rebekah long

also i love how throughout the entire episode every time michonne mentions going home rick like nearly begs michonne to just stay out a little longer, just a couple more days and michonne seems slightly confused on why he seems to be dragging his feet so much on getting back to alexandria.

but it’s because rick has already thought about and processed the reality of what they’re going to do, and the possibility and implications that come with it. he knows that people are going to die, that he could die or he could lose michonne and he’s already forced himself to accept this because he knows that what they’re doing is bigger than them, and they have to keep going and see it through.

and he knows that they have the people now, and all they need to really start this is the guns. and once they have the guns, he knows that this trip is it.  that as soon as they drive through the gates of alexandria, this little bubble of peace and happiness and laughter bursts and they have to go forward with this plan which could easily result in both of their deaths, so he’s trying to hold onto it, to her, for just a little longer, for as long as he possibly can.

but michonne hasn’t processed this and doesn’t even consciously realize it until she thinks rick is dead. and when rick talks to her in the van, the weight of it finally hits her.  that this is it before they put everything they have and everything they are on the line. 

and i think rick, the whole time, realizes that she hasn’t thought of this yet, but he doesn’t tell her because he just wants he to be able to be happy without exception for just a little longer.

andy keeps calling it their honeymoon, but i think it’s even more than that in a way.  this is the first significant amount of time they’ve been alone together since they’ve been together (maybe the first time in the entire series????? idk don’t quote me on that).  this is their time to be them and be happy with each other and enjoy each other and love each other.  it’s the first time, and it may be the only time.

and they can’t change that.  it has to be that way.

but it’s so amazing and they’re so happy and in love and rick’s so happy and in love, and he doesn’t want it to end. he’s trying to hold onto it for as long as possible.

The Originals Season 4

So Hope is an artist. Klaus probably doesn’t know that St. Stefan is dead. Marcel is an insipid, bloody wanker. Haylijah has been reunited. Freya is fucking awesome. Kol and Bekah aren’t even shown. (They’re making us wait for that reunion) Hayley is badass as fuck. I miss Davina. There is some really weird light thing that is somehow connected to an ouroboros(?). Anything I missed?

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Among The Beasts: Freedom

Reader x Kol Mikaelson


synopsis: Klaus’ attempts to live up to his promise to you lead him to dark paths, but, in the end, he manages to lift the curse up, waking you up. 

A/N: I don’t know if I made it clear, but the Mikaelsons are quite fond to the reader. She is friends with all of them, but has a deeper conection with Kol. :)

Word Count: 2525

Part 1 - Part 2

“This is funny”, Klaus thought, a while later, as he stood in front of his mother’s lifeless body, holding her heart on his right hand. It was indeed amusing, because all of Esther’s worries revolved around what he would become if he possessed his Hybrid powers. What kind of evil the blond would turn out to be. Yet, she did not considered the fact she was the one to blame. She made him. She sentenced a poor boy to a painful childhood just to hide her mistake.

A bitter chuckle left his lips. Yes, killing her was an act of mercy, for the witch deserved way more than a quick death.

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An Old Friend

Kai Parker x Reader
   (x Kol & Rebekah Mikaelson)


(Events happen a few months after TVD 8.16 and right after TO 4.02 …
Kai and Reader are having fun at the Mystic Grill when some old friends of Reader show up. Kai gets jealous and … - keep reading to find out :P )

*not my gif


It was around 7PM , Kai and Y/N were at the (surprisingly empty) Mystic Grill sitting at the bar drinking and laughing. Y/N had challenged Kai to do tequilla shots. He always told her she doesn’t want to see him on tequilla which only made her want to see it more. Downside was as vampires their alchohol tollerance was higher than the ones human have , so they kept drinking. So far Kai was winning. Y/N looked at him , smiling. Kai grinned back and put his hand on her waist leaning in to whisper in her ear “You will loooose.” before kissing her neck.
“Even when I lose , I still win..” she had replied to him.
Suddenly Y/N felt someone’s presense close by. At first she thought it was the alchohol getting to her but then …
“Hey there , Trouble.” Y/N heard a familiar voice with an accent and froze in place completely stunned. There was only one person who called her that. Kai looked at her and then at the surprise visitor. Slowly she turned around and when Y/N saw who it was ,  a wide smile spread on her face.
“Kol ?” she leaped from her seat and wrapped her hands around the new comer. Kai finished his drink , he wasn’t happy they had been interrupted but tried to hide it.
“Oh my God ! How are you back ? I thought I’d never see you again after the Other Side disappeared…“ Y/N said excitedly.
“Mother dearest pulled me and my brother Finn back before it collapsed. Of course ,you know how my family is - she came back from the dead and tried to kill us again. …"Kol trailed off. Y/N’s eyes widened.
Kai cleared his throat and both Y/N and Kol turned towards him. Y/N took a step closer to Kai and he wrapped his hands around her , the look on his face clearly stating ‘Hands off. She belongs with me.’
“Sorry.” Y/N apologised to Kai , kissing his cheek. “Kai , this is my very good friend -”
“Best friend.” Kol interrupted.
Y/N smiled , “My BEST friend Kol Mikaelson. He is an Original vampire.” Kol smiled and nodded at Kai who pulled Y/N even closer to him. “Kol , this is Kai Parker … my boyfriend.”
Kai outstretched his hand , Kol doing the same and they shook hands ,  a few moments  longer than normal. Y/N took a deep breath… The situation was getting more and more awkward by the moment. Her eyes darted between Kai and Kol , there was a tension building in the air and she had to think fast before any of them did something stupid but before she had had the chance to speak …
“So , Kai … ” Kol started saying as he took the seat on the other side of Y/N “I hope you are treating Y/N with respect…” he said trailing off. “Because if you aren’t - ”
Clearly Kol’s time away hadn’t changed him at all. He had always acted like Y/N was his little sister , ready to protect her from whatever or whoever would ever want to hurt her.
"Don’t be mean Kol.” said a female voice. Behind him had walked in another old friend of Y/N… well , more like frenemy.  "I am sure if he had tried to hurt her in any way, Damon would’ve ripped his head off. You know how protective the vampires here are over their human friends.“  Rebekah said reaching behind the bar to grab a bottle with bourbon. Y/N and Kai exchanged looks.
"Hello Y/N … Y/N’s boyfriend.” Rebekah said nodding towards Kai who gave her a small smile in response.
Y/N tensed.  "Rebekah … long time.“ she said pausing for a second. "What are you doing here ? Looking for Matt ?”
“Not exactly but it would be nice to see him. Where is he ?”
“You might wanna try the police station.Ask for sheriff Donovan.” Y/N said shifting uncomfortably.
Kai whispered in Y/N’s ear “You OK?” Y/N only nodded turning her attention back to the Mikaelsons. Clearly Y/N wasn’t OK. The girl , Rebekah made her feel uncomfortable for some reason.
“Any particular reason you both decided to drop by ? Kol being here - I like … You ? Not so much.”  Y/N said , her voice slightly trembling.
Rebekah visibly got angry by the remark and reached for Y/N’s neck but Kol pulled her back as Kai quickly pushed Y/N behind him.
“Sister .. calm down. You don’t want to cause a scene , do you Bex ?” Kol said calmly.

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The Youngest Mikaelson

The Vampire Diaries/ The Originals One Shot. Based on this imagine

Author: shadowoods

Reader Gender: Female

Description: You go shopping with Rebekah who is helping you preparing for your first date. Coming home, her brothers aren’t too happy about your plans. (Actually, reader isnt the real sister of them; their relationship is similar to Klaus and Marcel’s.)

Warnings: none 

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The Mysterious Miranda (Chapter 9)

pairing: lin manuel miranda x reader, daveed diggs x reader

summary: Your cousin Anthony drags you along to one of his neighbor’s infamous parties with his girlfriend, keeping you from a night in. Mr. Miranda, the host, is a mysterious man, but that isn’t the part that gets to you.

warnings: a tad bit of angst, my best portrayal of a 1920s hospital, like one swear word, some really sweet fluffy moments, you’ll probably hate me by the end

words: 3883

a/n: “Damn Rebekah, it took you long enough!!” i know, i know, it took me an awful long time to get this finished, but I am unbelievably proud of it and excited to share it. It hardly resembles The Great Gatsby at this point, but oh well.  

I had to do a ton of research for it and need to thank @digging-daveed for helping me out with ideas, I had no idea where to go from TMM8 until she helped me out. @psychedemigod gave me the idea for one of the cute little moments in here, and @secretschuylersister made sure everything made sense as always. they’re all the best, a million thanks to them. 

Ed Sheeran’s “Happier” helped with some inspiration for the last 600ish words because it was just? Fitting? so listen to that on repeat while you read this if you want. 

If you want to be tagged in the next parts, just shoot me an ask!

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part one part two part three part four part five part six part seven part eight part ten

“You’re-I’m sorry, what?” You sputtered with wide eyes after a moment of letting his words sink in.

Daveed slowly approached the bed, his eyes softer than you’d ever seen, and his lips twitched into a sort of smile. “I’m in love wi–”

You held a hand up to stop him from continuing, pursing your lips together before speaking. “I-I heard you, Daveed.” You moved your hand to rub the back of your neck and swallowed the lump in your throat. “What would you like me to say?”

“I’d like you to stop seeing Mr. Miranda.”

For just a minute, you waited for a sign that he was joking but when no such sign came, you laughed out loud at the ridiculous request. “You’re crazy!”

“Excuse me?” Daveed raised both of his eyebrows in disbelief.

“I said that you’re crazy, Daveed! Why, in heaven’s name, would I leave the father of my child and the man I’m in love with? I may be unhappy with his recent behavior, but I still love him.”

“On account of me being in love with you.”

“Not a chance in hell! My child deserves a father that will love him or her. You’ve proven that you can’t be a good father.”

“Nevertheless, I’m your husband!”

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4x13 Originals Finale

Listen up ya’ll. You know the finale, Klaus going off on his lonesome, Hayley going with Hope to Mystic Falls? That ain’t right. This is what should’ve happened.

That was it. The Hollow was gone. Rebekah had her, Elijah had her, Kol had her, and Hayley. Marcel and Rebekah went to New York City. Elijah promised Hayley that when they found the solution they’d have Maroque. And Davina promised she’d figure out a way to vanquish the evil inside of Kol. Right after she showed everyone the engagement ring Kol had made for her. Klaus couldn’t believe his little brother was getting married. And he thought Elijah would become the husband Hayley would boss around long before Kol was mature enough to handle married life. He thought he and Caroline would be together long before then. But he wasn’t a good measurer of time.

He had dropped Hope at her grandmother’s until the war was over. And now he was standing in his gallery, wondering at the next time he would ever see his family again. Then he heard Hayley’s footsteps.

“You need to take Hope far away from us.” Hayley said. Klaus sighed and looked away

“She needs her mother.”

“She needs you more.” Hayley protested. Klaus could see tears shining in her eyes. “Please, Klaus. I wouldn’t ask this of you if I didn’t think you could handle it.” She looked out of the room and then back at Klaus. “I can’t be with Elijah for god knows how long. But I also shouldn’t be anywhere near Hope with this thing inside me. I have had plenty of time to bond with her. Now it’s your turn.” She handed him the car keys. “Alaric offered Hope a slot at Caroline’s school. You need to take her there.” She said. Klaus looked at the keys and then at Hayley. He took them but pulled her in for a hug. Hayley went rigid.

“What’re you doing?” She asked

“I already knew about Caroline’s school. I however, don’t know when our family will be reunited.” He pulled away from Hayley and looked at her. “You must have faith that you will reunite with Elijah. No matter the cost. Consider that, my blessing for whatever future lies ahead of you both.” She nodded. “Did you tell Hope your plans?” He asked

“No. The less she knows the better.” Hayley replied. Klaus nodded.

“Alright. Then, there seems to be no time to waste.” Klaus left the room, tossing the car keys in his hand, then sped for his car, to go and get his little girl.

Hope said her goodbyes to everyone that was safe to be around her. Hope told Keelin she hopes she’ll see her again. And then when Klaus offered his hand, Hope took it, letting him lead her to the car, where they drove to Mystic Falls.


There was a knock at the door. Caroline turned to it, sending the young girls she was talking to to their classes. She went to it and opened the door.

Immediately, Klaus’s eyes went from hopeful to alive, smiling widely at her. Caroline smiled back, feeling such a deep happiness she let out a slow laugh. She looked down to see a nervous young girl, a little older than her twins. Hope gave her a hesitant smile after looking to her dad and Caroline smiled again at the both of them.

“Welcome home.”

Happy Independence Day to all of my American friends!

So, this July 4 themed, modern royalty drabble is very loosely based on Prince Harry’s infamous trip to Las Vegas but different because it’s with Klaroline : )

This is dedicated to my favourite angry baker @megansarah11. Happy belated birthday, luv!

Justice and Independence

Lobby - MGM Grand Hotel - Las Vegas, Nevada - July 3

“Why did you decide to get married on the Fourth of July weekend in Las Vegas again?” Caroline insisted, pushing her way through the throng gathered outside the MGM Grand, bags in hand.

“Because we met at this hotel three years ago on Independence Day. I thought it was romantic returning here to exchange vows,” Lexi replied. “Don’t tell me you don’t remember, Care? You were there when we met, although the margaritas might have affected your memory.”

“Very funny,” she scowled.

Of course she remembered that weekend. Bonnie had been dumped by her worthless, cheating boyfriend and Katherine had convinced the four girls to take a road trip. One that, unbeknownst to Caroline, would end in Nevada. Las Vegas to be exact. Katherine argued that had she told her their destination Caroline wouldn’t have come and she was right. Vegas just wasn’t her style she’d insisted, to which Katherine replied with an exaggerated eye roll.

Caroline wasn’t boring, well that’s what she told herself anyway. She’d always been too busy during college striving for the best grades for her future career and it had paid off. She was the newly-appointed director of a not-for-profit organisation and couldn’t think of a better or more fulfilling way to spend her time. In fact, she was due in Malawi next month to tour the much needed sanitation infrastructure they’d built in one of the poorest villages.

If she was being honest, the overt opulence of Vegas didn’t quite sit well with Caroline. But Lexi was one of her closest friends, so she’d never begrudge her a dream wedding. She’d always liked Matt and had to admit they made the perfect couple.

He was the star quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers and had been on a team trip when they’d met poolside. Their chemistry had been instantaneous and Caroline had never seen Lexi so happy and that look on Matt’s face when they were together was enough to convince Caroline he was equally as besotted.

Feelings aside, Caroline was determined to survive the weekend. She was one of four bridesmaids and knew she had to make this occasion perfect for Lexi.

“Seriously?” Katherine groaned. “What’s with the hold-up? I need to get to the spa pronto and combat this dry skin thanks to this stifling desert air.”

“It shouldn’t be a moment Miss,” the receptionist assured. “We just had an unexpected VIP guest check-in.”

“What are we, chopped liver?” She muttered under her breath.

“Who are you exactly?” Caroline teased, knowing the celebrity was Matt and his teammates, not them. He had a last minute practice session and so was arriving later that day.

“Well, that would explain the traffic madness outside,” Bonnie huffed, placing her bags on the ground with a bang. “Last time I checked I wasn’t your personal porter, Katherine. We’re only here for the weekend, what the hell do you have in here?”

“I need to be prepared for any occasion, Bon. So anyway, who’s this mystery VIP?” Katherine purred, leaning across the desk and exposing some extra cleavage on purpose. “Anyone we’d know?”

“My lips are sealed,” he uttered, his eyes reluctantly diverting from her cleavage. “Looks like your rooms are ready and our wedding planner has said she’ll come up shortly to finalise the details for tomorrow.”

“Hallelujah,” Anna sighed, joining them at the front desk. “I hope there’s going to be a nice goodies basket included too?”

“You practically ate like a three course meal on the drive over, Anna. Do you ever think about anything else?”

“Ah, no,” she grinned. “Come on ladies, let’s get this party started.”

Skyloft Suite - Two hours later

“These lights are bloody impressive,” Enzo whistled, taking in the view of the famous Las Vegas strip from the suite window as the sun slipped lazily over the horizon in streaks of bright oranges and pinks.

“Says the Vegas virgin,” Klaus smirked from his place in the hotel spa.

“We can’t all be Princes and travel the world,” he scoffed. “I’m just a lowly protective services agent who’s lucky to even get a vacation given your gruelling schedule of social events Romeo.”

“You’re welcome to take my place, Enzo.”

Although people liked to think he had the perfect life, Klaus hated all of the unwanted scrutiny and attention his position attracted. His siblings seemed to accept the responsibility far better than he ever had and Klaus was more than happy to let them do that while he enjoyed himself to the fullest, starting with July Fourth weekend in Vegas.

“I’m not sure you mind too much when it comes to protecting Rebekah,” Klaus responded, sending his body guard a knowing smile. Although not public knowledge, the attraction between Enzo and his younger sister and princess was well known amongst their entourage. It had been simmering for some time but the Queen didn’t look too kindly upon such an uneven match for obvious reasons.

“You know more than anyone else about my professionalism,” he responded tartly. It was true and Klaus wished his grandmother could see just what an honourable match he would be for the Princess, if she bothered to get to know him. “Which is why I’m going to tell you…”

“Please, enough with the lectures,” Klaus groaned.

“Well, I wouldn’t be doing my job if…”

“Last time I checked you’re my bodyguard, not my mother, mate.”

“Well, someone has to be, Klaus.”

“You’ve been around Rebekah too long,” Klaus shot back, sending his brother a dirty look. “Now, how about a whiskey? I’m absolutely parched.”

Morimoto Restaurant - Four hours later

“To the Bride and Groom,” Anna toasted, raising her champagne flute in the air.

Matt, Katherine’s brother and Anna’s boyfriend Jeremy and his NFL teammates Jesse and Tyler had arrived a few hours earlier and the bridal party was enjoying the rehearsal dinner at the famed Japanese restaurant at the MGM Grand.

The rest of the table repeated her sentiments, clinking their glasses together in celebration. Caroline felt the tension in her body slowing start to ebb away, finally beginning to relax. That massage at the spa earlier was just what she needed. Maybe a wedding in Vegas wasn’t going to be so bad.

It certainly wasn’t going to be your typical wedding, with only the bridal party attending and the small reception taking place at one of the private cabanas with July 4 themed fare. They wanted their wedding to resemble how they met after all.

“Does anyone know who this mysterious VIP is staying at the hotel?” Katherine asked the table, looking specifically in Matt’s direction. She’d been stalking the hallways hoping to find out who was staying at the MGM Grand but no luck so far. Caroline had to give her friend points for dogged determination and persistence.

“Why are you looking at me?” He baulked. “You know just because I’m a football player doesn’t mean I know every celebrity out there, Katherine.”

“You really need to get over this weird scavenger hunt, Kat,” Caroline implored. “I mean who really cares about celebrities; you know present company excluded and all that.”

“I care,” she pouted. “What if it’s Chris Hemsworth or Brad Pitt?”

“Well, last time I checked Kitty Kat, Chris Hemsworth is happily married,” Bonnie observed. “And Brad Pitt is just all sorts of complicated right now and I never took you for the child friendly type and he’s got like a lot.”

“Plus, aren’t we good enough company for you?” Lexi asked, feigning annoyance.

They’d all laughed off her curiosity as dinner arrived. The girls were staying together overnight even though they had their own rooms. So, Caroline had ventured back to her suite to grab her pyjamas and some overnight supplies.

Given their room was only directly down the hall, Caroline decided to change there, putting on her pyjamas which consisted of a blue, fitted singlet and tiny, white shorts and tying back her blonde waves into a high ponytail. Grabbing her toiletries bag, she opened her room door not expecting the sight that met her in the corridor.

He was stark naked, well except for a cowboy hat placed strategically over his nether regions. Caroline wasn’t sure where to look. His toned physique was nothing short of impressive and those dark, blonde curls, crimson lips and stubble weren’t so bad either.

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Kol and Freya in 3x22 (Guilt)

(Part 2)

Klaus Mikaelson

Words: 1619

Warning: None

Summery: Nik loves you, and wants to protect you, maybe a little to much. (That’s a bad way to describe this one-shot, but whatever, I hope you enjoy.)

You turned left and right looking for your brother. He just disappeared. You decided to get inside the bar without him.

You walked in and Gloria was singing and people were dancing. You took a look around the room when you spotted your idiot of a brother, with two blonds, a male and a female. But you didn’t care you were pissed. Do you marsh up to him.

“Stefan where were you? I’ve look everywhere for you?” You were fuming.

“Sorry (y/n) you were taking so much time and I got thirsty.” Stefan said not caring.

“You’re an ass.” You hissed and turned to the amused couple in front of you. “Sorry to interlude, but my idiot of a brother left me waiting for almost an hour before I decided that I was done waiting. I’m (y/n) Salvatore by the way”

“I’m Rebekah, and don’t worry about it, I know how you feel.” Rebekah said in a British accent and glanced at the male.

“Now,now Rebekah don’t be mean.” The make told Rebekah playfully before turning to you. “It’s a pleasure to meet you darling, I’m Niklaus call me Nik.”

Nik took your gloves hand and kissed it. You smiled.

“Nice to know we’re not the only vampires here tonight.” You smirked.

“Yes isn’t it.” Stefan said. “Rebekah care to dance.”

Rebekah agreed and her and Stefan went to dance.

“Care for a drink darling.” Nik Asked you.

“Yes that would be lovely.” You and Nik moved to a booth and ordered a bottle of wine.

You and Nik sat there talking and drinking. Unknown to you that you caught Nik’s attention and he was fit once telling the truth about himself. Well most of the truth.

“Why don’t we dance?” Klaus asked you after an hour of talking.

“I’d love that.” So klaus took your hand and you walked to the dance floor. He had his hand around you waist while the other held yours and your free hand was on his shoulder. You two danced close to together, never breaking eye contact.

“Where have you been for the last 800 years of my life.” Klaus asked you giving you a small smile.

“Not born yet.” You cheekily reply.

It was clear to everyone that you an Nik had hit it off right from the start. You both got to know each other well over 7 months. It was a night like every other night. You, Nik, Stefan and Rebekah were at Gloria’s bar. Stefan and Rebekah were dancing. You and Nik had just finished a dance and were drinking in a booth in the corner for privacy. Suddenly Nik got quit, and gun shots started. Nik took your hand pulled you after him. He shouted Rebekah’s name. When you found her Nik gave you to her and told her where to wait for him. Rebekah took you to a warehouse, where 6 coffins rested you frowned at the number. You knew that there was one for each of Nik’s brothers, one for Rebekah and one for someone else who Nik never told you who.

“Why is there 6 coffins?” You asked Rebekah.

“Because darling I’m so sorry.” It was Niklaus who answered you. He speed in front of you. Took your face in his hands, and looked you in the eye. You had a feeling of what was about to happen. “(y/n) I love you so much you know that and I’m terribly sorry but your not safe that is the only way to keep you safe.”

“I love you too but what are you talking about? what is happening and where is Stefan?” You were panicking. Nik looked you in the eye.

“You will sleep until I say otherwise.” Nik said softly compelling you. You saw sorrow in his eyes before you slowly fell asleep his hands wrapped themselves around you before you could fall onto the ground.

Stefan now had his memories back, and his humanity is back. He stood in the polar in the Salvatore house, with Damon, Rebekah, Elena and the rest of the gang. Stefan told them about you. They were thinking of away to get him to awaken you. It has been too long since you fell asleep. “I don’t care what happens I want my sister back.” Damon stated.

“Damon all who knew your sister want her back she does not deserve what had happened to her.” Rebekah told Damon and shook her head.

“Why wasn’t I informed of this meeting?” A British voice asked, making everyone stiffen and look to the source of the voice.

“Klaus.” Stefan said standing next to Damon and Rebekah. “We-we were talking.”

“And we want our sister back.” Damon cuts Stefan off.

Klaus stood there surprised of their request he didn’t imagine them asking him to awake her. But how stupid was that of him of course they would she is their sister/friend.

“It’s not safe for her.” Klaus stated as if that is the answer to the matter.

“That is not your choice to make Nik, awake her, it has been too long.” Rebekah told her brother. “I know how much you care for her but you can not let this go on, she shouldn’t be in this position, no one deserves this.”

Klaus stood staring at his sister before he silently nodded.

“Fine, Rebekah, Stefan and Damon are the only ones that are coming with me.” Klaus said and they agreed to his condition.



“That is where you keep her?” Damon asked Klaus raising his eyebrow. They were at the Mikaelson manor, at the back there was hidden door that led to a tight hallway that had a door at the end of it, there was traps that Klaus had to point out to them.

“Yes, the closer to me the safer.” Klaus stated. Stefan and Damon scoffed and Rebekah rolled her eyes.

When they reached the end of the hallway, Klaus opened the door to room it was small but the sun streaming in from the windows on the roof made it bright in the middle of the room sat a bed, that’s where you slept. Hands on your stomach and your hair brushed and placed around you, it shone showing that it has been regularly taken care off, your skin was spotless. You looked like a goddess in sleep. You had modern dress on, it wasn’t long, but it wasn’t short either, it was just perfect.

“H-How much did you come and see her?” Rebekah asked amazed at how well you have been taken care of.

“Everyday since the day I Compelled her.” Klaus said sitting on the bed beside you. “I took care of her personally no one is-was aloud to touch her but myself, wherever I went she went.”

“If you love her that much why keep her sleeping?’ Damon asked confused as he stared at his sister.

“Because he’s scared.” Stefan answered for Niklaus. “You’re scared that she’ll reject you, that she wouldn’t want you anymore. Aren’t you?”

Nik sighed and looked at you with the love that his body could possibly produce.

“(y/n) darling it’s time to wake up.” Klaus whispered and Everyone in the room moved closer to witness you opening your eyes for the first time in almost a 100 years.

You opened you (e/c) eyes and sat up in inhuman speed. breathing heavily. Taking loud and deep breath, looking at all the faces around you, and calming down after you recognized every face in the room.

“You-you compelled me.” You stated your voice raspy, from all these years of un-using it, you were thankful that Nik had fed you blood while you slept.

“(y/n) You okay?” It was Damon who asked, he sat on the other side of you. opposed Klaus.

“Yeah I think so.” You told him, Damon smiled his eyes tearing up. It has been so long since he last saw you longer than anyone else in this room. Damon pulled you tightly into his arms.

He buried his face into your hair and let a few tears out. You hugged him back, missing him just as much.

Damon let go and Stefan took his place, hugging you as well the only difference is that he didn’t hide his tears.

Rebekah hugged you as well telling you ‘There’s so much that I have to tell you’. It was Nik who stood as far away from you as possible. He as well had tears in his eyes but did not let them slip.

“Don’t I deserve a hello? After all that you have done.” You asked Nik, he finally looked you in the eye.

“I’m so sorry darling, i was trying to protect you and I was afraid of losing you.” Nik said and a single tear ran down his cheek. You vamp speed into his arms almost knocking his down.

“You compelled me to sleep yet I heard every single thing that you have ever told me.” You told him and he looked at you shocked.

‘I’m so sorry my love.’ ‘I wish i could wake you, but I’m afraid of losing you.’ ‘Please forgive me.’ ‘I daggerd Elijah. I don’t want to lose my family.’ ‘I’m sorry.’ ‘I had to fight your brother.’ ‘I love you.’ ‘I broke the curse.’ ‘I broke  your brothers hear.’ ‘I’m sorry.’ ‘I can’t do it.’ ‘I love you.’ ‘I love you.’ ‘I left Rebekah.’ ‘Back in mystic falls for the hundred time, this year.’  ‘I love you.’ ‘You look beautiful.’ ‘I need your help, I need you.’  ‘I love you.’ ‘I love you.’ ‘I love you.’ ‘I love you.’ ‘I love you.’

“I love you darling.”

“I love you too Niklaus.”

He Hates Me *A Klaroline Drabble*

A/N : Hi guys this is a drabble for my loveliest friend Jess’s birthday @jesskatethings , sorry I’m two days late but wifi issues are the bane of my existence. I hope you like it. 


Rated M for language , slightly anti-kla//mille.


“Oh god he hates me.” Caroline grumbled taking a seat on a barstool in the Mikaelson bar beside Kol while Rebekah moped the counters.

“Who hates you?” Kol asked and Rebekah ignored her.

“I’m talking about Klaus.”

“Forget Klaus. The man is grumpy as hell why don’t you go for a Mikaelson who will treat you like a queen.”

“I don’t know Elijah is a huge bore.” she feigned innocence.

“Come on blondiepie you know I’m talking about myself. One date honey just one.” he insisted.

“You were still in your mother’s womb when I was stealing Klaus’s lunch. It’s creepy, Kol.”

“Actually I was still in my dad’s balls but age doth no matter I shall love and protect thee with all my heart.” he stated with one hand over his heart and other extended towards Caroline.

She made a disgusted face shoved his hand away and addressed Rebekah, “How long are you gonna avoid me Bekah. I have been back for more than a week now.”

“Kol can you tell the woman sitting beside you that I am busy right now and I have no time for traitors.” Kol smirked and Caroline rolled her eyes at Rebekah’s over dramatic monologue.

“Beks I am sitting right here.”

“Kol tell her or no free beer for you.”

“Caroline Rebekah doesn’t want to see you since you left for cooking school in France five years ago and how dare you go away to follow your dreams.”

“You nincompoop thats not the reason I am mad at her.”

“Then why are you mad at me?” Caroline got up and blocked her path.

“You didn’t even bother to remain in touch. I called you several times and you just flat out ignored me. And now you come back all ready to open your fancy bakers shop and you expect everything to be okay.” Rebekah ranted.

“I’m sorry. I did try to keep in touch initially but culinary school was expensive even with the scholarship. And wifi and international calls cost a fortune. I did send postcards.” Caroline tried to explain her reasons for not being able to stay in touch.

“Only on christmas. You didn’t even have the decency to remember your best friends birthday.” Rebekah quipped somewhat softening.

“You know how it was for me. This was my only chance to make something of myself. I didn’t have money like you guys nor did I have parents who believed in me. It was important for me to prove myself. I could never forget you Beky. I am so sorry. Please forgive.” Caroline curled her bottom lip making a baby face.

“Put that baby face away. I’ll forgive you only if I get a lifetime supply of chocolate chip brownies with coconut frosting.”

“Ten years.” Caroline bargained.

“Fine I give in just because I am feeling generous.” Rebekah replied. Then Caroline stretched her arms out wide, “Hug?”

“Ughh. The things I do just because I have a soft heart.” Rebekah teased and hugged her childhood bestfriend.

“You totally do.” Caroline remarked and Kol hugged them both tightly, “Cool group hug.”

“Sod off Kol.” they yelled together and pushed him away.

He smirked and sat at the barstool.

Rebekah moved behind the bar and Caroline sat beside Kol.

“If only Klaus would forgive me this easily. He literally changes lanes when he sees me. Avoids me like I am a plague infested rat.” Caroline said wistfulness coloring her voice. There was a time he couldn’t bear to be away from her and now he couldn’t bear the sight of her. From kiddie pool to high school sweethearts, everyone had assumed that one day Klaus and Caroline would grow up and marry each other but assumptions sometimes turned wrong. Caroline had moved away to culinary school and Klaus had married someone else.

“Of course he hates you. He is sexually frustrated because his wife turned his hardware into software and the last time he was able to plug his joystick in a panel it was yours.” Rebekah commented and Caroline choked on the water she had just taken a sip of. Kol thumped her back.

“She is right. His stick got no joy from Camille.”

“You two do realize that you are talking about your brother’s … uh…” Caroline felt a bit awkward completing her sentence.

“Penis.” Rebekah supplied.

“Schwantz.” Kol added at the same time.

“Eww you guys are so indecent.” Caroline chastised.

“Would you prefer sophisticated names like manhood since your holier than thou-ness is back from Europe?” Rebekah sarcastically added.

“Oooo. I got one member.” then he nodded at Caroline.

“I would prefer no names at all. Okay. And I would actually prefer if you guys helped me with this Klaus situation. I am back for good and he can’t avoid me forever.”

“I’ll help you. Since I always wanted you to be my sister-in-law and now that Camille is out of the way thanks to Nik finally seeing the light and getting a divorce we can start on mission Klaroline Reunion.”

“A what reunion now?” Caroline asked.

“Klaroline. Mash up name for you and Nik.”

“Koroline would be sexier.” Kol commented.

Caroline cupped his face like a baby’s with one hand and blew a kiss. “Oh sweetie I’m tempted but my joystick isn’t.” and had Rebekah laugh.

Just then Klaus came in. The first thing he saw was Caroline, still the same, world’s most ravishing woman for him, blow a kiss to his younger brother. The stoic expression of his face turned to a scowl. That’s when she looked at him. Sitting more than twenty feet away she still managed to affect him, his felt his heart in his throat when her gaze found his. She gave him a tiny cautious smile and he felt familiar poignant stirrings in his heart and of course his pants. It miffed him that even after all these years and her leaving him without a backward glance he was attracted to her, how pathetic was he? He looked through her pretending he didn’t see her lovely smile and walked away to the pantry.

Caroline had witnessed the emotion flicker on Klaus’s face, longing and desire but maybe she wanted to see that because she was still desperately in love with him. Though they had relieved each other of the commitment they had during the time they had begun dating she was still sour over the fact that he had moved on and that too so soon. Just a few years after her move she had found out that he was dating someone named Camille. Camille, what kind of name was Camille anyway she thought over the rush anger when Klaus again pretended to be unaware of her existence. Oh no he didn’t she put her mental and literal foot down and followed him to the pantry excusing herself from Rebekah and Kol.


She slammed the door to the pantry to alert him to her presence although she freaking didn’t need to since her flowery scent preceded her.

Klaus turned and gave her a nonchalant lift of an eyebrow. It incited her anger even more.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” she almost yelled and twisted the lock beneath the door knob.

“No wait.” he muttered trying to prevent her from doing that but then gave a long suffering sigh when Caroline didn’t stop.

“Wait what? This time you don’t go anywhere until I have  made myself clear.”

“I won’t be able to leave even if I wanted.” he said under his breath. God she was even lovelier since the last time he had seen.

Caroline didn’t hear him. “How long do you plan to keep this up?”

“Keep what up?”

“You acting like you don’t know me.”

“As long as you are here.” he replied and saw hurt flash on her face. It gutted him but he stubbornly stood where he was even though he wanted to take her in his arms and take away that hurt.

“So for the rest of my life then. Great!” she crossed her arms and looked like she was about to leave.

He stalled her , “What do you mean?”

“I”m here for good. I do not plan to leave again.”

“Well that’s fantastic.” he snarked.

“Clearly not for you.” she bit out. Dammit his eyes were still the colour of a violent sea perhaps reflecting his inner tumult. Klaus had always been so intense and she had always been a sucker for his complexities and his passion.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means what it says. Don’t you dare pretend that you don’t know what I’m talking about. You hate me.”

“Caroline..” he could see how badly she was hurting and felt like an arse for making her feel that way.

“No. Do not interrupt me. I know you hate me but you have no right or reason to do that. You said you were happy for me when I got into culinary school and you told me you would let me go so I can follow my dreams. But you didn’t mean that did you? You resent me for leaving. I wanted to be with you I was ready to do that long distance thing but you’re the one who broke up with me before I left saying that I needed to focus on my career and …” her voice louder than normal.

“Just a second. I never resented you for following your dreams. I have always wanted you to be happy. I would never hate you for that.” his voice matched his.

“Really. Is that why you can not stand the sight of me and avoid me like I’m the grim reaper after your soul? Admit it. Admit that even though you acted like you were fine with me leaving you, you weren’t. You were a selfish asshole who just pretended to be okay with it and now you are punishing me for that.”

“How can you say that? We were best friends before we were anything else. I have always wanted and wished you to have the best of everything.” his yelled back feeling hurt that she would think that he was selfish. Maybe he was in his interactions with everyone else but never with her. She was the only person in the world that inspired selflessness in him.

“Then why are you acting like a jerk to me? I left you alone Klaus when you decided to get married last year because it was too much for me. I have never done anything to sabotage your happiness. I ….” Caroline’s ire escalated.

“That’s the problem Caroline. You left me alone. We were best friends and you didn’t even bother to show up at my wedding. You left me without a backward glance. I let you go but that didn’t mean I didn’t need my best friend.” he interrupted her in a quiet voice.

Her heart ached. How could he have expected her to be his friend after he had decided to spend his life with someone else.

She realized it was pointless to pursue this matter. It was better if they stayed away from each other.

“Are you insane? How could I have shown up at a wedding to watch the man I love marry another woman. I am not that strong Klaus. I think it’s better if we stayed out of each other’s way. You can avoid me all you want but be subtle about it at least. I can…”

“I didn’t hate you for leaving. I hated you for not asking me to leave with you.” he murmured she couldn’t be more shocked.


“I would’ve gone to hell with you if you had asked and I’d have been happy with it because you’re my heaven. I was only with Camille to convince myself i could get over you but i was wrong. We both married each other for the wrong reasons so it didn’t even last for a few months. It was over months before we actually got a divorce. ” he whispered taking a step towards her and she was suddenly very aware of the small size of the pantry and how hot the air was getting inside it.

“I couldn’t ask that of you, Klaus. You had just been accepted to the most prestigious Art School. I couldn’t take that from you. I loved you.”

Maybe she had been feeling courageous to confront him propelled by all the rage and adrenaline earlier but it seemed to have left her the moment he had told her he would’ve left with her and she was his heaven. Poetic arshole always had a way with words and it always made her go jello in the knees. Her heart began thudding when he backed her into a wall.

“Loved?” he asked.

“Yeah. I mean of course… I mean you know..we together.. for a year.” Caroline was nervous now. He had his hands flat on the wall on either side of her head.

He had the urge to check if her mouth still tasted of sugar coated berries. She was fiend for those things.

“And now?” he leaned his head closer and nuzzled her neck when he saw desire and some other pure emotion cloud her eyes.

“What do … you… want… me to say?” she breathed when he licked the pulse at the base of her throat.

“Rebekah thinks you came back because I got a divorce. She listed a number of points to support her theory yesterday evening.”

“She did?” She loved it when pressed light kisses over her jaw.

“Mmhmm.” Her skin still tasted the same. “She also thinks we need to have to sex asap so we can stop affecting other people with the weird sexual rays we emit every time we are in the same room.”

“Okay.” she mumbled and he kissed her then. Her taste was the same, a flavor that he had been addicted to. Kissing her desperately he pulled her in his arms needing a fix for his addiction. Her hands fisted over his back her nails dug in his muscles. It spurred him he lifted her tucking her around his waist. Her mouth open slightly as if surprised by the evidence of his desire and he laughed against her mouth. His hands sneaked under shirt massaging her breasts.

She needed to talk to him before it got out hand Caroline thought fighting against the onslaught of desire burning through her veins

“Nik.” she stated once and when her voice didn’t register she held his face in her hands.

“What are we doing?” she asked and Klaus smiled. Then he kissed her softly and replied, “What do you think?”

The potency of emotion she saw in his eyes shook her. She could see he still loved her.

“Rebekah is right. I came back when I heard about your divorce hoping..” she couldn’t complete her sentence when he crashed his lips to hers. After a few toe curling seconds he prompted, “Hoping?”

“Hoping you’ll be easy pickings.” she teased.

“Really? So you think I’m easy pickings?”

“Totally.” she answered and he laughed.

“Well even if I weren’t I couldn’t stop you from ravishing me. The lock is faulty. Thus I think I might as well be a good sport and surrender my virtue.” he kissed her again and she felt the bulge in his pants getting harder.

“You totally should. I still love you and Klaus I know I always will. You’re it for me. Have always been from the day when you punched Jesse for me for throwing a frog at me in sixth grade.” she bit her lip.

“You’ve been the one for me from the day you stole my lunch in third grade and blamed it on Rebekah.” Klaus placed kiss over her forehead. “I love you Caroline Forbes.”

They smiled and were about to kiss again when a note slid under the door. Klaus let Caroline go and picked it up.

“It says Happy Sexing my darlings. Pantry sex is the best. Ps Caroline make it fifteen years of brownies for blaming me for stealing Nik’s lunch. And Oh Nik I’m taking your Italian scotch for knowing about it and still getting me punished.

Love Rebekah.”

Then a packet slid under the door with a paper wrapped around it.

Klaus lifted it too, unwrapped the paper and saw it was a condom. There was something scribbled on the paper. Caroline took it and read it.

“For heaven’s sake Nik. Next time buy a condom first. Don’t check your wallet I stole that one months ago.

Ps Caroline if his system is broken you know where to find me.

*winky face* Kol”

They both laughed and then proceeded to put the borrowed condom to good use.




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- my fidget cube

five things in my bedroom:
- my guitar
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- my giant stuffed giraffe (yah i still have stuffed animals fight me tbh)
- all my books and movies
- my diffuser

five things that make me happy:
- my cats
- my nieces
- richonne+ (aka richonne + rick and andy and danai and michonne)
- sidney crosby and the penguins especially when they win stanley cups
- going to concerts

five things i’m currently into:
- richonne+ forever and always
- big brother
- masterchef
- friends
- marina and the diamonds

five things on my to-do list:
- be adopted by keri russell and matthew rhys
- kick depression and anxiety in the ass
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- finish some ongoing writing projects

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Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 19

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 19


Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Enjoy :)

(Takes place in 3x14)

Originally posted by lifeofvampirediaries

Matt called to tell you they were taking Alaric to the hospital. He was attacked in the Gilbert’s house and had died once again.

“How is he?” you ask, out of breath to Matt who was waiting in the hallway.

“I don’t know, I’m waiting on Elena.”

You sigh. “What happened?”

“We found him in the house. He got stabbed, Elena had to kill him to be sure he would come back.”

You shake your head. “Everything this town needed was a serial killer. It’s not like the vampires were enough drama…”

Matt looks behind you. “How’s professor Saltzman?”

You turn around and see Elena.

“Resigned to spending the night in observation…  So long as I promised to change the lock on the house…” “So I talked to Bonnie earlier. Her and her mother are fine. Have you talked to Caroline?” she asked both you and Matt.

You shake your head. “Not since I left her house earlier.”

“I did. She’s holding it together considering how close she and her dad used to be.”

“Any word on who’s behind all these attacks?” you ask. You were just made aware of the mysterious killing spree that had been going on in this town.

“No, Sheriff Forbes said that there’s no real suspects at all” Elena tells you.

Once on the parking lot, Matt leaves you and Elena alone.

You were about to get to your car but she interrupts you. “Hey, Y/N…”

You turn around even though you didn’t want to talk to her. “What?” you ask, annoyed.

“Do you have a problem, with me? What did I do wrong?”

You look at her in silence for a few seconds. “You mean, aside for stabbing Rebekah in the back and compelling me to forget about it so I wouldn’t help her?”

You see surprise on her face, then guilt.

“She would have killed me” she says.

“She wouldn’t want to kill you if you hadn’t daggered her in the first place. She trusted you! Now she’s lying dead in a box!” you yell at her.

Suddenly, in a second, Elena’s back is against her car.

“Surprise!” you recognize Rebekah’s voice.

She turns her head around to look at you. “It’s nice to hear I still have a friend in this place” she smiles at you and winks.

“You drove a dagger through my back Elena. It hurt” she says, about to bite Elena in the neck.

“Rebekah!” you call her name to stop her but her back is suddenly against the car next to Elena.

“Elijah” Rebekah says, his hand a little below her throat.

“Leave” he orders his sister, getting his hand off her. She keeps looking him in the eyes making a step towards him. “Are you challenging me?” he asks as if it was a stupid idea.

“You’re pathetic” she says. “Both of you”

“Okay, enough” you say, putting yourself between the two Original vampires.

You look at Rebekah “Are you okay?” you ask.

“Besides the feeling of betrayal” she says looking at Elena “I am”.

You sigh, relieved and hug her. Elena frowns.

“My brother told me you tried to help me, I thank you for that.”

You nod “I wish I could’ve done more than just try” you tell her, eyeing Elena who didn’t seem happy.

Elijah smiles, calm. “Well…I believe we have a little catching up to do” he says, at first to Elena, then he looks back at you.

“Sister, why don’t you leave with Y/N and I will explain everything to miss Gilbert”

“Come on, Rebekah” you say, kissing Elijah on the cheek, looking at Elena with an angry look. She looked so surprised by your action. You get in your car with the blonde.

“I can’t wait for you to meet my brothers” she says

“All your siblings are back?” you ask.

“And my mother” she tells you.

“What?” you were confused.

“She wants us to be a family again, she’s forgiven Nik for killing her”

You raise your eyebrows, surprised. “Really?”

You drive Rebekah back to her house and she insists on you meeting her siblings.

“It’s late, Rebekah, I had a long day” you tell her.

“Okay, well tomorrow, then?” she insists

You smile at her “Sure” you nod.

The next morning, Rebekah is knocking at your door as soon as you step out of the shower.

“You’re invited to a ball tonight” she says, handing you an invite.

“A ball? I’ll pass” you tell her.

“No, you’re coming” she says.

“No, I’m not”

“Then, at least, come help me find a dress”

You sigh. You know you’re going to end up in a ball gown tonight, that you want it or not.

“Sure” you shrug.

She takes you to her house. “I thought we were dress shopping?” you ask her.

“Oh, we are, I made the dresses come to me, so you can choose one too”

You laugh “I knew it was a trap”. She laughs with you.

You step in a room where you see Elijah and two others you don’t recognize.

“Y/N” Elijah smiles when he sees you.

“Y/N, these are my brothers Kol and Finn. Brothers, this is my friend Y/N. You are not to harm her” she says. The last sentence makes you a little afraid.

“You actually have a friend?” the one you believe was Kol says with a grin walking towards you. He takes your hand and kisses its back. You raise your eyebrows, surprise, eyeing Rebekah who was smiling.

“She’s the only trustworthy person in this town” she says, smiling at you.

“Pleasure to meet you, you are stunning” he says, still grinning.

You look at him with beg eyes, blushing. “Uh…Nice to meet you too”

“A friend of my sister is a friend of mine” he says next.

“It’s a pleasure meeting you Miss Y/N” you hear Finn say.

You look at Elijah who already had his eyes on you. You smile at him.

“Klaus’s not here?” you ask.

“He’s somewhere in the house” Rebekah says, walking towards a bunch of fancy dresses, gesturing you to follow her.

They were all trying outfits for tonight. You felt Elijah eyes on you so you turn to look at him but he looks away.

“Pick one” Rebekah asks you.

You look at the dresses and take a green dress to give Rebekah. “This one” you tell her.

“I meant for you” she says.

You shake your head. “I already told you, I’m not going”

“And I’m telling you, you are, you’re not going to leave me alone with my brothers”

“You’ve been a thousand years alone with your brothers Rebekah, you’ll do fine”

You hear her brothers chuckle.

She doesn’t insist. She asks your help to find shoes and jewelry.

“Rebekah” you hear Kol call his sister ‘tell me how handsome I am”

“Oh Kol, you know I can’t be compel” Rebekah says and you let out a little laugh. Suddenly, Klaus burst into the room.

“You went after Elena? What is wrong with you?”

“Here we go” Rebekah smiles, looking at you. She was waiting for this.

“Do you want another dagger in your heart?” he threatens.

You sigh.

“Again with the dagger threats?” Kol says “don’t you have any other tricks?”

“Oh, go back to staring at yourself” Klaus tells his brother.

A woman, you guessed was Esther, their mother stepped inside the room. “Enough!” she says. She had a weird look on her face when she spotted you.

“Mother, this is my friend, Y/N” Rebekah introduces.

“Nice to meet you” you tell her. She doesn’t answer, she just stares at you.

“Niklaus” she says, looking away from you to her son “come”.

Klaus follows his mother outside the room.

“I don’t think she likes me” you say.

“That was weird” Kol agrees with you.

You see Elijah leave the room.

“Come on, Y/N, pick a dress now” Rebekah asks again.

“I’m not going!” you say a little loud.

“Why not, love?” Kol asks you.

You shrug “Last time I went to a dance, my friend almost died, and last time you left for a dance, you did die” you say to Rebekah.

“Nobody’s dying tonight” Rebekah says taking a gorgeous blue corset dress.

“That’s a princess dress. I’m not wearing that” you tell her.

“Oh come on, you love it!” she insists.

You sigh and take the dress, looking at it for a while. It was a very good dress.

“I don’t have any shoes at home to go with that dress…” you give up.

“Yes!” Rebekah says happy. “Let’s find you some shoes”

You smile, happy at her happiness.

Once you had found every accessory you needed, Rebekah makes you drive her to the Grill so she can invite Matt at tonight’s event. You see Caroline and Elena there, talking.

“Careful, Caroline, it’s so well and good till she stabs you in the back” Rebekah says.

“Bekah…” you reprimand her. She rolls her eyes before leaving you to go talk to Matt.

“Since when are you all bestie with the Originals?” Caroline asks.

You shrug. “My relationship with Rebekah started just before you kill her” you say.

“You’re gonna get yourself killed if you keep kissing Originals on the cheek” Elena tells you.

“What?” Caroline says, confused.

You frown. “My life is my own, nobody can tell me who to be friends with! And none of them ever compelled me!” you tell Elena. Okay that wasn’t really true but, still…

“I did it to protect you!” she says.

“Just like you took Jeremy’s choice away and sent him to Denver? If I get killed at least it would be because of a decision I made”

“Oh, my God!” you hear Caroline say “she’s inviting him to the ball? Why is she inviting him to the ball?” Caroline asks you.

“Maybe because she likes him and also the last time they were supposed to go at an event together she couldn’t because she was dead.”

“You have to get over it, Y/N” Elena tells you.

You frown “I don’t have to do anything. You were wrong to do what you did. Killing her and compelling me”

You hear Caroline sighs. “What time is this stupid dance?”

You take Rebekah back to your home and you decide to tell her about elementals. She says she’d help you as much as she can. She left you for the afternoon and you decide to practice your magic. You could light candles so easily now you decided to practice another element. You take a glass and try to freeze the water in it. You struggle, at first, but you end up freezing not only the water but also the glass itself. You make the ice thaw next and you do it so easily that it scared you a little. You spend the rest of the afternoon practicing.

Finally, it was time to dress up. You arrived at the house which was filled of people.

“Y/N, finally, you’re here” Rebekah says.

“Am I late?” you ask.

“No, I just missed you is all” she says with a wink.

You laugh. “You look great” you tell her.

“You too” she says.

You see Kol and Damon talk with Carol Lockwood and you both walk over them.

You hear Kol say to Damon “I’ve met a lot of people. And you don’t particularly standout”

You laugh “Burned” you tell Damon which makes Rebekah and her brother laugh.

“Y/N you look ravishing” Kol tells you, kissing the back on your hand for the second time this day.

“Thank you” you blush.

You see Damon walking his way toward Elena, unhappy. Kol and Rebekah leave you to join the rest of their family on the stairs.

“Welcome. Thank you for joining us!” Elijah says, a glass of champagne in his hand. “You know, whenever my mother brings our family together like this, it’s tradition for us to commence the evening with a dance. Tonight’s pick is a centuries-old waltz, so if all of you could please find a partner, please join us in the ballroom” he says then climb down the stairs followed by his siblings.

You see Rebekah walking towards Matt. You watch as Damon and Elena get into an argument then decide to dance.

“Y/N” you turn your head to see Elijah and you know what he’s about to ask you.

“No” you tell him.

“Please, may I have this dance?” he asks you, reaching his hand for yours, smiling.

You look him in the eyes for a few seconds and shake your head before putting your hand in his.

“Sure…” you sigh.

You start dancing, you could feel his eyes on you but you’re looking at the others.

“You are quite the dancer” he says.

You sigh “Well, I hope so, my mother was a ballerina…Besides she would have wasted her money on my ballet classes if I wasn’t.”

“You dance ballet?” he asks.

“I used to, when I was kid, I stopped a few years ago…”


You look up at him. “When my mother died I just couldn’t dance anymore…” you say, sad.

“I see…I’m sorry”

“Don’t be, not your fault” you shrug.

You stayed quiet for the rest of the waltz. He excuses himself after the dance, leaving you alone among the others. You try to look for Rebekah but you see her step outside with Matt and it makes you smile. You frown when you see Kol following them.

“I apologized for making you wait alone” you hear Elijah say, a few minutes after he left you.

“It’s fine” you smile at him. “Everything okay?” you ask.

“Well, I hope so” he says, smiling back at you. “My mother requested to talk to Elena. I want to make sure that she did forgive Niklaus like she assures us”

“You know you can’t trust her, right?” you say.

He frowns. “My mother?”

“No, not your mother. Elena. You can’t trust Elena”

He nods. “I’m afraid you’re right” he says.

You see Elena climbing down the stairs and you give Elijah a concern look before he leaves you alone once again to go talk with Elena.

You see Esther on top of the stairs, with a glass of pink champagne. “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Waiters are coming round with champagne. I invite you all to join me in raising a glass. It provides me with no greater joy than to see my family back together as one”

You notice something strange. It’s the same waiter that serves the glasses of champagne to all the Original vampires. 4 glasses on one silver tray. You walk fast but discreetly towards Elijah who was about to drink the alcohol. Elena was looking at him right in the eyes. Finally, you reach them and you put a hand on the top of the glass, looking up at him. He frowns and you shake your head no to tell him not to drink it. You turn to look at Elena. “What did you do?” you ask her, angry. She doesn’t answer but looked guilty and worried. You looked for Rebekah and the others to see if they had drank the alcohol but it was too late.

“I didn’t do anything, Y/N” she says. “Everything is fine” she assures Elijah.

You frown. “Really? So I can drink that?” you say, mentioning Elijah’s glasses of champagne.

Elena looks at you but say nothing. You drink it.

“What did you do?” Elijah asks, worried.

“Elena’s says everything’s fine” you shrug and look at her. She had the same guilty look on her face then before.

“Everything’s fine” she nods and walk away.

“You shouldn’t have done that” Elijah says. “She was lying”

You shrug. “I trust you’re not gonna let your siblings get hurt. So whatever was in that champagne, we’re gonna find a way to fix it.”

He looks at you like he can’t believe you actually worry about his family.

“I saw Rebekah and Kol drink, I’m gonna find Klaus” you tell him before walking away. He takes your arm, stopping you.

“Do not say anything to them. It might be nothing” You nod.

He’s astonished by your action, ready to get hurt for his family, for him.

You enter a room filled with art. You hear Caroline and Klaus talk.

“I get it, your father didn’t love you so you assume that no one else will either. And that’s why you compel people or you sire them or try to buy them off!” she yells at him, throwing a bracelet at his feet.

“Caroline!” you stop her.

They both look up at you. “That’s enough” you tell her, angry and hurt for him.

“Whatever” she says before leaving the room.

You watch her leave, she doesn’t even glance at you. You take a few steps towards him. “Are you okay?” you ask him.

“What are you doing here?” he asks, angry.

“I just…got lost” you lie.

He looked hurt. He took a deep breath before stepping out. You follow him back to the ballroom but you hear a fight coming from outside. Damon had just broken Kol’s neck and the Original vampire was lying dead on the ground. What has gotten into him?

Rebekah was feeling bad for Matt. Kol had broken his hand and she wanted to apologize so you drive her to the Mystic Grill. You dropped her at the restaurant and went back home. You changed into your pajamas and you jump scared when you step outside the bathroom to your bedroom.

“Elijah!” you say “You scared me” you breathe out.

“I apologize, it wasn’t my attention”

“It’s okay” you sigh.

“Elena believes we believed her to be honest. Tomorrow I will begin to investigate. Do not worry. I won’t let anything happened to you”

You were scared, for sure.

“Maybe, everything is fine” he tries to reassure you and you nod. “Well, I will leave you, then” he says before disappearing.

Bless The Broken Road -Elijah Mikaelson One Shot

Word Count: 676
Requested By: @harmonyjasper                                                                     Based on the song ‘Bless The Broken Road, Rascal Flatts.

P.S I am so sorry this took so long to write, I'be been working on my personal statement to apply to university all week so i’ve not had much time to write. Also I’m not too happy with this one shot so I nearly didn’t upload it.

You had been with Elijah 1000 years ago, you loved him and he loved you in return. From the day you met him you knew he was the one. The whole mikaelson family adored you, including their mother, Esther. So much so that she made the decision to turn you into a vampire along with her children all those years ago. For some time you lived happily with the Mikaelson’s, with Elijah, who vowed he would never leave you and would love you. Always and forever.

However all things eventually come to an end, and the promises made by Elijah was no exception. You regretfully parted ways with Elijah in the 11th century as a result of the five. Alexander had seduced Rebekah and despite your warnings she gave him her trust, which you would all realise would be a fatal mistake. A mistake which ruined your life.

You had blamed Rebekah for a long time, if she hadn’t been so trusting of Alexander then you would never have been daggered by the five, you were undaggered of course but you had lost 50 years of your life to the dagger and try as you might, you never found yourself able to find Elijah, or indeed any of the Mikaelson’s again. Their names became myths, the horror stories told to vampires just as tales of vampires are told to humans.

Eventually you moved on from searching for Elijah, despite never forgetting the time you shared together, you were not prepared to waste your immortality searching for a man no one had seen, or even heard of for centuries. For all you knew he was no longer alive.

Over the years you had a series of lovers, all of whom you cared for, however non of which could live up to your memories of Elijah so eventually, you gave up on love. You gave up on everything and with time you began to forget about the sensation of love you shared with Elijah all those years ago.

That was until a few months ago, you had begun dreaming of the time you had spent with Elijah.

To begin with the dreams were distant and unclear, seemingly unconnected. However with time your dreams became decipherable,  your dreams reflected the life Elijah had lead since you parted ways. He was alive and you had to find him.

After months of following endless leads which were inevitably dead ends and countless dreams taunting you for what was just out of reach you found a lead by the name of Marcel Gerrard who lead you to New Orleans. The city was strange and you were unconvinced that you were going to find your lost love in this city. That was, until you were rushing through the streets of New Orleans to make your way to another lead when you ran headlong into another passerby, you hardly looked above this mans chest as you apologised and went on, however the stranger grabbed your arm and uttered your name.

At this moment you realised that this man was no stranger at all; but the man you had been searching for all this time. Before you even had time to process what was happening you flung yourself into `Elijah and threw your arms around him lie your life defended on it, after a few moments entangled in Elijah’s embrace you parted and you gazed up the the man you had been longing for for so long.

Finally you spoke “I can’t believe it’s you! I’ve been searching for you for so long, I thought you may have been dead.” You exclaimed .

“Oh Y/N I have been searching you too, ever since the moment I lost you, believe me, you were not forgotten, by any of us. I love you so much Y/N” With this Elijah wrapped his arms round you once more and kissed your forehead before taking your hand.

“Come, I’ll show you around the city my brother and I have created, we have a lot of catching up to do darling”