Private Cathay’s Secret

Rebecca O. Hayes

Private Cathay’s Secret depicts the determination and perseverance of a young slave girl, Cathay Williams. Thrust from her home on a Missouri plantation, she becomes a cook for the Union Army. Little does she realize this servitude throughout much of the Civil War will prepare her for her greatest challenge: impersonating a male soldier in the U. S. Army at the end of the war. Alongside her male companions, Williams endures hardships and performs her duties with them equally, during a time when women are not allowed to serve in the military. No one discovers her gender until she reveals it at the time of her discharge. Much has been written about the Buffalo Soldier 10th Cavalry, but infantry escapades are largely clouded in obscurity.

Lisa was featured on this restaurant review blog by Rebecca Williams; where she went along to test out the afternoon tea of a restaurant. The review features some lovely photos, as seen in this post. Here’s a part of the review:

Champagne, sandwiches and a three-tiered cake stand came with Jing tea so we knew that the afternoon tea at the Pullman would be a marathon and not a sprint. This is the Hotel’s homage to Chocolate Week and we simply couldn’t have asked for more. Mr sadly hasn’t the sweetest tooth but the Irish singer/songwriter Lisa Hannigan does and I when I mentioned the words ‘chocolate’ and ‘afternoon tea’ she jumped at the chance. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion, she loves to cook and is loving watching the Great British Bake Off, so we had lots to talk about.   She’s just started a culture podcast called ‘Soundings’ with her friend Dylan Haskins and it’s really very good.  Download it here.

Lisa is mentioned several times in the rest of the review as well, so make sure to read the entire thing here!

Civil Rights Movement Les Miserables

This is somewhat more than just a dream cast. This is my re-envisioning of Les Miserables in the American South, beginning in the mid 50’s, post Korean War and spanning into the late 60’s and 70’s with the supposed “end” of the Civil Rights movement.  I’m working primarily from the book here, with a few elements of the musical’s characterization.

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“Forrest Gump.”  [ Day 40/365 ]

Forrest Gump, while not intelligent, has accidentally been present at many historic moments, but his true love, Jenny Curran, eludes him.

Perfection. The acting was perfect and the story so beautiful. Is a little bit embarrasing that i’ve ever seen this movie, but there’s always a first time for everything. I don’t have so much to say just.. if you never seen this movie you definetely MUST WATCH IT!. 100% recommended.