Klaus x Reader

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You sleepily stepped out of your room only to be swept into Klaus’ arms, bridal style, as he descended the stairs and set you down next to the dining room table. He smirked at you as he bowed and kissed the back of your hand before pulling the chair back and waiting for you to take a seat.

“Klaus I can walk myself.” You object but he shakes his head and vanishes into the kitchen.


“You should let us help you.” Hayley hummed as she took the seat next to you, biting into an apple in her hand.


“I don’t need help.” You sigh, jumping when Klaus is next to you with his hand resting on your swollen belly.

“You wouldn’t say that if you knew all of my enemies.” Klaus mumbled.

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Rebekah: “let’s make a selfie for (Y/N) since she can’t be here”
Klaus: “You have to know i’m only doing this for her, don’t think were gonna make selfies every day now”
Hayley: “Okay everybody, smile for (Y/N)”


Rebekah X Fem!Reader X Klaus

So I’m sorry Klaus was like a super duper Jerk and i also feel bad for making the reader and Rebekah so cute together only to have Klaus ruin it but I did kinda have fun writing this.

I’m also thinking of doing a part two mostly because I love Rebekah

Part Two

Klaus was lay in bed with his fists clenching into the sheets beneath him. He could hear your whimpers and moans from his sister’s room, he’d never felt jealousy like this before, every time Rebekah kissed you or spent time with you Klaus felt like ripping you apart and taking you for himself.


Your satisfied cry mixed with Rebekah’s had Klaus clenching his jaw so tightly he though his teeth would shatter, that was all it took for him to change his mind, he wasn’t going to let you belong to anyone else for much longer.

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– Вместе навсегда. Эти слова для меня также важны, как раньше. –Ты всегда будешь моим братом, и я не перестану любить тебя. Но пришло моё время жить и умирать так, как я хочу… а не так, как хотите вы с Ником.


Rebekah x Fem!Reader x Klaus

Requested By Anon

Warnings: smut, sex, threesome, oral, mind reading, dirtyish talk

“What’s happening?” You whispered to Klaus as you wondered inside to find a thick stream of smoke flowing from the kitchen.

“Rebekah’s cooking you dinner.” Klaus hummed as he watched your things down in the hall.


“Really?” You swallowed nervously and a flush filled your cheeks, the odd action not going unnoticed by Klaus who decided he’d investigate later on.


“No love, we plan to starve you and deliver your body as a warning to our enemies.” Klaus scoffed making you roll your eyes.

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Would involve:
- Super protective
- They are always there for you
- They first have to approve the person your dating
- They would die for you
- They need to know where you are all the time
- They are always annoying you because your the youngest
- Cuddles
- Klaus & Elijah are way to overprotected
- You can always talk with Rebekah about relationship problems or how annoying your brothers are


Outfit Idea

Part 2

Requested By Anon

“You look happy.” Hayley said when Rebekah hurried past her.


“Nik’s bringing (Y/N) home.” The blond purred, smiling at the thought of seeing you again.


“Who’s (Y/N), Klaus and Elijah never mentioned her?” Hayley asked as she sighed hoping she didn’t have to put up with another Mikaelson.


“She’s a lovely girl Nik turned a few centuries after we became vampires, before he turned her she couldn’t even stand up for herself but she still fought for everyone else to be happy.” Rebekah said fondly. “She’s the reason Nik calls everyone Love and she’s the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen.”


“I thought you were all close and dependent on each other?” Hayley said as she followed Rebekah to her room and watched the vampire look for something to wear.


“No, Elijah found her a castle in France before we’d managed to kill out father.” Rebekah smiled when she found something she liked and hurried into her bathroom to get changed. “She’s the most important thing to all of us so we knew he’d try and hunt her down, even Kol adores her.”

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