day 3 of with the since childhood my mom has called me Lucy.. as in the intolerant know it all from Peanuts.. and sure I’m still a little grumpy in the morning.. but my patience has improved greatly over the years. I still want to know it ALL.. I will research any question on the spot and usually won’t hesitate to offer you my unsolicited advice. I like to think I’m right most of the time. (except when I’m completely wrong) yesterday we asked you to share your message and today we’d like to know what you want to know.. about yoga, health, life…love. whatever your curiosity is pondering today.. there are no stupid questions. is there a yoga pose you can’t figure out? post it and ask your question. are you confused about relationships, food combinations, running techniques.. philosophies of life or the secret to happiness? ask us, ask each other… put your question out into the universe and see what answers roll your way. if I don’t know the solution maybe someone in instaland does.. let’s start a dialogue… an IG Q&A. Do you have a question for someone in particular? Tag them and see what they have to say. comment on each others posts, share and keep asking questions. right now as I right this post the clouds are pouring buckets of rain from the sky.. I’m kicking myself a little for not shooting my photo earlier, but my inspiration always comes at the last moment.. so my question to the global kula is this: is procrastination a part of the creative process? what do you think? are ideas being shaped in those hours of counting flowers on the wall or is it all just a big waste of time?? if you have an answer for me post it in my comments and then ask your own question in your post. follow the bliss tribe leaders @blisswarrior @momentumsensorium @bluewaterlove @treehouseohm and moi to be eligible for bliss rewards and be sure to tag and so we see your posts! sending love from… xo,
by rebeccajoyoga via Instagram

I don’t remember a time when standing on my head was not part of my natural movement. my training began before memories formed any significant pattern. the ability to find center upside has varied significantly over the years… some days are stronger.. and others may waver with the current requiring a depth of strength beyond muscle memory and physical fortitude. those are the days that really count.. When intuition takes over and calls on the entirety of my being to join forces with the universe and create harmony.

i invoke the lessons of all of my experience, seek out the patterns and learned behaviors of my youth.. the “good” and the “bad”.. and in doing so release myself to float lightly between water and sky. every moment of my life has lead me to this point in time, to the land I’ve chosen.

the whole of human experience is valid.. every lesson is worth learning. #tulum #rebeccajoyoga #sanaratulum photo by @everystring #supyogatulum #bogayoga


after over a year of traveling, living out of a suitcase and room hoping I’m finally settling into a new space overlooking Tulum’s jungle. this rooftop is my new playground. #tulum #yoga #rebeccajoyoga #wanderlust #love #me

today on the water.. a little more than sun kissed, 2 hours of yoga and laughs on the boards followed by beet juices and stories on the dock… this picture only hints at the beauty of today. #regram from @supyogatulum #rebeccajoyoga #tulum

tulum has its own special rhythm.. give into it and you’ll feel a sense of simple satisfaction that keeps you rooted in the present. it will carry you. fight it and frustration will blind you. mother nature runs the show here.. she’s a fickle beauty.. and wins every battle. respect, tread lightly.. say thank you for the chance to be a part of her dream. #rebeccajoyoga #tulum #sanaratulum #yogadicha #supyogatulum @blisswarrior @supyogatulum @v_keen photo by @everystring (at Cenote Xbalamque)


how did you say goodbye to today? #tulum #rebeccajoyoga #sunsetplayground #jungleoso #kuntheunicorn @cirkulture (at sunset playground)