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The BEST Adventure Time Mini-Series (in my opinion)

Out of all Adventure Time Mini-series , probably the best is Stakes. 

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This mini-series made me really hype for Adventure Time for the first time in while and it was either because I love Marceline and it’s center around her or how much the AT crew preview it when it was first announce like 

A poster 

Everything Stays sung by Rebecca Sugar and Olivia Olson at  Adventure Time/Steven Unvierse Comic Con Panel  July 2015

Marcy’s Super Secret Scrapbook

and Adventure Time Spooktacular 2015

This will be forever be my favorite to watch and here’s why 

1) We finally get to know Marceline past 

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2) Bubbline Marceline and Princess Bubblegum bond  is really cute to see and develop

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3) Amazing opening and outro

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4) The Vampires were interesting to watch in the mini-series and they give us more lore to the show

5) The fight sequences were amazing 

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6) Side characters were really fun to watch and awesome to see that they join in the fight in the end 

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7) Although Marceline turn back into a vampire in the end, which it was okay at first but has develop so much, finally growing up to a mature women

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Also Everything Stays sung by Marceline herself 

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Stakes, without a doubt, is the one best mini-series I have ever watch in a while and personally one of the my favorite Adventure Time events for it mostly about Marceline, charming story, and character development. 

White Rabbit - Three

Spencer dashed into Agent Hotchner’s office, not even stopping to knock. Luckily, his supervisor was alone and didn’t berate him for his lack of professionalism.

“Dr Reid, is everything okay? I thought you were lecturing today?” Hotch glanced up from his paperwork, greeting the younger man with a concerned look on his face. Spencer was out of breath from hurrying from his car and into the office, and Aaron knew that something must be wrong.

“Hotch, I’m really not sure. One of the students handed me this and then ran off.” Reid placed the folder onto the next watching as Hotch flipped it open and started leafing through the papers.

“Spencer, help me out here. I can’t read as quickly as you.” Aaron picked through the crime scene photos that appeared in front of him, finally seeing the handwritten letter and scanning it.

“This girl, Alice. She claims she knows who killed these people, that the cases are all linked. She shouldn’t even have these photos or some of the information that she does. And there’s a Polaroid… ” Spencer rummaged through the many papers searching for it and finding it, handing it to his boss “…here. She’s with two of the girls that turned up dead. She knows them.”

“You think she’s got something here?” Hotch looked at the Polaroid and back to the crime scene photos.

“I think she might. Hotch, I remember three of the cases coming across our desks but we didn’t have anything. No leads, nothing. But she’s picked out more, saying they’re linked and that she knows how. And she was nervous, she practically threw the file at me and ran, but then she was stood watching as I got into my car, like she was making sure I’d read it. As soon as she saw that I’d seen her, she ran again.”

“So she is definitely a student there then? Did her Professor say anything about her behaviour?” Hotch was studying the Polaroid carefully.

“Only that she wasn’t usually that nervous, he said she was quiet but she was one of the smartest in the class.”

“Hmmm.” Aaron eyed the photos of the bodies. “What do you think, Reid. If you think there’s something here, I can make a few calls and we can go and speak with her. I trust your judgement.”

Spencer moved around the table and stood behind his supervisor, bending over and pointing to the photo.

“The bracelets, everyone in that photo has them on, even the people in the background have them on. And the children only have one on. The way they’re all dressed as well, very simply.”

“You think it’s some kinda of group? A cult?”

“It’s something. She’s younger in the photo but it’s definitely her. And in her letter she makes a reference to knowing the victims, but not by the names they were given. A lot of groups or cults, whatever we want to call them, will assign members different names in an attempt to detract from the previous identity. That’s if the followers don’t change their names in the first place.”

“Okay, I agree, we might have something. Do you have any contact details for this girl, Alice, did you say her name was?” Hotch put down the photo, looking up to Reid.

“Yes Alice. And no. She hadn’t even signed her full name. I’ll call Professor Frost though. He should have her details.”

His supervisor nodded at him and Reid pulled out his cell, scrolling for the number the Professor had provided him with.

“Dr Reid, How can I help?” The scholar seemed surprised to be hearing from him so quickly.

“Professor Frost, I need to speak with one of your students about something in the papers they gave me. Are you still at the school?”

“I’m afraid I’m not and I don’t have their personal files at home with me. If it’s of absolute urgency, I can return to the school within an hour or two.”

Spencer mouthed to Hotch, “is Garcia still here?” He nodded.

“Could you just provide me with a surname then. We should be able to find her from that? It’s the girl you called Alice that I need to speak with.”

“Of course, I’m surprised she didn’t leave it on her file though. But it’s Manchester. Alice Manchester.”

“Thank you Sir, sorry to have bothered you at home.”

Spencer rung off, the Professor telling him to call if he needed anything else.

“Got it. I just need to see if Garcia can find her based on just her name.”

Hotch shot him a withering look. “Do you know Penelope at all?”

They walked down the hall together, Hotch having gathered up the contents of the file.

“Hey Boy Wonder, wasn’t expecting to see you back here today.” Penelope Garcia greeted her colleagues, spinning around in her chair to see them, a grin plastered across her brightly coloured lips.

“I wasn’t expecting to be back here today either. Penelope, I need you to find me contact details for one of the students who attended the lecture I gave today.”

Penelope didn’t need to ask which college he’d been at, she kept tabs on all of her team; liking to know where they all were at any given time. They were like family to her. She tapped away at her keyboard and within seconds, had gained access to the college’s central database.

“Name please, Genius.” Her fingers poised and ready to type.

“Alice Manchester, spelt like the city.”

A few more clicks and Spencer had the information he needed, Penelope reeling off an address and contact number.

“249 Carson Grove. That’s not too far from here right? Says she lives with her sister Ellen and her brother in law Robert Manchester.”

“Thanks Penny, you’re the best.” Spencer turned to leave, intending to drive there straight away if Hotch would agree to accompany him. A phone call might spook her and she’d seemed nervous enough already.


The two men turned around to face their female colleague who had a perturbed look on her face.

“Isn’t that odd?” she asked.

“What, exactly?” Hotch responded to her.

“Well it says she lives with her sister and her sisters husband. But they all share the same surname. Surely, she’d have a different one to them right?”

Penelope had an excellent point, one which both Spencer and Aaron had missed.

“Garcia can you do a quick search on Alice Manchester outside of the school’s database.”

She tapped a few more keys, pulling up multiple windows and tabs.

“Erm… There’s literally nothing. She has a drivers license attached to her school records as identification, but there’s no actual records of that being issued either.”

She tapped again, searching further whilst the men waited patiently.

“Nope, nada, zilch. Beyond the school database, that name doesn’t appear anywhere. Well, except for an Alice Manchester born in 1845 but I doubt that’s our girl. Why is she ‘our girl’ anyway? What has she done?”

“We’re not sure yet,” Aaron told her, thinking. “Can you find out her sister’s maiden name?”

“Can I find out her sister’s maiden name,” Penelope scoffed. “Is the Pope catholic? It’s….. Ellen Bradley. Okay, okay… So…”

She amended her search, looking for an Alice Bradley.

“Here we go. Alice Bradley born September 28th 1990, daughter to Paul and Marlene Bradley, tragically killed in 2000, she was left to the care of her older sister Ellen who was thirteen years older.. Yadda yadda yadda… Reporting missing by her sister in June 2005, three months before her sixteen birthday, she’d been spending the summer with her best friend Rebecca Olson in Rylon County. Um um um…. Here, picture. Is this the person you’re looking for?”

She pulled up an image from the missing person’s report.

That was the girl Spencer had seen this afternoon, and the girl from the Polaroid.

“Was the missing person’s report ever closed?” Spencer asked.

“Nope. It’s still active.”

“So her sister filed the report ten years ago and never bothered to inform the police when she turned up again?” Hotch turned to Spencer, the two men now confused.

This was getting curiouser and curiouser.


This is the most beautiful song ever. Originally written by Rebecca Sugar and sung by Olivia Olson, this was shown in the Stakes.

Totally haven’t been listening to it on loop all day and crying to it. *sniffle*


“Let’s go in the garden.
You’ll find something waiting
right there where you left it,
lying upside down
When you finally find it,
you’ll see how it’s faded.
The underside is lighter
when you turn it around.

Everything stays
right where you left it.
Everything stays,
but it still changes
ever so slightly,
daily and nightly,
in little ways
when everything stays.”

White Rabbit - Thirteen

Ally and Rebecca had been at the compound for a while now and had both slotted in quite nicely. After their first breakfast with Marnie she’d taken them around the site, introducing them to the other residents going about on their daily chores and explaining all of the things that went on each day.

Well, not ALL of the things. Ally didn’t find out until a lot later that there was a much darker side to Wonderland, the side that had made her run. But for the most part her first three years there were good. Unlike the rest of the teenagers they’d been invited to stay in the main house rather than moved to the dormitories where the unmatched but of age girls and boys slept. Lewis had explained matching to them one evening when the girls had accompanied him to the stables to get the horses that they kept settled for the night.

“Matching is like our version of being wed to someone except someone might not necessarily have just the one match. Marnie for example, has two right now and I’ve had multiple matches in the past although right now I only have the one. If you want to be matched with someone though, it has to be declared. We have a ceremony to celebrate it and then if the person you’re matched with doesn’t have their own hut to live in, your brothers and sisters here will build you one.”

Initially Alice had thought this had sounded creepy, but the more it was talked about and the more Alice saw how happy Marnie was, having essentially two partners, the less weird it seemed.

Lewis had always captivated Alice, there was something about the way he spoke to the two girls. Not treating them as if they were teenagers or silly little girls the way some adults back at home had. He spoke to them as if they were equals. Some nights when Ally found herself unable to sleep she crept out to the front porch, sitting out under the stars and watching them. Lewis would almost always be out there too, looking up at the sky. It was one of those nights out there that he explained to her how Wonderland had come to be and what it’s true purpose was.

Alice had been shocked and disbelieving to begin with, but the more Lewis had spoken about his past… well the future really, the more she found herself wondering if what he was saying was actually possible. All of adults here at Wonderland knew about his story and accepted it, all believing that they were there for a reason, to help prepare for the world to fall, preparing to be able to repopulate it so that their group would prosper in a time of war and famine. He painted a terrifying picture of the world, one she didn’t want to be a part of.

“We don’t normally tell the children until they’re eighteen, Alice. It can scare them somewhat, especially as the children here will be the elders of that world and it will be their children that will be responsible for recreating it.” He’d leant forward and brushed a piece of her brown hair back so he could see into her deep green eyes.

“Why are you telling me then?” Ally asked quietly.

“When Charlie told me he’d met a young girl named Alice, a girl who seemed so lost; I knew it had to be you. I knew you’d find your way here to me at some point, they’d said you would, my people from my previous life. But I’d lost the memory of how they said you’d come to me.”

He locked eyes with her, his sparkling blue eyes staring deep into her soul.

“You’re special Alice, the most special one. It’s our children who will rule when the world falls, our children who will lead. And you’ll help. I won’t be around for it and neither will Marnie, but you will. You’ll teach them, you’ll lead them, you’ll train them. People don’t see how truly exceptional you are, but I do.”

Ally was speechless, she felt warm and lightheaded. All her life she’d wanted to hear that she was special, because she was. She knew it. She knew she must have had a purpose in life and this must be it, her brains and wits weren’t going to go to waste after all. She was here for a reason. But…

“Our children?” she whispered, seeing Lewis smile.

“Yes, my darling Ally. Marnie knows you’re the one too. She’s heard the stories about the woman who will take over from us, she’s pleased it’s you, she adores you. On your seventeenth birthday we’ll take part in a matching ceremony, if you’ll consent to it. Marnie will perform it and Charlie will give your hand to me, he bought you to me after all. Will you consent, my dear sweet girl?”

Alice took no time at all to nod. She’d been taken in by him, completely, intoxicated by his words, his prophecies of the future where she was a leader, a teacher. And Lewis was beautiful, long brown hair that fell to his shoulders in messy waves and piercing blue eyes. He was twice her age at least, the soul inside of his body even older still, he had come from a different time after all. But age didn’t matter. What mattered was that she was integral to the future of the earth.

She smiled at him warmly, “I consent.”

On the other side of the two way glass Ellen Manchester had her hand clasped to her mouth as she listened to her baby sister telling her tale.

“Robert…. Are you you hearing this, is this even legal? She was seventeen.”

“Sixteen is the age of consent in the state that the Bluedove National Park falls into. Their marriage won’t be legal if she went ahead with it, but technically if it was consummated, they won’t have broken any laws,” Agent Hotchner told them, studying Alice’s body language.

She was telling the truth with everything she was saying, he could read that much. The younger version of the woman in front of him had been fully taken in by this man who claimed to be from the future. Aaron did find it odd that Lewis had been so fixated on her though. Alice was an attractive girl but Rebecca Olson had been more conventionally attractive. And that little bit older. It seemed this man really did believe that he and Marnie Goldstein did have a higher purpose, and that Alice was somehow involved in it.

“It’s time we took a break. You need to compose yourself before you speak with your sister again, Mrs Manchester. You can’t be seen to be shocked or disgusted by anything she’s revealing to us.”

“Im… I’m…” Ellen stuttered, unable to take everything in.

“Robert, there’s a cafeteria on the first floor. I’ll have someone escort both of you there and bring you back when the interview resumes. It’s better if Alice doesn’t see her sister struggling with this information.”

Robert nodded, understanding what the Agent was saying and taking his wife’s hand. He too was having a hard time digesting all of this information his sister in law was coming out with, all of these stories of what had happened to her. It was no wonder her behaviour had been strange and bordering on eccentric. It was no wonder she’d been terrified of everything and anything when she’d first come home. Poor Ally. He followed the Agent that SSA Hotchner had summoned, leading his wife away and looking back to see him entering the interview room, you’ve been doing really well. We’ll get you some food, anything you want and then this afternoon, we’ll need to know what happened after the matching ceremony. Why you’re so certain that these bodies came from Wonderland.”

She nodded and let out a huge breath, blinking a few times.

Spencer turned to her, smiling at her softly. “What do you fancy for lunch, Ally?”

“Pizza,” she told him, colour returning to her cheeks which had paled as she’d been recalling details of her missing years.

“My favourite,” the Agent told her.

Everything Stays SDCC Demo
Rebecca Sugar ft. Olivia Olson
Everything Stays SDCC Demo

Let’s go in the garden, you’ll find something waiting
Right there where you left it, lying upside down
When you finally find it, you’ll see how it’s faded
The underside is lighter when you turn it around

Everything stays, right where you left it
Everything stays, but it still changes
Ever so slightly, daily and nightly
In little ways when everything stays


Everything stays, right where you left it
Everything stays, but it still changes
Ever so slightly, daily and nightly
In little ways when everything stays

Thank you to this video we got a preview of an upcoming song from Adventure Time. 


wake up | for dipper & mabel | [collection

a set of mixes about growing up, getting lost, and trying to survive the end of the world

SIDE A: turn the summer into dust | [listen]

i. vienna - billy joel // ii. rubik’s cube - athlete // iii. coming of age - foster the people // iv. downpour - the future kings of nowhere // v. the calendar - panic! at the disco // vi. heroes - måns zelmerlöw // vii. kids in the dark - all time low // viii. brother - cake bake betty // ix. like a river runs - bleachers // x. sister - dave matthews band // xi. wake up - arcade fire // xii. another story - the head and the heart // xiii. bonus track

SIDE B: sleep inside your world | [listen]

i. haven’t you noticed (i’m a star) - rebecca sugar ft. olivia olson // ii. a place in this world - taylor swift // iii. stop this train - john mayer // iv. changes - stars // v. heroes & thieves - vanessa carlton // vi. die die die - avett brothers // vii. brick by boring brick (acoustic) - paramore // viii. brother - matt corby // ix. sleepsong - bastille // x. sister - mumford & sons // xi. wake up - michelle chamuel // xii. rabbit heart (raise it up) - florence + the machine // xiii. bonus track