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As a director I think it’s important to put actors through their paces emotionally between takes. They are wild animals that need to be broken. Kicked in the emotional ribs. I want them to feel the pain of being abandoned lover, a forgotten child, a refuge floundering at sea. This is the only way we shall ever achieve (italics) the work. The work? The work.
 Day 2 #permissionfilm

Permission debuts tonight (April 22) at the 2017 TriBeCa Film Festival. 


Rebecca (1940) dir. Alfred Hitchcock. 

Trivia: Alfred Hitchcock almost caused the 22 year old actress Joan Fontaine (playing second Mrs. de Winter) to have a breakdown on the set. To make her look more nervous and uneasy, he had the whole cast act distant towards her and even ostracize her. Laurence Olivier (Maxim de Winter) wanted his then-girlfriend Vivien Leigh for the role, he treated Joan poorly which made Hitchcock tell her that EVERYONE on set “hated” her. He also didn’t inform her much on her scenes with Judith Anderson (Mrs. Danvers) making Joan oblivious to whenever Anderson was in the scene. This build up tension between the two as a lot of scenes, Joan was unaware of Anderson’s presence, causing her to look genuinely terrified and scared of her co-star for the audience. Anderson also took on Hitchcock’s advice and deliberately acted cold and hateful towards the young actress. This performance led both actresses to be nominated for Academy awards.


As a girl growing up and seeing Star Wars, of course you want to be Princess Leia. And to know that I’m actually playing her mother… I just kept thinking about those buns! I was the mother of those buns! Maybe I taught her how to do those buns! 

― Rebecca Jackson Mendoza 


Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Characters.


Wicked Little Town//Wicked Little Town (Reprise)


I know this is kinda old - well not that old but you saw it already, but I decided to compile them all into one post.

This is the Hipster AU that I did for the Diamond Authority - psst! It includes Pink Diamond!

Although school was so boring today, I still felt stressed out because I had to do so many things! I’ll try asking White asap about your questions so stay tuned, but have my Hipster AU for now.

Who’s your favourite?

So I was going down my facebook page the other day and saw this - which was slightly disturbing to me, as Red Band Society was about a bunch of kids dying in the hospital…

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Hello! May I have some HCs on your headcanon Rebecca? Like, the way YOU picture her? My sis was so thrilled to have a GLADIATOR sharing her name (and age!) yet got... all that bullshit. Please and thank you! (If this request isn't too weird nhfhhfff)


  • where do we even start?
  • how bout some body hcs? soooo hcs!Rebecca is tiny, like really small for starters, she’s just about 5'4"
  • and girl is build, beefy everywhere, arms, legs and glorious abs
  • she also has many, many scars, most prominant are on the right side of her jaw and right across her belly, like the Zoro scar
  • she’s dark skinned, in my modern au she’s Colombian like Viola and the other Dressrosan people
  • her attire is still skimpy but it’s not some bikini nonsense, think a leather skirt and some sort of crop top in leather again, and they’re both in shit condition (bloody and tettered) same with her cape and her helmet and her boots
  • she actually wouldn’t have harmed Luffy with her sword but punched him right in da face
  • yes she has armarment haki
  • She kicks Diamante’s ass herself
  • many, many, many times
  • she actually kicks a lot of ass and never ever needs to be saved
  • she protects her dad heyooo
  • And she’s not about that complete pacifistic thing, she wants to respect her mothers wishes, but dang Scarlett would understand that in Rebecca’s current situation violence is sometimes necessary
  • Rebecca is still a sweetpea but a lil’ sassy
  • Oh and when Mr blonde dragon saved her and told Bartolomeo to man up, she told Sabo that he can go fuck himself

“I finally—for once in my lifeI could see something, something real


Before anyone could answer, my mother took her place at the front of the room and said, “Women of the Gallagher Academy, who comes here?”

In unison, every girl in the room stood and said, “We are the sisters of Gillian.”