rebecca saks


These are the outcome of my first experimentations with my collection of found sticks and logs. The top one is the result blowing into the nest that i made the middle two are pressed onto sticks and the bottom one is the imprint of a charred log that I had been burning into with hot glass. From these the idea that I found had the most potential was the bubbles with charred imprints that become a record of the state of the materials at that point in time which is continually changing as the process is repeated.


I enjoy the playfulness of Pieke Bergmans’ work and the relationship that is formed by the glass and subsequently imprinted on it. She calls this this relationship a ‘virus’:

Such a meeting between crystal and furniture is called ‘an Infection’ and is a spectacular sight. The bubbles of hot and fluent crystal are pressed against the furniture. In bursts of fire and smoke they melt together. The black burned stain in the furniture is captured inside the crystal like a fingerprint, and the objects belong together from then on. The piece of furniture has become a pedestal for the crystal object. That, at least is one way of looking at it. Another, more appropriate to the title, is that the crystal object sits on the furniture like a parasite, a virus.