rebekah and caroline

Klaroline in Nola chapter 2

Warning there is mentions of rape. Caroline tells when she is human.

Flashback a couple of weeks ago:

“Caroline I need your help its life or death.”

Caroline has never heard Klaus sound nervous. “ Klaus what is wrong?”

“Elena and Jeremy are trying to kill Kol and I can’t get in the house but you can, Can you go in get Kol out and if you could hurt Elena and Jeremy that would be much appreciated.”

Caroline gets to the Gilbert house when she enters she sees Elena and Jeremy holding Kol down. Kol has a butcher knife in his shoulder and vervain on him. Jeremy has the white oak stake in his hand. Caroline vamps over to him and breaks his arm and snaps Elena’s neck.

Klaus gets to the door and sees Caroline taking the butcher knife out of his brothers shoulder. Kol can’t believe Elena and Jeremy tried to kill him and that Caroline had saved him also that Klaus is there to make sure he is ok. Kol and Caroline are walking to the door to join Klaus when Jeremy on the floor gets up. “ Caroline what are you doing we need him dead?”

“ No we don’t you and Elena want him dead so you can get something that only Elena wants because she can’t handle be a vampire.”

Jeremy picks up the White oak stake and tries to stake Kol again but Kol vamps behind him and puts him in a headlock. “ I know I can’t kill you but that doesn’t mean I can’t hurt you.”

Caroline joins Klaus on the porch. Kol breaks Jeremy’s other arm and drops him to the floor. “ Thank you Caroline I owe you my life.”

“ Your welcome. When Klaus told me I couldn’t let my friends brother die.”

Klaus pulls his brother in for a hug “I love you Kol. I don’t want you to die.”

Kol knows his older brother hides his feeling so it took a lot for him to say that. “ I love you too Nik.”

Caroline smiles at the touching brother moment. Klaus looks at Caroline “ Sweetheart I love the outfit.”

Kol smiles “ Yes it’s very cheerful”

Caroline looks down at her black sleep shorts with the word cheer on the butt and a pink tank top with flip flops. “I was in my pajamas painting my nails when you called I put on shoes and left to go save your brother.”

Kol puts his arm around Caroline “ I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship darling.”


An hour and a half later Caroline hears klaus car pull into her driveway and gets her stuff downstairs. Klaus takes her stuff from her and puts it his car “ Ready to go my love?”

Caroline loves her new nickname “ I want to say good bye to my mom.”

Caroline goes to Liz room and is surprised that she’s there wakes her mom up. Liz not used to being woken up in the middle of the night. Wakes up and grabs her gun off the nightstand “ Mom it’s me.”

Liz turns on the light and sees Caroline standing in front of her “ Caroline is everything is ok what’s going on?”

Caroline sits in front of her and takes her hands “ Mom I wanted to say goodbye I’m leaving Klaus invited me to New Orleans and he told me he loves me I will be back for graduation.”

“ Sweetie your still in high school and Klaus is the enemy. I know you see the good in him but he is still bad.”

“I’m done with classes and he’s different with me.”

Liz hugs her daughter “ I know I haven’t been the greatest mother and when you became a vampire I didn’t react very well but I love you Caroline and I want you to be happy and if you are happy with Klaus than I’m happy for you.”

You have been the best mom and me being vampire you eventually accepted me, I am happy I love him. I love you mom.“


Liz and Caroline come down the stairs and they see Klaus sitting at the table.

Liz still has an arm around her daughter looks over at the original ” I never thought that my daughter would turn into a vampire and fall in love with one of the first vampires ever.“

Caroline smiles and goes to the fridge and gets a couple of blood bags and heats them up, puts them in coffee cups and hands one to Klaus. Liz sees her daughter is happy. ” Klaus if Caroline gets hurt or killed in New Orleans I will come down there and kill you myself.“

Klaus stands up to face the sheriff ” You have my word sheriff Forbes that Caroline will not get hurt or killed.“

Liz can see how much Klaus cares for her daughter and knows he will protect her. Liz walks Caroline and Klaus outside to the car and hugs Caroline one last time. "Call me when you get there and call often I love you.”

Caroline starts to tear up again. “ I will and I love you mom.”


“ Are you look comfy my love?”

Caroline looks down at her outfit matching white Pajamas shorts and sweatshirt with with a pink tank top under the sweatshirt. “ I am were going to be on the road for a long time and I’m going to sleep.”

“ Do you know your New Orleans history?”

Caroline getting comfy in the passengers seat “No but I have a feeling your going to tell me?”

“ It’s a good think your comfy because the history of New Orleans is a long one.”


Flashback 300 years ago Mississippi River
A group of men come downstairs of a ship and look around and find two coffins one guy opens a coffin and inside is a daggered Kol the guy gasps “‘What the hell.”

They hear a whoosh and a guy from their group is gone, they hear another whoosh and another guy is gone, then another until there is only one guy left the one that opened Kol’s coffin.

Rebekah comes out of the shadows wiping blood off her chin wearing a big blue dress, her hair is curled on the top of her head. “ So nice to see such a handsome face after a long journey can eat him brother?”

Elijah comes out of the shadows wearing a white ruffled shirt and a black jacket with tan pants. “ I rather you didn’t there’s no need to be afraid as long as you do everything I say.”

Elijah compels the guy “ You will remember nothing nothing now we had a very long journey where we lost all of our crew so please transport our belongings to the shore.”

“ What kind of hell demons are you?”

Rebekah behind him “ We’re vampires darling the original vampires Rebekah, Elijah our dear brothers Kol and Finn may they rest in peace.”

Klaus interrupts “ Are we saving the best for last.”

Rebekah looks back and up where klaus is dressed in a blue coat and a white ruffled shirt “Our half brother Niklaus ignore him he’s a beast.”

klaus laughs and drops the guy he killed down the stairs. “ We fled Europe and survived the seven seas would you rather I arrived hungry on the shores of our new home land.”

“Niklaus as always your manners are without equal.”

Elijah compels the guy again “Sir please tell us where have we landed.”

“ On the shores of a town they have named New Orleans.”

“ Excellent and you might want further assistance with the luggage my sincerest apologies.”


“ Is there more?”

“ Yes but it’s not just my tale its also Elijah and Rebekah’s.”

Caroline scoffs “ Your going to make me wait until they get here.”

“ Yes.”

Caroline rolls her eyes “ Not fair.”

Klaus laughs and Caroline looks over at him “ Why are you laughing?”

Klaus tries to stop laughing “ It’s just sometimes I forget that your an eighteen year old baby vampire.”


Mystic falls later that morning:
Rebekah tries to sneak in the house because she doesn’t want Kol to make fun of her like he did after mothers ball. She goes into the kitchen and sees Elijah sitting at the table reading the paper and next to him is Katerina wearing one of Elijah’s dress shirts. “ Elijah what is Katerina doing here?”

“I was leaving Klaus a note when Elijah caught me and one thing lead to another and we slept together.”

Rebekah looks disgusted “ First Klaus and Caroline and now you and Katerina is there something wrong with the blood in this house?”

“I thought you were with Stefan and did you complete your day as human?”

“I am and I didn’t. I feed April young my blood to heal her.”

Rebekah looks around seeing that there missing people. “ Where is Klaus and Caroline?”

Katherine who has been listening starts laughing. “ Klaus is with Caroline this is perfect.”

Both Mikaelsons look at her “ What are you talking about Katerina?”

“ I turned Caroline into a vampire to give her to Klaus so he can use her in his hybrid sacrifice and now he’s dating her. He should give me my freedom just because I handed him Caroline on a a silver plater.”

Rebekah gives Elijah a look saying she’s your problem. Elijah turns towards his sister. “ The note Katerina left Niklaus said that there’s a witch in New Orleans that has information for him. He took Caroline and they left late last night.”

Rebekah going to the fridge to get some blood. “ New Orleans so when are you going and are you taking Kol and this one?” she points to Katherine.

“ Rebekah in the name of our family if one of us is in danger we help.”

“ I agree, but I want to graduate, Stefan and I were going on a trip this summer.”

Elijah knows Rebekah wants a human life but he also has Niklaus in New Orleans with witches trying to kill him. “How about this sister Kol and I will go to New Orleans and after your summer of fun you and Stefan if he wants to can join us.”

Rebekah thinks about it “Deal.”


“Katerina would you accompany me to New Orleans I can’t promise you won’t get death threats but we will be together.”

“ I would love to accompany you and everyday I get death threats.”


“So when are we leaving Elijah I am so done with this town.”

Elijah looks at his younger brother who a couple weeks ago could of been killed. Putting his luggage next to Elijah’s. “ We will leave after Katerina comes down.”

“Really we have to bring her?”

Elijah glares at his brother “Yes Katerina is coming maybe this fresh start in New Orleans will be good for you nobody knows you there so nobody will try to kill you when we get there.”

“The only reason nobody knows me there is because the two hundred years we were there I was only alive three times and for short amounts of time.”

Elijah remembers Kol getting daggered in New Orleans he always held Kol’s arms while klaus daggered him. “ This time will be different Niklaus has not daggered any of us in a while I think Caroline is his redemption.”

Kol comes out of the kitchen when Katherine is coming down the stairs wearing a green blouse, black skinny jeans, a black leather jacket with black ankle heel boots.“Lets go boys.”


Caroline has fallen asleep and is curled up in the passengers seat of Klaus Lincoln Navigator. Klaus looks over and pushes the hair out of Caroline’s face and runs a finger down the side of her face. Caroline wakes up a couple minutes later. “ How much longer?”

“We’re almost there.”

“ So what do we do when we get there do you have a plan or are you just going to find this Jane Anne and kill her?”

Klaus has spend most of the trip thinking this over on one hand he wants to find Jane Anne and question her but on the other hand he just wants to kill Jane Anne and take Caroline somewhere beautiful like Paris. “ We need to find her and ask her what information she has that will shock me to the core after we find out then we can kill her.”

Caroline knows that being with Klaus she is going to have to be a real vampire and have to kill people she just doesn’t know if she can she has in the past but that was different. Klaus glances over at Caroline and puts his hand on hers “What’s wrong my love?”

“ I was just thinking I don’t know if I can just kill someone for being them like you do.”

Klaus pulls over to the side of the road and takes his seat belt off and turns to her and takes her hands in his. “My love I don’t expect you to become me that’s one of the things I love about you. You are so similar to me but so different there’s a light in you. I know you have killed people I buried the bodies, but I’m not going to ask you to kill a random person I will ask you to kill the person if she or he is hurting one of us.”

“ Ok it’s all about embracing being a real vampire.”

Klaus puts one of his hands under her chin and lifts her face so he can see it. “ You are a real vampire you just need help to unlock that part of you.”


“ So sweetheart tell me about when you became a vampire?”

Caroline turns to him surprised she doesn’t like talking about when she became a vampire. “ Why?”

“ Why not I don’t know the story and from what I overheard your mom didn’t take the news of you being a vampire well.”

Caroline playfully shoves his shoulder “ Hasn’t anyone ever told you it’s rude to eavesdrop.”

“ Maybe once but the person who told me got killed shortly after and has anyone ever told you don’t shove someone driving a car.”

Caroline rolls her eyes “ Fine I will tell you the story but it a long one and there’s much more to it than just me turning.”

Klaus glances at the hesitant look on Caroline and puts his hand on her leg.“ Hey it’s ok.”

Caroline takes a big breath. “ It all started when Stefan came to town I saw him first and thought he was really cute he told me it’s never going to happen a few days later I met Damon.”

Caroline has never told anyone about what Damon did to her and starts to tear up. Klaus looks over at her and pulls over again and pulls her into a hug. “ It’s alright I’m here you can tell me.”

Caroline cries “ It’s horrible.”

“ You forget who your talking to I do horrible things all the time.”

Caroline looks into his eyes “ I doubt you have done this.”

Klaus wants to know what Damon did to her to make her act this way.“ Caroline please tell me.”

Klaus calms down Caroline and kisses her and continues driving. Caroline takes a sip of blood and a big breath and finally reveals what Damon did to her. “ Damon compelled me, he raped me, and drank from me. He came back to get Katherine out of the tomb but he needed Bonnie’s necklace. He made me his delivery girl he compelled me to be his girlfriend and at night he would rape me and drink from me. I woke up once with dried blood on my neck, I tried to sneak out of the room and I got to the door when Damon was in front of me, I picked up a lamp and threw it at him he pushed me on the bed and drank from me I was screaming he just put his hand over my mouth. Stefan saved me he put vervain in my drink so that night when Damon tried to kill me again he drank vervain in my blood. Stefan put him in the cells in the boarding house but he called me to get him out and because I was compelled I had to go.”

Klaus is gripping the stirring wheel so hard he doesn’t know why it hasn’t broke in two yet he knew there was a reason he never particularly liked Damon. Klaus brings her hand up to his mouth and kisses it. “ My love I am so sorry he did that he will pay for what he did to you. Your right I never did anything that horrible.”

Caroline wipes her tears “ When I turned all that he compelled me to forget came back.”


“ Kol I need a favor.”

Kol is lounging in the backseat of Elijah’s black Mercedes Benz when his phone rings. “ What favor.”

Klaus looks over at the broken Caroline “Are you still in Mystic Falls.”

“ Nope just left why?”

“ Is Bekah in Mystic Falls?”

“ Yeah will you tell me what’s going on? ”

“I want Damon Salvatore.”

“ I will text bekah one problem you, Elijah and myself are all on our way to New Orleans and Bekah is consumed in her relationship with Stefan and graduating. How are you going to get Damon?”

Caroline is curled in a ball her back towards him he can hear her sniffling.“ Caroline is going back for graduation and that is when I will see him and he will beg for death.”


Klaus puts his hand on Caroline’s hip. “ Continue your story.”

Caroline turns towards him. “There was this device that Bonnie was supposed to deactivate but she didn’t. When It turned on if you were supernatural you would hear it and fall. I was in a car with Tyler and Matt, Tyler heard this noise and crashed the car, while Matt was checking on Tyler I passed out and woke up in the hospital, in an effort to save me Elena convinced Damon to give me some blood he did. Later that night Katherine came into my room and suffocated me with a pillow.

I woke up alone I didn’t know what was going on and I was so hungry. The nurses told me it was the middle of the night go back to bed, I felt this strong urge to go into this other room and as I was looking at this bag of blood when the nurse found me and told me to go back to my room. When I got back to my room I pulled a blood bag from my pocket it felt like something was calling me to it. I drank the blood and it tasted horrible, I threw it on floor and there was an urge I couldn’t control I finished the bag. After the bag was empty I felt a lot of pain in my gums I went over to the mirror and watched as my fangs came out for the first time I didn’t know what was happening to me. The next morning I realized I couldn’t go in the sun I burned my hand, I was putting my jewelry back on and when I put on a necklace that Elena gave me it burned me, a nurse heard me yell and came in to see if I was ok I bit her. That evening I compelled her to let me out of the hospital and I drank from her again.

I went to the school carnival and I confronted Damon and I killed someone, then Damon tried to kill me again. Stefan saved me, Bonnie found out I was a vampire and wanted nothing to do with me. Stefan told me he would help me. Days later Stefan finally convinced Bonnie to make me a daylight ring she did but she told me if I kill someone she will kill me. When my mom found out I was trying to save the Salvatore’s my mom wanted nothing to do with me. I was kidnapped by werewolves and tortured because they wanted the moonstone and Tyler had it. When he came he didn’t help me out of the cage they had me in the Salvatore’s saved me. When my dad found out he tortured me saying he was trying to get the monster out of me, He took off my ring and let the sun burn me and vervained me my mom and Tyler found me. Then Tyler bit me and you saved me and have been saving me since.”

Klaus can’t believe she has been through all of this. “ My love I promise I will make Damon and Katerina pay for hurting you and no one will hurt you ever again.”

Caroline leans over and kisses his cheek. “ Thank you.”


“I can’t believe we’re finally here.”

Klaus looks over at Caroline and can see she happy. He pulls up to a big white colonial house with columns and black shutters he gets out and opens Caroline’s door and gives her a hug. “ Welcome to New Orleans my love and i am sorry you were tortured.”

“ It wasn’t your fault I was tortured my dad hated vampires and those werewolves just wanted the moonstone.”

Klaus takes Caroline inside and Caroline is amazed right when you walk in there’s a Chandler hanging from the ceiling and everything is so grand. “ Did Rebekah design this place?”

Klaus has his arms around her “ Actually sweetheart this was the governors mansion we lived in another house but when we went passed it I saw that someone else was living there so we will have to add that to the list of things we have to do.”

Caroline nods and goes into planning mode. “ First you need to sleep you have been driving all night, while you sleep I will shower and change, then we can go look for Jane Anne and find out who is living in your house.”

“ I’m fine I don’t need sleep.”

“ You might be a thousand years old and a hybrid but your still a person and people need sleep.”

“How about I sleep for two hours.”

“While you sleep I will get the bags and organize and put things away and look around the house.”

“ Why don’t you let me show you the house later. There’s a lot of history here I can explain first hand.”

Caroline shrugs “ Fine but get your hybrid butt upstairs to bed.”

Klaus halfway up the stairs turns around “ Thought you liked my hybrid butt.”


Katherine and Kol are bored “ Elijah when are we going to be there?”

“ Nine more hours.”

Elijah’s driving, Katherine is in the passengers seat, and Kol is lounged in the back seat. Elijah looks in the rear view mirror at Kol. “ What did Niklaus want?”

“ Damon Salvatore.”

Elijah is confused, Katherine’s not even paying attention she’s reading a magazine they got from a gas station. “ Why does Niklaus want Damon Salvatore?”

“ I don’t know he didn’t tell me all he asked was if we were still in Mystic Falls is Bekah with us and when he comes back to Mystic Falls for Caroline’s graduation Damon is a dead man.”

Elijah knows his brother and knows that he can kill without reason but there must be a reason to want Damon dead and when they get to New Orleans he will ask Niklaus. He looks over at Katherine who is haphazardly flipping through the magazine. “Katerina why don’t you sleep it will make the ride shorter.”

Katherine looks over at him with a dumbfounded expression.“ I am not falling a sleep in a car with two originals I love you Elijah but that is so not happening.”

Kol in the backseat laughs. Elijah just continues to drive.


the vampire diaries appreciation week
day 7 📖  free choice — tvd + species (insp)

Game’s on!

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


Imagine: Klaus gets super jealous over you and you decide to punish, in a very hot way, him for almost murdering your best friend Stefan.


*smut, so read carefully

Word Count: 1577

“I’m sick of this, Klaus!” You yelled, the anger spreading through your every cell. “You treat me like I’m your property, like I am a fucking toy. Get this into your head: I’m not!”


“Wait, I’m not finished yet! You have no right to hurt my friends because you’re jealous.”

“You have no right to seduce your friends to win a bloody argument!”

The fight he had brought up started a week ago, when you went to a party alongside Elena, Bonnie and Caroline. It was at Whitmore College, you were still settling and getting used to being away from Mystic Falls. And, surely, from your boyfriend as well. The blonde thought it would be a good idea, to get out and have some fun. She did not let you say no to it.

Hours later you were there, the music was loud and people were drunk, an extremely perfect inviroment to unwind a little. Your mind was so heavy, missing Klaus, worrying about Silas… Sometimes you felt like you could not handle this much pressure. That’s when Stefan showed up, he wanted to check if everything was okay. You were all alone, since Caroline disappeared with a guy named Jesse and Damon stole Elena away. The younger Salvatore and you ended up talking, you poured your heart out to him. Both of you were very good friends and doing that felt good. He placed his arm around your shoulders and you let your head fall against his chest. It was a very bad time to do that, though, because Klaus had just arrived looking for you. He went nuts and almost ripped your best friend’s heart out. God, you felt so angry at him. And now, after he spotted you with Michael, a college friend, he started with that crap again.

“I wasn’t seducing anyone. I was just talking, like normal people do.”

“You were touching him and smiling. The smile that gets me crazy over you. I can’t picture the idea of you using that smile with other guys, they might fall for you and…”

“Sit.” You raised an eyebrow and pushed him to your bed. “Now listen to me. I love you and there’s no other man in this world who can make me feel like you do. Got it?”

He grinned and placed a hand on your waist.

“God, you’re sexy when you’re all bossy, love.”

“I’m just trying to make you understand. But I honestly think you deserve a punishment, for making me so angry.”

“Well, I can’t disagree with you. What do you have in mind to make your powerful boyfriend suffer?”

“First, lay down.” Klaus looked at you, the smile still on his face. “I said: lie down! Right now!”

You pushed him harshly and he fell on his back, glancing at you with expectation. 

“Now, you are not allowed to touch me. Just watch.”

The Mikaelson nodded, agreeing with your terms. You put a soft song to play and started to sway your hips, lightly, looking directly at him. Slowly, you unbuttoned your shirt, rubbing your hands through your body. Finally, you ran out of buttons and let the black lacy bra show up. Klaus tightened in the bed and motioned to stand up. You knew he was tempted, but, at the same time, you wanted him to beg. Beg for your sex.

“I remember saying for you lie down! Now I have to tie you up.”


“Shush! Don’t say a word until I say so.”

Your lips hovered about his, your noses touched, but you did not kiss him. He grunted when you backed away, leaving his wrists tied up with your shirt and giggling. His eyes followed your every movement, especially when you took off your skirt, revealing a sexy black thong, matching your bra. Klaus loved that and you would not waste an opportunity to drive him over the edge. 

“Y/N, this is not funny! Look how hard you got me!”

“Tsk, your commander did not allowed you to say anything yet.” You slip off from your underpants and gently rubbed it against his nose. “Smell my arousal, honey, and know that you will not taste it. At least not now.”

“Love, I don’t believe this is a fair game.”

“You agreed to play, though. Live up to your promise and I assure you’ll end up satisfied.”

“Next time we play this, I’m in charge. I’m a bloody alpha, not any dog you can boss around.”

“Keep talking like that and you’ll end up with no pussy today. And mine is, oh, all juicy.”

You laughed as you head him growl. Klaus had a short temper and, heck, you enjoyed so much to play with his feelings. Biting your lower lip, you touched your clit, tracing figure eights on it. Your boyfriend’s eyes widened and you sat in front of him, still rubbing the soft nub. The other hand grabbed a boob and you realised you were still wearing a bra. You pushed it down a little, stroking your nipple and letting out girlish moans.

“This feels so good, oh…”

“Y/N, if you don’t sit on my face right now so I can help you with that… Fuck, I don’t know what I’m going to do to you.”

“I guess you already know, sweetie.” You smiled, sticking your wet fingers inside his mouth. “Only you can make me get like this. Look at the sheets, all dirty with my juices…”

“I’m going crazy over here. My dick is so hard for you, babe, help me out a little.”

“Oh, my poor Nik, do you want me to suck your cock or ride it?”

“Is this a trick question?” His blue eyes looked at you so deeply, you almost felt your skin burn. “I want to feel your pretty pussy clenching around my thick cock.”

You sighed, nodding and taking off his trousers and tearing up his shirt, leaving only his blue boxers on. His hard length could be seen miles away and you almost felt sorry for him, it was probably hurting a lot. Klaus’ body was claiming to feel your soft hands and, without hesitation, you went for it, pumping softly his cock and hearing his groans fill the room.

“You’ll be so screwed when this game is over.”

“Is fair when you do it, but no when I’m in charge?” You questioned him, finally sinking down on his dick. The Mikaelson closed his eyes whilst you moaned. "Niklaus Mikaelson, you need boundaries. Someone to put on your place. No Elijah, no Mikael. Me! I’m the one who’s going to set you straight.“

It was the breaking point to the man under you, he tore the shirt locking his wrists and grasped your butt, slapping it and increasing the movements’ velocity. Next morning you could bet you would be sore.

Fuck, Klaus!“ You reached your clit, stroking it.

"You love my cock inside your pretty pink pussy, don’t you?”

You hummed, nodding, unable to answer properly, and digging your nails on his chest. The only sound heard was of your hips clapping and the strangled noises both of you were making. His large hands cupped your breasts, stroking gently your nipples. You did not think it was possible to feel this amount of pleasure.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck…” You squeaked, heavy breathing and punching his chest. “I’m going to fucking cum around you!”

“Come on, kitten, show me what you got.”

You took a deep breath, the numbing feeling starting to crawl up your body. By this point, it was not about dominating him anymore, you just wanted the tension built up on your stomach released. Klaus angled his hips, finding a sweet spot inside you, which made you huff and grunt.

At last, since your body could not withstand any more of that pressure, you felt your mind levitate. Your toes curled up and you clutched his hair tightly, almost ripping a lock off. Klaus came right afterwards, in hot spurts inside of you and squeezing your waist so strongly you knew it would leave a bruise behind. When the thrilling sensation left, you smiled, satisfied and cuddled on his chest, his unique scent invading your nostrils.

“You’re such a complicated person, Y/N.”

“I am?” You did not look at him, just kept drawing imaginary figures on his chest. 

“Yes, but now I know that’s exactly why I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetheart. However, don’t think that means I’m not angry with for you trying to kill my friends.”

“I’m truly sorry, love, I just… I’m scared one day I might lose you.”

You shook your head, giggling.

“I’m really upset you didn’t realise, by now, you’re stuck with me forever. Well, forever if one day you decide to turn me.”

“That’s up only to you, darling.”

Y/N Y/L/N!” Caroline cried, covering her eyes. “What did we agreed about bringing boys in?”


“Oh, come on!”

“Give us a minute and we’ll fix everything.”

Klaus and you laughed at the blonde, leaving the bed and getting dressed. You sighed, getting lost on your boyfriend putting on his trousers. He raised his eyesight, staring at you and making you blush.

“If you keep looking at me like that, we won’t be able to leave.”

“Urgh! I’m still listening.”

“We’re coming, Care. Don’t worry.”

One more laugh, one more kiss and he was gone, taking a piece of your heart alongside him.

My Problem With Steroline

 Before Steroline became a thing, I thought that Caroline had made a lot of character development, and had become more than a two-dimmensional character. But, the minute that Katherine died and the writers started flirting with the idea of Steroline all of that character development disappeared into dust. 

Caroline spent the majority of season 6 pining after a guy who cared so little about her feelings that he up and left town, and didn’t call her to tell her where he was or how he was doing, knowing full well that Caroline thought of him as her best friend. And when she find him Stefan treats her like scum. But, hey its okay, because the moment that he apologizes there back to being buddy buddy. But wait there’s more Caroline ends up developing feelings for this man who has been treating her like shit. Because God forbid a woman and a man can be friends without the other one wanting to jump their bones. 

And even when she knows that Stefan still has feelings for Elena (the woman he says is his soulmate) she still pines after him because that is all women are good for pining after men. And if that wasn’t more incentive that she shouldn’t have been chasing after his meatstick, she finds out that her mom is terminally ill. Yet, that still doesn’t stop her from needing to suck Stefan’s face when she should have been by her mother’s side.

And when Stefan said he wasn’t into it, at her mom’s funeral might I add, she turns off her emotions. SHE LETS A FUCKBOY CONTROL HER ENTRIE EXSISTENCE. Does that make any sense to you because it doesn’t to me. I would understand your mom dying being able to push you to that point, but she wasn’t even thinking about shutting it off until Stefan confronted her. Not to mention, that Stefan literally gets with her out of pity for being the one to push her to the point of shutting off her emotions. 

Flash forward to Valerie comes, and Stefan’s feelings for the woman he lost his virginity to almost 200 years ago trumps his “love” for Caroline. And while all of this is happening Caroline has become Alaric’s dead wife’s incubator. Because all women are supposed to do is have babies. 

Then, Stefan runs away with Valerie only to come back a few years later and give Caroline a half-assed apology and she is totally fine with it. Like, are you serious? This man has treated you like shit and you would rather be with him than take care of your daughters. 

Caroline’s entire existence in this show for the past couple of seasons has been to further the plotline of fuckboys that will never put her first. If that isn’t internal misogyny I don’t know what is. 

And can I just remind you that the only guy who has ever saw her as the strong, independent woman she is was Klaus Mikealson. A man who despite all of the shit is going on in his life drops everything just because Stefan tells him that she is in trobule. He puts her above everything. Revenge, his family, Camille’s crusty ass, and yet Caroline claims that she wants a “normal life”. Finish school, get a job, and a house and 2.5 kids.

Well she gets that life, and leaves it for a BOY not a man, a BOY, who despite everything she has done for him continues to treat her disrespectfully. I have lost so much respect for Stefan over these past seasons. You can’t even compare him to Damon anymore because what they have done to Caroline is one in the same. The only difference is Damon’s was physical and Stefan’s is emotional.

I may get a lot of hate for this, but I feel like the writers have made Caroline into a woman who carries a lot of internal misogyny. And dare I say fans of Steroline carry some internal misogyny as well because if you don’t know that the way Stefan is treating Caroline is wrong and disrespectful to all women, then your just as bad as the writers who allow the actors to portray those types of characters. 

Hate me or love me, I just needed to rant about this. 


Stefan Salvatore + Prowess

I just came across the first gif and felt like making this set. I always found it peculiar that bedroom automatically meant vanilla in Enzo’s book. They don’t show anything particularly non-vanilla no matter who’s doing it on TVD anyway but you can tell Stefan’s got some kink in there. Lmao.

*not all of them are my gifs*

Imagine meeting the Originals-Masterlist

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Please, let me know if one link doesn’t lead you where it’s supposed to and I will fix it :)

Imagine Damon telling you he loves you for the first time

“I love you.” Damon murmured against your hair. You look up at your boyfriend and grinned from ear to ear. He smiled back down at you. Slowly you moved up and attached your lips to his. “I love you too.” You smiled against his lips and you two both sat there making put for a while until you fall asleep. ||《I know this sucks but it’s kinda cute》||

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Love At First Sight- Kol x Reader

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Hi, so this is a short story which, if you want/ like it, is going to have at least 3 parts.

I hope you like it :)

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Enjoy :)

BTW: The Hybrid Part 8 should be posted tonight or tomorrow.

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Get That Smile Off Your Face

You had met Kol Mikaelson at a ball.

You had been invited along with your sister, Caroline, for a reason you ignored. Maybe they just wanted to be polite. Your sister wasn’t comfortable with the idea of her little sister being in the same room as the Original family of vampires, but she couldn’t stop you from going.

You had entered the beautiful mansion with her and she was quickly taken away by Klaus Mikaelson. You knew that your sister wasn’t as annoyed as she let everyone believe. You walked alone in the room where you spotted Matt Donovan with Rebekah Mikaelson, that you had met at school. Then, you saw Elena with both Stefan and Damon at her sides. They looked like they were arguing.

“(Y/N) Forbes,” you heard someone say behind you and you quickly turned around to someone you had never seen before. He was a young and handsome man who was smiling at you which made you blush. “I’m glad you came,” he said as he kissed the top of your hand which made you blush harder. “I’m Kol Mikaelson,” he introduced himself. “You look beautiful,” he looked you up and down.

“Thank you,” you looked down at the floor. “It’s a beautiful dress,” you thanked him and he nodded. You could only guess he was the one who had invited you. “I’m sorry,” you say. “Have we met before?” you asked.

“No,” he said. “But I’ve heard of you. My brother is quite fond of your sister and yesterday I was visiting town and I saw you in the park, my brothers told me who you were. I had to meet you,” he explained and you couldn’t believe what he was telling you.

“You did?” you could only say. You didn’t understand what he found so interesting about you.

He grinned. “Yes,” he nodded.

You saw your sister at the other end of the room, looking at you. She was with Klaus so you couldn’t tell if her annoyed look meant she was fed up with the hybrid or if she was suspicious of what the Original vampire wanted with you.

The guests were gathering in the ball room and Kol held his hand out to you.

“No,” you told him and he smiled.

“Please, I’ll lead,” he said and you looked at his hand before you looked up at him. He looked you in the eyes and you couldn’t say no to those eyes. You sighed and placed your hand in his and he grinned before he took you to the ball room.

Your sister gave you a look that silently told you that she disapproved but you couldn’t take her seriously as she was dancing with Klaus.

“You’re a good dancer,” Kol told you. You looked up and quickly looked back down so he wouldn’t see you blush. You didn’t see him grin, proud of the effect he had on you.

After the dance, he brought you a glass of champagne.

“Thanks,” you shyly said.

“So your sister is a vampire,” he said and you lost your smile and looked up at him. “How did you find out?” he asked.

You sighed. “Klaus tried to kill me,” you told him.

“He did?” he asked, surprised. “He forgot that part of the story,” he looked angry. You looked down. Klaus kidnapping you and threatening to kill you wasn’t a good memory.

“He apologized,” you shrugged and he laughed.

“My brother doesn’t apologize,” he said.

You smiled at him, amused. “He never apologized to you?” you asked. They were brothers, brothers apologize to each other.

“Never,” he shook his head and you frowned.

“Care said he…”daggered” you, whatever that means, and that you were dead for like a century,” you said and he nodded. “And he didn’t apologize for that?” you were almost outraged.

He chuckled, amused. “Never,” he repeated.

You looked at him for a minute but he didn’t say anything more.

“Well, I’m sure he’s sorry,” you told him and he smiled.

“It’s nice to see there are nice people like you in this town,” he said and you shyly smiled. “My family and I are going to stay around for a while. It’ll be nice to have a friend.”

You were about to answer when you were interrupted by Esther, his mother. She was on the top of the stairs and she had a glass of pink champagne in her hand.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Waiters are coming round with champagne. I invite you all to join me in raising a glass. It provides me no greater joy than to see my family back together as one. I’d like to thank you all to be part of this spectacular evening. Cheers.”

Kol took your empty glass from you and put in down on a platter before he took two glasses of pink champagne and handed one to you. For some reason, the alcohol in his glass was redder than yours but you didn’t really pay attention to that.

“Come,” he said and you followed him outside.

“Where are we going?” you asked.

“Just here,” he shrugged. He had his hands in the pockets of his jackets. You walked in the garden in silence. “I’m glad you liked the dress,” he said.

“I do,” you told him. “Thank you,” you were obviously out of things to say.

He saw you shiver and he removed his jacket and placed it on your shoulders. You smiled and looked down at your feet before you looked up at him. He was grinning.

“Get that smile off your face,” you told him and he chuckled and looked down.

“Thanks for coming tonight,” he said.

“Thanks for inviting me,” you smiled and he smiled back and looked down again. He looked a little shy which you didn’t understand.

“(Y/N)!” you turned to see your sister with a disapproving look on her face. You frowned and sighed and turned back to Kol.

“I’m sorry, I have to go,” you say.

“That’s okay,” he said as he took one step towards you. He put his hands around your waist and you looked up at him and you put your hands over his forearms. His gaze landed on your lips and you watched his face getting close to yours. You closed your eyes when his lips touched yours.

It was a sweet but quick kiss. He grinned at you and you shyly smiled, you were pretty sure you were blushing. You were blushing hard.

“Get that smile off your face,” you repeated and he laughed.

“You should go,” he said and you sighed.

“Bye,” you smiled at him and he smiled back before you turned around and started walking to your sister. She didn’t look happy but you didn’t care. You turned once more to shyly wave at Kol once more before you followed your sister to her car and back home.

When you got into your room you noticed you still had his jacket. You smiled, thinking back to the kiss. You undressed and took a shower before you got into bed and fell asleep, still smiling.

in an ideal world
•the originals would have different writers - ones who have talent and originality and who won’t blame everyone but themselves as to why their show is failing
•the show would focus on the actual originals and their relationships and they would all be in their own damn bodies
•the show would actually be dark and have interesting plots that don’t revolve around ships 24/7
•the characterisation of the originals wouldn’t have been retconned/annihilated
•klaus would never have gotten hayley pregnant so no pointless baby plot that would hinder the show
•kol would never have been murdered by the gilbert kids
•finn would never have died as soon as he began to feel accepted by his siblings and wanted to be apart of the family
•rebekah would be treated better and would actually be there instead of hayley
•they would at least acknowledge henrik
•more flashbacks, especially human flashbacks
•ansel wouldn’t have pointlessly died and we get to see more of klaus and his biological father and his fathers history
•caroline and bonnie could go to nola because they deserve so much better than being second to elena
•if katherine and sage went as well that would be good
•KLAROLINE, KENNETT, KALIJAH, rebekah x happiness and finn x sage
•the girls have plot lines outside their love life and there’s a focus on friendships especially the female ones