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Giant Robot (A stupid fallout parody of giant women)
Tyler Huffman
Giant Robot (A stupid fallout parody of giant women)

I regret this, a lot.
All rights go to their owners and stuff
(Over the megaphone)
Teenage Elder Maxson (TEM because I can’t f*cking sing deep): I- Is this thing on? Hello? Alright, atten-  (messing with papers) Eh Sorry about that one second.
Attention all initiates, scribes, paladins,-
(I"m not reading the whole thing)
Captain: (sir, you have to)
TEM: (fine)
(long pause)
-squires and knights, this is elder maxson speaking on behalf of the liberty prime project. Now while it may be a bit tricky here is a little something keep your morals up!.
All I wanna do is see you built into a giant robot
a giant robot
All I wanna see is what is soon to be a giant robot
All I wanna do is help you build into a giant robot
A giant robot
All I wanna be an elder who gets to see a giant robot
Oh I know it will be great and I just can’t wait to know all those synths will die together
They will not stand a chance and I won’t give a glance because it is a giant f*cking robot
I might even go to the battlefield and storm it by a robot with nukes to wield 
But if it were me, I’d really like to be a giant robot
A giant robot!
All I wanna do is finish building you, a giant robot.
TEM: So… Carry on
..How do you shut this thing off?
PALADIN how do you shut this thing off!?

Starting Something New

Soo this is my second Joker imagine. I hope you like this!

Words Count: 963

Warnings: Kissing, Swearing.

Credits to @harleyxjoker4ever​ for the gif! <3

You walk trough the door of the asylum. You smile at the secretary, Mary. She was a good friend of yours.

“Hey (Y/N)!” Mary says

“Hey. How ya doing?” You smile back

“Well could be better, I’m working in a asylum and crazy is all around me.” She jokes. You laugh.

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Tennessee Teacakes: Eleven

I’ve been waiting a really long time for these next few chapters! I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do! Let me know what you think! :)

Sugar on the Asphalt & Previous chapters


it’s too late (to love pistachio cupcakes now); april 21, 2019

Teddy’s fingers were blue and green, but at least he was laughing, which was more than I could say for Jane, who had a frown on her face that could challenge  Harry’s snarl. I was big on traditions, so even though the kids were older and I was no longer living with them, we still spent the night before Easter dying eggs.

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