Anything For Her

A/N- So here is a little drabble from the Magnus and Rebecka teen!verse.  Just because.

The white truck bumped along the road as Magnus drove from the nursery to the Settergren’s house.  He had been working since sunrise, preparing the large beds in the front of the house for the mass of flowers that had been purchased.  He kept his eyes on them as they bumped up and down, the bed full of colorful Pom Pom Mum’s which were a particular favorite of Fru Settergren.

He hadn’t expected to see Rebecka that day, at least not until the evening when he would walk to her house and they would take a stroll around the lake.  He never expected to see her adorable little bottom, clad in denim cut off shorts, swaying with her incredibly sexy gate as she walked on the side of the road.  

He pulled up slowly next to her, leaning across the long bench seat.

“Hej, Beautiful,” he said with a cheeky smile.  But his smile disappeared almost immediately when he saw her tear streaked face.  “B-B-Bec…” he said as he stepped hard on the brakes and threw the truck into park.  

He was out of the truck in a moment and around the front, his hands moving to her waist as he leaned down to look in her sad green eyes.

“Bec?  What is it?  What happened?” he said trying to stave off his own panic that she had been hurt, that someone had hurt her.  He knew, if anyone ever hurt her he would beat them to within an inch of their life.  “Tell me,” he said as he moved his hand up and he held her face, brushing away her hot tears with his thumbs.

She shook her head and collapsed into his chest.  It didn’t matter that he had been working all morning, it didn’t matter that his shirt was soaked in sweat.

“Bec, tell me,” he said as he held her and a car passed by on the road near them.  He moved her further off the road and held her face so that he could look in her eyes.

She lifted a letter, a very formal looking letter with a seal in the center of it.

“What’s…” he said as he took the letter from her and quickly looked it over.  It was a rejection letter, a very short, very impersonal rejection of the story she had sent in at the beginning of the summer to be published.

“Ah, Bec…” he said pulling her in to hug him and holding the letter against her back.  She didn’t need to see it, she didn’t need to read it anymore.  It would just make it worse.  “They wouldn’t know a good story if it bit them.  Your story was brilliant, you can’t…don’t listen to them.  Your gonna be famous someday.”

Rebecka sniffled and sighed as he leaned down and kissed her.

“Please don’t cry,” he said as he gave her his sweetest smile, the one she couldn’t resist.  “Do you want me to drive you home?”

She shook her head.  

“I’m babysitting this afternoon, only a few hours,” she croaked.

“Right, right, I remember,” he nodded.

“I’m okay…I’m just…I thought this would be the one, you know?” she said as her voice broke.

Magnus pulled her into his chest and kissed the top of her head, crumpling the rejection letter up in his large strong hand.  She didn’t need to see that anymore.

“How about I make you dinner tonight?  Huh?  I’ll bring it over to your house and we can have a picnic by the lake…”

Rebecka smiled up at him, her tears subsiding.  She nodded and he leaned down and kissed her soft lips.

“It’s a date then?  And I’ll take a shower,” he knew she would smile then.  “No more stinky Martinsson, I promise.”  She giggled and he giggled with her, leaning down to look in her eyes.  She nodded.

“Good,” he said and he kissed her once more, pulling away from her just enough to shove the hateful letter in his pocket.

Magnus walked back around the truck and waved to her, giving her a big smile as he started the truck.  Rebecka looked into the bed at all of the flowers and she reached out and gently cupped one of the huge circular buds.

“These are beautiful,” she sniffed.

He raised his eyebrow at her and nodded, an idea coming to mind.

“See you tonight,” he said as he drove off, looking back at her in his rear view mirror as he drove away.  The sun shone in her golden hair as she swept it to the side and turned down the drive to the Kolberg’s house, to the waiting children who were going to be eager to play with the most entertaining babysitter they had ever had.

Magnus drove, but he didn’t go straight to the Settergren’s.  He made a stop at the Lindahl’s house.  It was only a quick quarter of an hour, but long enough for him to get 3 of the prettiest plants planted in front of Rebecka’s bedroom window.  No one saw him, her mother was working in the office and no one noticed as he drove down the long drive and back onto the road, speeding to the Settergren’s.

He spent the rest of the afternoon planting the plants in the wide beds and when Fru Settergren realized that they were 3 plants short, Magnus’ eyes went wide.

“I’m sorry…I should have checked better…I’ll get you three more in the morning,” he said and Fru Settergren seemed satisfied.

Magnus finished and went home to shower and make a picnic dinner for Rebecka.  Ansgar came into the kitchen and Magnus grabbed him.

“Listen Sgar, lend me a 50.  I need it to replace some flowers for the Settergren’s…”

Ansgar narrowed his eyes at his twin.

“What do you mean, replace?  Did the nursery short you?  I’ll call them on it if they did, I bet Sten was work-“ Ansgar ranted.

Magnus shook his head.

“They didn’t short me.  I…I gave some to Bec.  She was sad and she thought they were beautiful and…” he tried to explain as he put the bread and cheese and fruit in the basket.

Ansgar nodded, smirking.  Rebecka Lindahl.  Well, now it all makes sense.

“I see,” he said, ever the game player, ever the trouble maker.  “How much is it worth to you brother?” Ansgar said as he leaned on the counter, his arms crossed over his chest, his legs crossed at the ankles.

“Don’t be a dick, Sgar.  I’ll pay you back when I get paid.  She was sad, she got a rejection letter today,” Magnus said, as if that would sway his businessman brother.

Ansgar only laughed.

“I am a dick Mags, everyone knows this,” he quipped.  “But I’ll give you the 50, because she is a hot little piece of ass…and she makes you smile.”

Magnus was going to object…but he took the money and closed his mouth.  He had a date anyway.  He could punch his brother for saying things like that about his girl tomorrow.

“You’re a real prince Sgar, but thanks,” he said as he flew out of the kitchen with dinner and a 50 to go and see that beautiful girl in the cut off shorts.

Hands Open | Rebecka & Sherry

They were young when they got married. She was just fresh out of college, barely 22; her head and heart full of dreams of the future with the man she knew she would have children with, grow old with. For the first two years of marriage they were still as madly in love as they were back in college. Sure, they had their fair share of fights–it was normal for any relationship. They’d make up afterwards, and all was well again.

But then the arguments started to increase on their third year, and even with that, Sherry never lost hope that the marriage that was crumbling before her eyes could still be fixed. She thought that maybe the baby that grew inside her would save what little they had. For a while, she thought it did. Ian was happy, they were pleasant towards each other. That was until he found out that she still wanted to pursue a career in the FBI. Words were exchanged, and a heated argument ensued. Ian, in an attempt to grab the application papers from Sherry’s hand, accidentally pushed her down the stairs.

The baby didn’t survive, nor did her marriage. Months after she lost the baby, she was handed over the divorce papers. He moved out, and she was granted the house they bought together, the house where they were supposed to raise their kids together. The silence was too loud for her, and out of impulse she bought a one-way ticket to Sweden, bringing whatever belongings she could bring with her.

Distance from the man she still loved could not erase the heartache she felt, and so she sought refuge in bars, and she found one she particularly liked. Outside, she looked so normal, as if there was no tempest in her soul, as if the sea of grief that raged within her was something she could quell, even when in truth, she was at a risk of drowning.

At one point in her routine, she had a pleasant conversation with a woman–Rebecka. It made her forget her bitterness, and made her long for a friend.

And so, one time, as she sipped her drink in the bar, hazel eyes spotted the familiar blonde–she had been coming to the restaurant often, she observed. she stood up and went over to Rebecka, her smile sweet as she waved her hand.

“Hi.” she greeted, chuckling softly. “Mind if I join you? Rebecka, right?”

Pieces of Dreams || Bec & Sherry

There was no better way to assuage the emotions Sherry felt than through photography. Travelling around the world and taking pictures of the culture of people was not only enriching, but it gave her a sense of purpose, and that she was given this second chance to live out her life the way she wanted to.

And so now she found herself in Sweden, camera in hand as she was on her way to meet a journalist she was pairing with for an article. They decided to meet up in a small coffee shop, to keep things casual while they brainstorm.

Hazel eyes scanned the room as she walked in, dressed comfortably in a black jumpsuit, denim jacket, white trainers, and a few accessories, she looked casual enough yet serious as well. It was then she spotted Rebecka; of course she did some searching on her first–out of habit of course.

“Rebecka Lindahl?” she asked, smiling at the fellow blonde. “I’m Sheridan, pleased to meet you.”