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Ryan Hall & Dr. Rebecca Shultz: Form Analysis for Runners

Record-breaking marathoner Ryan Hall sits down with Dr. Rebecca Shultz, a biomechanist and assistant manager of the Human Performance Laboratory at Stanford University, to talk about state-of-the-art technology that helps runners and other athletes. As a professional runner, Ryan definitely thinks about his form frequently, as he tries to optimize it in training and races. Two tools help give Ryan and elite athletes more information: the 8-camera 3D motion capture system (a treadmill is synchronized with cameras and reflectors attached to the athlete’s body to re-create where he or she is in space) and the dual force plate instrumented treadmill (a treadmill with two belts that measures the left and right sides of the body to find imbalances). For more expert advice on running, innovation, cycling, fitness, training, yoga, health, and more, Like the Nissan Innovation for Endurance page on Facebook.