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Her name was Fantine. Remember that name: Fantine. Fall on your knees whenever you pronounce it. She suffered much. And loved you much. Her measure of unhappiness was as full as yours of happiness. 



Actresses who have performed in Les Miserables and come back to play the tragic Fantine.

  1. Joanna Ampil (Eponine - Fantine)
  2. Sierra Boggess (U/S Cosette - Fantine)
  3. Judy Kuhn (Cosette - Fantine)
  4. Lisa Vroman (Cosette - Fantine)
  5. Sophia Ragavelas (Whore - Eponine - Fantine)

Also: Jackie Marks (Madelaine - Fantine), Jenna Russell (Whore - Fantine), Silvie Paladino (Eponine - Fantine), Carmen Cusack (Whore - Fantine), Lea Salonga (Eponine - Fantine), Rebecca Seale (Whore - Fantine), Caroline Sheen (Eponine - Fantine), Andrea McArdle (Eponine - Fantine), Jacquelyn Piro (Ensemble - Cosette - Fantine), Lisa Capps (u/s Cosette - Fantine), Jane Bodle (u/s Cosette - Fantine).

anonymous asked:

do you know of any audio with killian donnelly as javert or valjean?

Well, that’s quite random. I do though. Here’s one I have with him as JVJ. Enjoy!

Les Misérables - 24 April 2010, evening - Queen’s Theatre, London

Cast: Jean Valjean - Killian Donnelly (emergency cover/swing), Javert - Hans Peter Janssens, Fantine - Rebecca Seale, Marius - Alistair Brammer, Enjolras - David Thaxton, Eponine - Nancy Sullivan, Cosette - Emily Bull, Thénardier - Greg Castiglioni (u/s), Mme Thénardier - Rachel Bingham (u/s), Bishop of Digne - Thomas Camilleri (2nd u/s), Factory Foreman - Jeff Nicholson, Factory Girl - Sophie Josslyn, Bamatabois - George Miller, Grantaire - Martin Neely

(i bolded the one you should be caring about right now because he’s our new javert and he rules and all the yays for thacko the taco)