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ok i have to request this: Rebecca and Riza in your guardian au?

“Oh my god,” Rebecca breathed as she took a step back from her work and steepled her fingers. “You look so beautiful.”

A look of confusion crossed Riza’s face and she immediately looked down at the gown Rebecca had picked out, mechanically tangling her fingers around the chain of the necklace Rebecca clasped around her neck just moments before without saying a word in response.

It was then that Rebecca realized she had never received a compliment of that caliber, much less had the emotional capacity or wherewithal to appropriately respond.

Oh, sweet! Pearl in a tuxedo! She looks nice…

Wait a minute…


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Hi April, could you show me some photos of you with Leo? (I can't find many on Google -_-) You're my very favorite user here on Tumblr, I love talking to you, you rock ;) ^_^ :D You are one of my many role-models, a few of my other role-models are Leo, Donnie, Raph, Mikey, Slash, Rockwell, and Leatherhead.

Sure I can! Here are some of my favorites.

Time for sass


Speedy Leo kicking butt

Being awkward


And hugs

Aww that’s so sweet, Rebecca! Thank you.


Rebecca Sugar dropped a sweet, sweet new sample at the end of Nightmare Hotel, and I was overcome with the urge to inflict pain on myself with emotions.

ok but the Young Avengers are 100% the kind of little shits who sing Friday all the time

to the point where after Friday is the integrated AI or what-have-you Tony flat out refuses to attend Friday meetings in the tower because whenever he asks Friday to pull information up the ENTIRE YA TEAM starts going “..Friday, gotta get down of Friday, everybody’s looking forward to the weekend…Partying, partying, YEAH”

and once Friday starts to grow into a personality it gets WORSE

because Friday is flattered by this. It’s an in-joke and kind of makes Friday feel like part of the YA team and Tony is SO INSULTED because Hawkeye and that hacker and space-prince and magic boy have CORRUPTED HIS AI

and eventually the YA and Friday, will, mostly off-key or in synthetic voice, belt out Friday

(Friday’s favorite part is the part about cereal and the “Fun, fun, fun, fun” part)