She was there one moment and then the next…” he shakes his head trailing off. “They tore her to pieces, her blood stained the walls. I begged! She was only a human! I told her not to follow me and she followed me to her own demise!” Elijah blabbers it out to his sister before they meet in the middle and engulf each other tightly. Mourning over your death.

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