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Friday on my Mind

Happy Easter everyone! Even if you don’t celebrate, please enjoy my little themed drabble collection for the occasion (four parts, one each day of the Easter weekend starting with Friday). Also hope the Easter Bunny comes to visit. Inspired by Shania Twain’s song of the same name.

Caroline, Katherine and Bonnie are invited to spend the Easter weekend in country England with the mysterious Mikaelson family, not expecting the beautiful surroundings nor the arrogant brothers they meet along the way.

That Don’t Impress Me Much - Part 1

Surrey, England

“Woah,” Bonnie murmured as they approached the foreboding, grey bricked mansion in all its glory. “When you said Easter egg hunt Katherine, I kind of thought we’d be in some little park, not at one of the Queen’s many country estates.”

“Esther Mikaelson may be a billionaire and the owner of the art gallery I manage but she isn’t the Queen of England as far as I’m aware,” Katherine snorted, looking out the window slightly in awe herself.

“Are you sure?” Caroline checked, regarding her best friend curiously. When Katherine had invited them to the Mikaelson’s annual Easter weekend celebrations she hadn’t expected this, none of them had. Each coming from small-town beginnings it was a little overwhelming.

Caroline, Bonnie and Katherine had been best friends since growing up in Virginia. After graduating they’d all studied at Columbia together only to move to overseas five years later. A promising job offer for art history major Katherine at the famed Mikaelson galleries had sent the girls to London. Given their close ties it seemed almost impossible to part ways at that stage.

The move had been beneficial to them all as it turned out, Bonnie scoring an entry level position at a local engineering company and Caroline a political internship at Westminster. It had been difficult financially at first but the girls didn’t care about their tiny apartment in Aldgate East as long as they were all together.

“When Esther Mikaelson invites you to her family Easter you don’t say no,” Katherine added. “Come on you guys, you promised you’d behave.”

“And we fully intend on it even if it’s nothing we’ve ever experienced before,” Caroline murmured, her eyes fixated on the family residence.

The cab they’d caught from the train station stopped at the entrance and they busied themselves removing the bags before a well-dressed porter appeared and shooed them away. Caroline was beginning to realise this was probably only the beginning of their weekend. It wasn’t like she didn’t appreciate good service but Caroline liked to do things herself, it was the way she was brought up after all.

“You’ll be staying in the East Wing,” he informed them in a toffy accent as they entered a rather impressive entry hall. Caroline looked upwards, overcome by just how high the ceilings were but she was pretty certain the house tour was only going to get better as they found their way to their weekend accommodations.

Upon entering her picturesque room with a grand four poster bed and large bay windows overlooking the impressive grounds below, Caroline had already worked out that it was about the same size of their meagre apartment in London and with her own adjoined bathroom on top of it. Caroline had always been a suspicious person by nature, call it the political graduate in her, and wasn’t quite sure why they’d been invited there but she knew there had to be some motive.

The housekeeper had informed them of the tea party taking place in the back garden and left them to dress. Caroline opened her case, suddenly self conscious about what she should wear and was beginning to think she hadn’t packed suitably. She inspected her choices critically wondering whether to put on the blue or green sundress with the white cardigan. It almost felt like she was going to be in the Queen’s company with cucumber sandwiches sans crust and those pet corgies or something.

“The blue,” a voice suggested, obviously sensing her dilemma. “It brings out your eyes.” Caroline looked up into the warm, brown eyes of her best friend. “They don’t bite, well at least I hope they don’t.”

“What are we doing here, Kat?” Caroline asked earnestly.

“Why do you always have to think there’s some motive?”

“I work in politics, what do you expect?” She drawled, smoothing her blonde waves as she said it. “It’s my job to be completely cynical about absolutely everything.”

“She’s my boss, Care,” Katherine began, moving towards the bed. “I’m just trying to make a good impression and what better people to help me do that than my two besties?”

“Well, since you put it that way,” Caroline grinned, pulling her in for a much needed hug.

“Hey!” Bonnie interrupted from the doorway. “What about me?" 

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