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Interview: The Spits Will Make You Smile

By Rebecca Seung

If you know anything about punk, then you should know The Spits. Formed in Seattle in the mid-90s, the brother duo of Sean and Erin Woods with a revolving cast of drummers and keyboardists have been raising hell and making mothers cry around the world ever since. They’ve just released their latest full length on In the Red, their fifth in a line of self-titled LPs.

“We’ve never done 12 songs before, it’s always been 9,” said Sean.
“But I wanted 12, and it is, it’s an Armageddon themed record. 2012 is coming up,” Erin interjected.
“It’s gonna hit ya hard, it’s gonna punk you out, and it’s gonna get dark,” Sean laughed.
“Just like the apocalypse,” added Erin.

We stood outside in the parking lot while the opening band kicked off their last show of their tour. I didn’t realize they were actually brothers until I asked early on in the interview. “Wow, you’re the first one to say. Usually everyone says, gosh you guys look alike, are you twins?” Sean laughed again, as he did often, in a deep, raspy, from the ground up kind of way that is so infectious, it still makes me smile hearing it on the recording now.

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Tumblr won't let you reblog "Ask" posts, so:

Oh shit, y'all!  Rebecca Seung lured me in by pretending to “appreciate” the blog, then just up and turned on me.  Look, Rebecca Seung, here’s the thing: if you think this blog is about having good grammar at all times, you’re missing the fucking point.  This blog is about all the shitty writing on Get Bent.  I only point out grammar mistakes when they’re egregious: “its” vs “it’s,” basic subject-verb agreement.  Honestly, grammar is the least of Get Bent’s numerous problems.

I don’t know why you put “real blog” in quotation marks, “"Rebecca Seung.”“  Who said anything about a blog?  All I’m saying is that I’m associated with and contribute to some larger thing, completely separate from my hate blog, and I do not want that thing to be looked down upon by people who hate this thing.  If it were just me, fine, but it’s not.  I’m really not even that anonymous though.  I’ve told like 20 people that I write this blog, and I didn’t tell them to keep it a secret or anything, so if you really wanted to find out my identity, I’m sure it wouldn’t be all that hard.  I’m just choosing not to put my name on this blog, for now.  I don’t know what Pitchfork has to do with anything?!  OK, here’s a hint as to who I am: I do not write for Pitchfork.

Lastly, I cannot get over the idea that anyone honestly believes that my problem with Get Bent is that they "don’t take [them]selves too seriously.”  YES THAT IS MY PROBLEM, GET BENT IS NOT SERIOUS ENOUGH, THAT IS WHY I HAVE STARTED THIS ULTRA-SERIOUS BLOG!


June 1, 2011: Staff Picks

Here’s 9 songs, hand picked as our favorites from the past year(ish). A lot of great music came out, so narrowing it down was harder than your high school calculus final, but decisions were made. What were some of your favorite songs? Reblog or comment below, and maybe we’ll make another mix, curated by you guys, our awesome and amazing followers!

1. White Wires - Let’s Go to the Beach, Emmet Brault

2. Bass Drum of Death - Get Found, Sonam Parikh

3. Personal and the Pizzas - Joanie, Joseph Rodriguez

4. Bad Sports - Nothing But Agitation, Kristen Berry

5. The Parting Gifts - Keep Walkin’, Hayley Grimes

6. The Fresh & Onlys - Waterfall, Toby Sligo

7. Thee Oh Sees - Stinking Cloud, Matt Garlick

8. White Fence - Stranger Things Have Happened (To You), Ryan Yelencsics

9. Quintron - All Night Right Of Way, Rebecca Seung

Nobunny's U.S. Tour Dates Announced
External image

By Rebecca Seung
Photo By Hayley Grimes

Our favorite punk rock bunny just announced dates, listed below, for a summer tour starting at the end of June through July, in addition to his festival appearances at the end of May. I’m absolutely giddy that I’ll be seein him soon, and if ya know what’s good for you, you won’t miss it. 

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May 19, 2011: Wake Up, Stay Up

By Rebecca Seung

Featuring the first GET BENT! Mix of the Day with music from the Coachwhips, Oblivians, Jay Reatard, and more. It’s mostly old favorites from yours truly that are loud and fast and in-your-face cause as I write this, I’m staring down a long night of coffee shop sitting with no coffee or cigarettes. Face palm. At least there’s punk rock to the rescue.

*Warning. May cause spontaneous spasming of the body. Don’t be alarmed. Some people call that dancing. 

Column: On Friends You Don’t Really Know
By Rebecca Seung

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Lou Reed passed away this weekend. The news spread quickly on facebook and twitter, and amongst the links to youtube videos of songs and interviews, there are always those handful of complaints about, “Why are people so upset? It’s not like we personally knew the guy.” But didn’t we?

An artist, whether music, painting, writing, or otherwise, puts so much of himself into his work, drawing from those dark and painful experiences (and sometimes the light and happy ones, too) to create something that is uniquely of himself. And then we take that, and we bring it into our homes, and when we have our own dark and painful experiences, it is to them that we turn for solace. We grow up with them, rattling around in our heads and in our hearts, probably much more than that advice you didn’t listen to from your parents when you were 15. And oftentimes, they inspire us to turn these moments of darkness into something of beauty through our own artistic expressions, whether with a guitar, a brush, or a pen. Without a former, there would never be a latter.

Maybe Lou Reed wasn’t that person to you, and that’s ok. But there’s someone out there who was. And to every band we write about, every photographer or artist, you are shaping us, too. In small ways that you don’t even notice sometimes, and in big ways that blindside you like a speeding truck. Future generations can now stumble upon your record at some junkyard thriftstore in 20 years, and in those same little big ways, change the world. At least a little part of it. That is influence, that is power. And that is one of the many reasons why artists matter.

So did I know Lou Reed? No more than my 7th grade English teacher. Does it matter? He taught me just as much.

June 9-10, 2011: Come Downs

By Rebecca Seung

Just back from a long couple days in Memphis. I know it’s Friday for you guys, but today, I’m coming down, so this is a chill mix to laze about and smoke a joint. Good for that hangover I hope you have tomorrow. Hey, it just means you had a fun time. Since it’s covering two days of mixes, it is an hour long, but this way, you (or me) won’t have to get up to put something new on. Tracks below. 

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