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The Aftershocks

I was asked to create a .gif of a house interior during an earthquake. The article chronicles the controversial aftermath of the devastating quake that happened in L'Aquila, Italy in 2009. I wanted to capture the movement of the “tremors” before the full-on earthquake, although this tremor is infinite, never resolving.
This image and the all the animation was made in Photoshop. thanks AD Erich Nagler!


BBC Three

I’ve been really behind on posting to tumblr, aah! I promise it’s because I’ve been working on some very cool secret stuff. This assignment was a nice break! 

I made this set of three gifs for the BBC Three show Clique. I really enjoyed making them, and indeed watching the show–it’s glitzy and pulpy, but I found myself instantly sympathetic to their struggles, and I found their complex relationships so intriguing! Thanks, BBC!


“My mother used to tell me, ‘You may be the first to do many things, but make sure you’re not the last.’ I feel a responsibility to show young women what’s possible and to mentor them to own their power and fulfill their promise.”

- Kamala Harris is California’s first female, African-American, and Asian-American Attorney General and is aiming to become the first African-American female senator in almost 20 years.

Check out the in-depth Q&A with Kamala below!

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anonymous asked:

hi! could you recommend some artists you're inspired by or like?

i’m usually inspired by 19th century art onwards so here’s just a list of artists whose works i admire. i think it’s important to appreciate all types of art!!:

  • Gustave Courbet, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Alphonse Mucha, Henri Matisse
  • Jenny Holzer, Carrie Mae William, Frida Kahlo, Helen Frankenthaler
  • Hara Kenya, Dieter Rams, Naoto Fukasawa, Ettore Sottsass
  • Clamp, Eiko Kera, Tomoko Ninomiya
  • all the Adventure Time storyboard artists!!!!!!, Jillian Tamaki, Rebecca Mock, Kali Ciesemier, Richie Pope, Jun Cen, Aidan Koch, Joan Casaramona

These boho waves, created for Rachel Zoe’s Spring 2016 Collection, are meant to be totally touchable. That’s why TRESemmé stylists use TRES Extra-Firm Control Mousse for soft, flexible waves that last.

Artwork by Rebecca Mock 


New York Times Book Review - Ten Best Books of 2016

Here is the cover piece I did for the NYT Book Review, featuring their picks for the “10 Best Books of 2016″. The concept I went for was “here is a bounty of reading”, presented like a classic still-life. I was sent the book jackets to use as reference, but had to arrange the still life using my own books. I took a lot of ref photos and also painted directly from a set-up in my studio. It came together quite nicely! I also painted a bit of extra leaves and berries for the interior. 

The animation was its own challenge! I painstakingly drew each frame (using some of my own footage as ref), though I used the photoshop transform-tool to get the page text to look smooth(ish). 

Thanks AD Matthew Dorfman!


More pages from Dirty Diamonds #7: Imagination! We’re happy to feature stories that focus on mental health, emotional health, and physical health, and how imagination has helped to overcome those challenges. Find out more at our @kickstarter campaign:

The artists above:

Anna Wieszczyk

t.r. logan

Tara O'Connor

Ashanti Fortson - @ashantifortson

Anne Mondeel - @spacepegasus

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Banana Republic’s Spring 2016 collection hit the runway paired with soft waves and a dramatic, deep side part—But we think this TRES-styled look is gorgeous any season.

Artwork by Rebecca Mock