rebecca yates

random thoughts
  • can we all stop to appreciate just how many boobytraps/pranks that abby and holtzmann must’ve had hidden throughout that lab at kenneth p. higgins? like… the queefing EVP wasn’t something they did just to screw with erin. they’d had it. for a long time. and left it there for just such an occasion.
  • come to think of it, how did that conversation even go? “hey, abby. abbAY! i got something. i got… oh… yea– yep– brrrrrrrrr!” the world may never know~
  • pause for a moment to appreciate the times that holtzmann got dr. gorin into the lab at KPH. pause to appreciate the utter disdain gorin must’ve felt at yet another prank that yatesmann cackled at like thirteen-year-old boys. and her repeated self-deprecation at being lured back into that hellhole because holtz’s creations are always too ingenious to ignore.
  • holtz is definitely the one who added “stupid” to abby’s warning sign to not write things on the lab door.