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This is for the lovely and amazing Abby @3tinkgemini (who might not deserve it for cursing my car last night LOL) But here you are anyway, hope this is what you envisioned.

The mouth watering, succulent taste of blood poured down Klaus’ dry throat, relieving the searing pain of his veins burning, rubbing together like sand paper. With each pull of blood giving him new life, awakening him, he could also sense, hear the soft lull of a human heart slow down until it stopped alongside the blood supplied to him. Growling as much as he could in his weakened state that his meal was over he was surprised to find a plastic tube in his mouth, more blood pooling in his mouth. Klaus wondered how he managed to taken off guard for a witch to desiccate him, the family daggers weren’t enough to disable him, the closest he came was by the hands of the rag tag group in Mystic Falls, but this seemed worse than that, as if he been left in this state for years not days.

Feeling stronger, yet still in a state of confusion, he wondered who had saved him from this state, why they had done so, if his family had come to save him from his fate, finally, even if he was unaware of what became. The last memory he could obtain was meeting with Marcel after he bitten his brothers, but something felt off with that memory, something he couldn’t quite grasp.

A sweet, strawberry and vanilla scent embraced him, a certain scent he memorised, drank in, became nearly addicted to. A soft, gentle, hesitant touch lingered on his jawline holding him in place has yet another blood bag was placed into his mouth.

She was here.


Moving his arm slowly to grip her wrist without startling her, his eyes fluttered open and saw her blurred figure before he acclimated to his environment.

He was laid in a cold, stone coffin and room that looked more of an attic than a crypt, or even a wooden shack by the looks of it. There was candles, herbs and creepy pendants scattered around the room, signs of witches being present but he couldn’t sense recent magic. The smell of fresh dew fallen on leaves and wet grass, swamp mud around and the hint of jazz music only a vampire of his age concluded he was still in New Orleans, most likely in the Bayou.

He finally searched for Caroline’s presence as he now knew where they were, if the wolves was still around and had hurt her, blood would never stop raining over the city and those who live there. Everyone will be condemned to death.

Sitting up slightly on the edge of the sarcophagus he scanned her form as she knelt next to a cooler box of blood bags and a duffel bag by her feet. A corpse of a young redhead next to his, the one he must have drained, but why would Caroline let him kill an innocent, he thought. He noticed a weird shaped dagger clutched into her hands with his blood coating it. He had never seen anything like it before, he supposed to have had Papa Tunde’s blade inside him, what would become of his family? Are they alive and that’s why he was awakened, or has this new blade destroyed the spell cast and he’s now alone? Too many thoughts rushed around his mind while his eyes were trained on the blonde’s movements.


“Right, so we have a spare change of clothing until we can get you back to the house where you can have a shower, more blood bags to get your strength up to get there. I mean you’ve been in that state for five years so you must be hungry. I didn’t exactly want to bring a chorus of people in heard and draw up suspicion…” she rambled.

Five years, Klaus thought to himself, what have happened to his daughter? How much she had grown and he missed out on, but those were the sacrifices he knew about when putting himself in this situation. Caroline had come to his rescue but she mentioned a ‘we’, where were her girls and why bring them here in danger for the sake of saving him. Confusion seeped through him while she spoke.

“We?” He interrupted.

“Yeh, me and Rebekah. I came to look for you a while back here and no one even heard of your name, never mind where you were, so I went back home and sorted it out. But then after college I left Mystic Falls and went to London wondering if you moved on from here, that’s when I bumped into Rebekah.” she paused taking a much needed breath and threw clothes at his direction while turning away to give him some privacy.

While he changed into them she continued her explanation. “So she had been searching all over for you for I think 3 years at that point, I overheard her threatening a witch in the bar about trying to find you through a locator spell but she said that you were heavily guarded by magic. That’s when she picked up on my presence. No actually that was after she killed the witch, I think.” She turned back around after noticing he stopped moving.

“Carry on, love.” Klaus said, amused by her tales and her animated hands moving wildly in tune. He became curious as to why Rebekah was looking for him in London though, but relief that his baby sister was alive and well overshadowed his deep concern over her story not coinciding with his.

“Drink.” she threw him yet another plastic package and relented to her stern demand. “We caught up over a few drinks, you know, after she stopped strangling me.”

“She did what?!” His back straightened up at the mention his sister harmed her.

“Oh relax, she thought we done something to you after graduation but I told her you came here, and that when I came for help you were nowhere to be found. She filled me in that she’s been looking for you ever since you went incognito, she has been badgering witches and shamans into either finding you are bringing Kol back..” She continued to ramble and stood next to him as he leant up against the stone coffin for support.

“What do you mean bring Kol back?”

“Klaus, I don’t need to tell you that he died, you were there.” she spoke softly to him, studying his face for a moment trying to understand his confusion. “That blade trapped you into a dreamscape, what ever memories you think you have isn’t real. When you left to come down to New Orleans they were waiting for you with an ambush, a trap you didn’t know you were getting yourself into.”

That meant that he hadn’t had a daughter with Hayley, the prophecy wasn’t real and Marcel didn’t turn into another creature able to kill his family. It also meant that Kol and Finn were still dead. It also meant that that never happened either.

He laughed bitterly, “So I never came back after graduation?” she shook her head to say no. “Then my most cherished memory in that dreamscape wasn’t even real either. Do you even know how the witches managed to take me down?”

“Hayley had some of your blood in her system before you told her she had family here, she was stopped by a few witches while she was looking around and sliced opened her hand to retrieve it before sending her on her way. She apparently messaged Katherine for help, of all people, when the curse on her wolf clan overcome her too. She is now a wolf until the full moon. There’s this guy Marcel or something, who seen you were coming to New Orleans in the future and wipe him and his friends out for his betrayal and took a preemptive strike first. Rebekah and I have been trying to find help and come up with a plan to save you for the past two year. We aren’t sure if Katherine was in on the whole thing too but she’s too busy living it up with Elijah to care about you not hunting her down.”

He stood up and began pacing the room, testing the strength in his legs, pondering about the new information she shed. The more Klaus began to think about this dreamscape, as she kept calling it, the more the memories began to blur and fade out of existence. The one thing that kept plaguing him was standing in this room.

“Why?” he asked curious and confused.

“Why what, Klaus?”

“Why are you here Caroline?”

“Really? Someone had to save you.”

“Yes, but why? Why not leave it to my sister?”

“Rebekah is distracting Marcel while I save your sorry ass, or would you rather I go?” Caroline shot back defensively.

“What I meant was, why didn’t you go back to your life after letting my sister know I was supposed to be here? She could have compelled a few humans and even vampires to do her dirty work, she doesn’t even need to get her hands dirty. So why stay with her to help save me?” He stepped closer and closer to her.

She fidgeted under his gaze as he crept near her, glancing down to the floor in deliberation. “Me and your sister have become friends now,” Klaus stepped back in shock that they actually became friendly over bonding to save him. “What? she has great taste in shoes.”

“So you done this to help my sister.” Klaus resigned, she wouldn’t be her for him, she was loyal to her friends and stuck with them to death, even if that was going along with some half baked scheme to kill him or like now, help rebekah save him.

“You promised to be my last love and I’ve been ready for you for a few years now.”

“You realise I’m going to kill everyone for this don’t you.” Trying to convey that he isn’t going to stop his behaviour for her, warn her that this is who he is and she’d have to accept his darkness, give her an out.

“I know, but could you at least kill those responsible and not every supernatural creature here to prove you’re as evil as it gets? Oh and let Elijah deal with Katherine’ betrayal if she did play a part in your trap, he’s going to be heartbroken and guilty as it is.” She countered, “I’ll even help you kill the witches.”


Klaus watched her as her eyes drew down to his lips and his eyes widen, taken aback, mouth parting as he glanced down at hers. Just as she started to move closer to him a thud of a body fell into the room, the pair springing back from each other to see what the threat was.

Rebekah waltzed in the room stepping over the body, looking straight at her brother with a huge smile on her face. “I’ve a present for you.” Gesturing to Marcel’s crumpled body and flashed over to him with a bone crushing hug. “I missed you, Nik.” She whispered for only his ears to hear and he squeezed her back.

His eyes searched for Caroline’s, she looked happy and hopefully and he was sure his own mirrored them.