rebecca solomon

*flops* I just organized every single Reshef of Destruction mugshot onto a single sheet. It took me several days. (I submitted this to the Spriters’ Resource as well just now, with modifications.)

Cat and Roommate Feud Over Emoji Decor

A cheeky accent piece here or there is one thing. But Pudge’s roommate Jeff has taken Emoji mania too far in his latest refresh of their shared apartment.

“Jeff always works on a theme,” says Rebecca Solomon, a mutual friend. “Last year it was dinosaurs, the year before that it was Depression-era painters. The Emoji thing is a little odd.”

And Pudge is not happy about it. Emoji pillows, Emoji pattern curtains, Emoji rugs, Emoji drink coasters. “He’s fed up,” says Arthur Calloway, a source close to the situation. “He’s threatened to withhold rent or move out if Jeff doesn’t class it up before the end of the year. How is he supposed to host a holiday mixer when it looks like a sext vomited all over the couch?”

This story is developing.

via @pudgethecat