Season 1x16 TO showed Elijah and Klaus to be about 3-4 years apart.

TVD says Katherine was turned April 6, shortly after meeting Klaus on his birthday which puts his birthday around March.

S2x06 TO showed Freya concieved in 972, Esther was pregnant with Elijah when Freya was taken.

S2x14 TO Freya revealed she was 5 when she was taken.

S2x16 TO Freya was taken in 977 making her born 972. Elijah was born later same year or early next.

S3x01 TO Rebekah said they had been on the run since Autumn, it was at the time late winter early spring 1002, making their turn date autumn (November) 1001. Sometime after the events of s2x05 Flashback.

If Elijah is 24, he would have just had a birthday and Klaus would still be 20. Kol is 2-3 (more likely 2) years younger than Klaus makibg him 17/18. Rebekah is  1 year younger making her 16/17. More proven by the fact that even the wtiters forget whos older, and in flashbacks they are around the same age.

Pick a number/s and say what character you want with it and I will write you a one shot

Characters: Ed Nygma, Jerome Valeska, Bruce Wayne, Oswald Cobblepot, Harley Quinn, Tabitha Gallavan, Barbara Kean, Rebekah Mikaelson, Davina Claire, Hayley Marshall, Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett, Katerina Petrova, Kai Parker, Klaus Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Marcel Gerard, Alison Dilaurentis, Jason Dilaurentis, Ezra Fitz, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin, Nora Hildegard, Mary Louise, Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jo Harvelle, Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Margaery Tyrell, Tyrion Lannister, Selina Kyle

1: “You’re worth more than you think.”
2: “I know you’re awake.”
3: “I’ll always be there for you.”
4: “I’m such a fool.”
5: “I think about her everyday.”
6: “When were you going to tell me you’re pregnant.”
7: “Do you still love me?”
8: “Why is it so hard for you to admit you care?”
9: “So many places to go and explore.”
10: “I’ve let you down.”
11: “I never stopped loving you.”
12: “All love has done is break me into a million pieces and everytime I build myself together I forget and leave some of the pieces behind. Soon I won’t even be me anymore because there won’t be any bit of the real me left.”
13: “But…. I love you.”
14: “You’re the only family I have left.”
15: “Would you just leave me alone!”
16: “Promise me you will come back.”
17: “Shall we do introductions?”
18: “It’s practically a convention.”
19: “Was prison/Arkham fun?”
20: “I’ll see you in the afterlife.”
21: “Please don’t leave me alone.”
22: “I can’t hear another word of this.”
23: “You’re beautiful.”
24: “I love you so much.”
25: “Even death won’t keep me away. I’ll come back home to you.”
26: “You didn’t have to stay up waiting for me?”
27: “Thank you so much for caring.”
28: “You don’t choose who you love.”
29: “This isn’t going to work. All we do is radiate guilt.”
30: “I’m going to fucking kill him.”
31: “We’re in a gang.”
32: “Do you remember when we were children? And we used to sit by the lake under that oak tree until the sun went down and we would sometimes stay out all night just sitting there together. No words had to be spoken, we just already knew what we were both thinking.”
33: “You’re cute but infinitely forgettable.”
34: “Look me in the eyes.”
35: “I think I might’ve fallen for you.”
36: “I would die for you.”
37: “Everything I do, it’s all for you.”
38: “I couldn’t live without you.”
39: “Heaven is a place on Earth with you.”
40: “I really wanted to apologise and possibly sleep with you.”
41: “We’re not friends.”
42: “I heard you like the bad girls. Is that true?”
43: “You make me feel sexy and it’s causing me shame.”
44: “If all we had was lies, I will leave you without a word. And… we will never have to see eachother again.”
45: “We need to stay together.”
46: “I’ve never loved anyone like I love you.”
47: “I’ve got you and that’s all I need.”
48: “You may hate me right now but I’m trying to protect you.”
49: “Are you the devil?”
50: “You could come with me, you know? Anywhere we want.”
51: “If you kill me I will return smarter and stronger than ever so baby you should stick around ‘cause wouldn’t want you to miss the show now.”
52: “You’ve got a warm heart and a beautiful brain.”
53: “I will be the king and you can be the queen.”
54: “Awww how cute? He actually thinks he is scary. He clearly doesn’t know us.”
55: “I’ve learned living is the hardest part.”
56: “You’re going to need back up.”
57: “I’m a fool for your games but I can always play.”
58: “I’m not going to let you do this alone.”
59: “I never want to be way from you and I want a forever with you…… Marry me?”
60: “You’re left with my hair but you got your mother’s eyes.”
61: “You’re not inside me but I’ll put my future in you.”
62: “Nothing compares to you.”
63: “Just kiss me you idiot.”
64: “Wait for me to come home.”
65: “All I want is to feel your lips against mine.”
66: “I know that I should let go and move on but I can’t.”
67: “Don’t cry.”
68: “I keep trying to figure out who you are to me.”
69: “I hate you and I love you.”
70: “Everytime I’m with you somehow I forget to breathe.”
71: “Maybe you’re just crazy.”
72: “I am yours.”
73: “I will love you as long as you love me too and longer by far, as long as numbers can go which is infinte, it doesn’t have an end.”
74: “Life is more wonderful now you’re in the world.”
75: “You’re my everything.”
76: “Maybe our relationship isn’t as crazy as it seems.”
77: “You can’t turn back the hands of time.”
78: “I can’t stand these nights alone.”
79: “I have been blind and reckless when it comes to love but with you everything falls into place.”
80: “We’re strong enough.”
81: “Let’s do something fun.”
82: “I’ll always be there for you.”
83: “You belong with me.”
84: “You’re the only thing I’ll ever need.”
85: “It looks like we have more in common than we thought.”
86: “We were born sick but we love it.”
87: “How can a heart like yours love a heart like mine?”
88: “You don’t realise how much you matter to me.”
89: “You’ve been gone for so long I’m losing my mind.”
90: “I couldn’t keep my eyes off you.”
91: “Don’t worry I’m here. There’s nothing to be afraid of now.”
92: “You opened up my eyes.”
93: “Every little thing is going to be okay.”
94: “Everything has changed.”
95: “I’ve got something to say and we’ve got daylight to kill.”
96: “I won’t give up on us.”
97: “I’m a gangster too and you don’t want to mess with me.”
98: “To the moment where we started.”
99: “I wish I could live in this moment forever.”
100: “Don’t you know who you’re dealing with.”
Five Pieces of ‘Out-Dated’ Dating Advice
Looking for fresh advice while you pursue marriage? You might be surprised to find five principles relevant for today buried in the first pages of the Bible.

The longer you long to be married and aren’t, the more likely you are to think the problem is with you, that you have to change or try something new. God may be revealing that to you, or he might simply want you to wait while heworks.

There’s really only one Worker in the wedding industry. While the servant ran ahead to find a woman in Mesopotamia, God went ahead of him to do the real work Isaac and Rebekah needed.

From “Dad he gave a gun a blowjob how is that not gay” “You don’t know how men are!!!!! They joke about that kind of thing to mess with each other!” to “Hey Rebekah I was thinking do you think when Moriarty comes back John will be the one to get him to show it’s romantic?” I’m so proud :’>

Over and Over - Kol Mikaelson

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can I have some Kol fluff please because I really need some Kol. Thanks anyways 😘 - Anon


From the way you smile

To the way you look

You capture me

Unlike no other

You were standing in the middle of the living room of the compound, laughing and talking with Freya and Rebekah. You had come to visit because you were babysitting because you were currently in between jobs and you didn’t want to be alone with a four year old all day so Hayley suggested that Hope and him could play. Klaus and Kol were talking upstairs, but they could both hear you laughing.

“You like her.” Klaus smirks knowingly but Kol shakes his head.

“What makes you say that?” He asks, picking up his cup and taking a drink.

“Because she captures you, even Hope has recognized that you like her.” Kol doesn’t say anything, he raises his eyebrows but continues to look over the railing at you.

From the first hello

Yeah, that’s all it took

And suddenly

We had each other

When you finally met Kol, after seeing him around the compound so much when you came by to hang out with Freya or Rebekah or to help Hayley with Hope, it didn’t feel forced, it felt natural, and good. Like you could trust him, but you had only just met him.

“Y/n, right?” He asks, leaning into your vision to talk to you at a party Rebekah was holding for your birthday. You were getting another drink for a cooler and he was leaning against a table of snacks.

“Yeah.” You smile and he thinks that your smile is definitely the best one he’s seen in a while.

“Kol.” He holds out his hand and you smile as you shake it.

And I won’t leave you

Always be true

One plus one, two for life

Over and over again

Months had gone by, you had been ‘official’ within a week but months was new thing, you weren’t really good with relationships but seriously, who ever was?

The newest threat had found the original family and even though this one wasn’t as big as when they were all almost slaughtered by a rampaging new species of vampire a few years ago, it was still big. This time, Hope was threatened, and what made it worse was that she had been with you that day. You were babysitting Lukas, a five year old that had become friends with Hope and had wanted to go to the park. So, you took Hope too, and watched them play happily.

But, a highly powerful witch had decided that now was a good time to strike. They came out of the woods, and thankfully you saw her in time to grab the kids and push them behind you.

“Don’t come any closer!” You put out a hand while both children hid behind our thighs.

“She has to die.” The witch didn’t look happy about it.

“No, she doesn’t, she’s just a little girl.” You put the hand that wasn’t in front of you on Hope’s head.

“She has to die.” She repeats herself and you turn around, grabbing both of the kids and starting in a sprint back towards the compound. Thankfully, you’re faster than the witch, and you make it back to the compound, but not without getting hit by a spell that was obviously meant for Hope.

“Witch- Angry, powerful- this way.” You pant as you set the kids down and Kol tries to hold you upright.

The spell that would have killed Hope’s still strengthening immune system would only leave you with a really bad flu for a week. Kol was angry but understanding as he stayed with you while you were sick.

“I thought,” You cough loudly, “that I was going to die.”

“Were you scared?” Kol asks.

“I was only scared that I would have left you behind.” You cough again and rub your eyes.

“Don’t worry, darling.” Kol wraps his arm around your shoulders tighter than before as you lay on the bed. “I’m never going to leave you, and you will never leave me.”

So don’t ever think I need more

I’ve got the one to live for

No one else will do

Your first fight happened when a very beautiful vampire had shamelessly flirted with Kai at a celebration party. You had spent the rest of the night drinking champagne and sulking in the kitchen, away from the people and away from Kol and that gorgeous vampire that was so much better, so much stronger, and so much prettier than you thought you could ever be.

“Darling, are you mad at me?” Kol asks that night when you go to your now shared bedroom and start to take off your jewelry without looking at him.

“Why don’t you go talk to Aruca.” You emphasize her name as you bring a makeup wipe to your cheek.

“The vampire from the party? The one who only wanted get in my pants?” He asks and you put the makeup wipe down.

“Don’t tell me you’re jealous.” Kol says, walking over to help you unzip your dress.

“I am not jealous, Kol. She’s so much better than me, go hang out with her.” You turn around and gesture toward the door with our hand.

“I don’t want be with her, I want to be with you.” He looks at you and sigh, running a hand through your hair.

“There’s no one else in this world I would rather be with.” He reaches out to grab your hands and looks into our eyes. “No one.”

“I believe you.” You mumble. He smiles and leans down to kiss you.

From the heat of night

To the break of day

I’ll keep you safe

And hold you forever

You underestimated the witch. Klaus had killed her for threatening Hope’s life so quickly that you hadn’t been able to get any information out of her about a coven or anyone she was working with. Now, a Heretic had come for Kol, intent on hurting you. He couldn’t kill him, but he could trap him in his own mind to be tormented by his own demons. Esther had done it to Elijah and so Klaus knew where to get the ingredients to cure him. But he was in pain, and all you could do was hold his hand and try to make him hear you.

“Do you remember when I would have all of those problems sleeping because of the heat at night? You used to stay up with me, and we would talk about if life outside of Earth was real, you talked about the inventions that you had witnessed in your past thousand years. And when it wasn’t heat that kept me up you would hold me and you told me that you would keep me safe, forever.” You try to get through to him but it doesn’t seem like it’s working.

“Kol. I’m here.” You put your free hand on the hand you were holding when he thrashes.

“I’m not going to leave you. Hear me, I’m here. And I will never, ever, leave you.”

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        After all that had happened at the party, Hayley
was more than relieved to be getting out of town for the
weekend. Not only had she nearly been killed, but in her
stress, she had accidentally revealed Rebekah’s secret
about no longer being an Original. Luckily enough, the
Mikaelson Mansion was empty as ever when she got
back to it, leaving her to be able to pack a bag in peace. 

        Once complete, she made her way outside and
descended the porch steps, stopping in the driveway
and waiting for Jackson to show up.


For the honor of her hand // Elijah & Jared


Eternally diplomatic, Elijah had decided it best to divide his time between the sides upon which the rift had torn the family. He had entrusted (and compelled) few to watch Niklaus and report back any reckless, more Niklaus-like than usual behavior. Boarding a flight based on Rebekah’s instructions, he had been reunited with his younger siblings again.

All of them looked happier than ever, even Kol who simply hid his behind childish antics and undignified remarks. It had been centuries since any of them had known true freedom, but Elijah had to suppose this is what it looked like. With the distant bickering of a game (he had gathered that Rebekah and Kol were not playing right and Henrik was trying to re-explain the rules, accusations of cheating ensued), Elijah took the moment for some peace and quiet. His mind filled with ways each piece of the family might become a whole someday.

“You won’t bother me, Jared,” he suddenly addressed the subtle shifting of feet at the doorway, “I’ve not come to disturb Rebekah’s happiness in any way if that’s your concern.” He motioned for him to take a seat, expecting more interrogation than what was truly coming. 

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“The Beasts of Usher”

Synopsis: The death of Hayley Marshall destroys all peace in the Mikaelson household. Elijah is inconsolable and has turned to a “ripper” lifestyle while Rebekah and Klaus try to figure out the source of a mysterious illness placed on Hope. It comes as a shock to the family when the well-known house of evil in New Orleans, The House of Usher, is suddenly taken up by its original sibling creators: Abigail Williams, Victor Frankenstein, and Vladimir Dracula. The House is rumored to be one of the gates to hell, but when its told Abigail could have a cure for Hope, Klaus is willing to venture into its doors and find more than just a cure for his child. He also finds a controversial romance with Abigail herself.

16+ - Romance/Drama, fiction - some gore/sexual content