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underused girls names?

  • acacia, ainsley, alicia, andromeda, angelina, anieka, avonelle, behati, belinda, belle, bianca, bonnie, brielle, bronte, brooklyn, cailin, callie, candice, cassidy, channing, claire, claudia, constance, daisy, danica, darcy, deidre, desirae, donna, dustin, dylan, ebony, ellie, elliot, emilie, emiko, erica, esme, estelle, esther, fallon, fatima, felicity, fiona, frankie, georgie, gia, giselle, gwen, harlow, harmony, hayley, hazel, heather, ilyssa, imani, indiana, isla, ivory, jacinta, jacqueline, jane, jasmine, jelena, jennifer, jessica, jodi, johanna, jolie, juno, kaitlyn, kalani, karina, katherine, katya, keira, kendra, kenya, kerrie, kylie, lacey, leighton, leilani, lennox, lesley, logan, london, louise, lydia, lyra, madeline, mallory, margo, mariah, martha, matilda, maxine, melody, micah, mikaela, molly, monroe, nadine, naeva, narelle, natascha, niamh, nikita, noelle, north, oceane, odessa, olive, olivia, olympia, orla, paige, pamela, paris, penny, perrie, phoebe, pia, poppy, portia, priscilla, quinn, raven, rebekah, reese, renae, rihanna, river, robin, ronnie, rosalie, rosalinda, ruby, ruth, sadie, sage, samantha, sascha, saskia, scout, shannon, sharni, shayla, shelby, sinead, siobhan, sonya, soraya, stevie, sylvia, tahani, tallulah, tammin, tamsin, tayla, tessa, thea, tiffany, tully, valencia, valeria, veronica, victoria, vivienne, waverley, whitney, willow, winona, xanthe, yazmin, yovanna, yvette, yvonne, zoelle, & zofia.
Royal AU - One

Niklaus Mikaelson was different from his siblings. His older brother Elijah was next in line for the throne (but was unamused by it), his younger brother Kol was what the commoner women called a bad boy charmer and his little sister Rebekah was for the most part a saint. As for Niklaus, he was just a bastard child living in a dysfunctional family that just happened to rule a good portion of the east, so he mainly did his own thing. Their father Mikael had an iron fist and everything had its place. Their mother, Esther, was quiet and reserved but was one to stand her grown when things were threatened. 

“Nik, we’re going to the river.” Rebekah said, holding up her dress as she shuffled her way down the hallway to catch up with him. 

“Who’s we?” 

“Kol and I…” She said, trailing off for a moment. “And this boy that lives down there. We’ve spoken a few times. Written too.”

Klaus looked at her, raising a brow. “What’s his name?”

“Matthew. He likes Matt, though. Rather charming.” Klaus shook his head. “What?”

“You can’t swoon over a man you just met, Rebekah.”

Rebekah simply scoffed. “I am now swooning. Come on, now.”