rebeckah vaughn

“Would you let me suck your thumb?  Just wondering.”



You’re out of the house in 3 months.  Every single day you’re in there, you’re wearing all your issues on your sleeve.  It was a bad choice to go in, and it’s going to be horrible when you come out.

That being said, without her, the girls are such a shade of pale grey, I couldn’t be more fucking bored half the time.  Maisy is playing the game so hard that I tune out.

So while I was going to say, “Please, Rebeckah, walk!”  I think it’s more like, “Please Rebeckah, start drumming up shit with the popularity queen Maisy.”  I bet if you cracked that girl open she’d just be full of bouncy blonde hair.

But I think that Rebeckah actually does fancy Mark, and she’s going to aggressively be in his presence a lot in coming days.  I think that she’s going to keep Aden around to torture and play mean games with.  Who could be mad at Mark?  Right?  Surely no one.  So Aden is going to be stuck playing nice and being an obedient puppy.

What breed of puppy do you think Aden is?