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Make it Happen has existed within everything I’ve ever done since birth, however it was when my family moved to Philadelphia that I decided to give my creations a title. I’ve always opted for distinction, living in New York all my life made it hard for me to quench that thirst. It was not hard to find individuality within the people. But to shop for one of a kind pieces, and in constant search for substantial products with definitive designs, that I could call my own, was a task at hand. It was then,living in Philadelphia, that I reverted to these memories of New York. I decided to begin to multiply my ideas, so I began making headbands and single earrings.

It was never difficult to get the raw materials, I lived with life long artists; my parents, who each design and create their own innovative jewelry lines. It is from them that I have learned almost everything I could about design. Although I believe you can teach technical methods of design, in no way shape or form can you teach originality. My parents have effortlessly guided my creativity from birth, and without a sweat have also showed me how to be an artist. I wouldn’t be able to give birth to the pieces I create today, without being exposed to art, the way they’ve generously exposed me.

Creativity is a naturally occurring aspect surging through my family’s blood. I always loved the idea of designing things that no one has ever seen before, but I loved creating statements. Style speaks volumes, with it there is no need to explain who or what you are about. Real style speaks for you, and being able to create pieces that do the same. Make it Happen is derived from many points in my life and defines many aspects of me. I have humbling opened up to the world with not only myself on display,but my work; which is to be shared immensely.

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Charmed Feathers represents a blessed person who’s happy through and despite life’s challenges. We’re inspired by the grace and delicate beauty of feathers/wings/birds. The wings of a bird symbolizes freedom and serenity. The same grace and beauty birds represent, women naturally exhibit. We’re dedicated to empowering women and girls to accept their natural power within. Our new logo embodies 6 years of perseverance and dedication to self-love, art, and sisterhood. We hope to continue our work for another 6 years spreading love and light. Thank you so much for being a part of our journey. Original design by designer @rebekah_christie execution by illustrator @Pardonmyfro