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The Answer - Earliest concepts

We were sitting in the writers room breaking the story for The Answer. The story became more and more fairytale like, and I recall Rebecca coming up with the idea that the episode could look like a story book. I did these quick roughs in marker which eventually became the foundation for the look of “The Answer”. I did these on the spot while we were still figuring out the story, so the events in these drawings don’t specifically line up to anything in the final… but I guess some of the concepts ended up getting used.

After seeing them, Rebecca brought up the works of Lotte Reineger, the german animator. This fit perfectly, we had both studied The Adventures of Prince Achmed and her other films in college and Lotte Reineger is a huge inspiration. Not only are her films hauntingly beautiful, she created the first ever animated feature film and the first multi-plane camera way before Walt Disney did. She’s an unsung animation pioneer. 

I originally thought the whole thing would be in silhouette but we allowed the main characters to have interior detail with limited palettes. I love limited palettes!!! Rebecca oversaw the resulting design process with our art director Jasmin Lai and I really think it came together great. In the final episode, the Shadow Puppet section is boarded by Lamar Abrams and he completely made the whole thing work which was not an easy feat. There’s some really inventive stuff in there.

The signs as popular pop songs
  • Aries: Sugar
  • Taurus: Chains
  • Gemini: Blank Space
  • Cancer: Lay me down
  • Leo: Uptown Funk
  • Virgo: Style
  • Libra: Night Changes
  • Scorpio: Animals
  • Capricorn: Time of Our Lives
  • Aquarius: One Last Time
  • Pisces: FourFiveSeconds
Every New York City Subway Line Is Getting Worse. Here’s Why. | Emma G. Fitzsimmons, Ford Fessenden, K.K. Rebecca Lai
The subway is at nearly six million riders each day — the highest level since the 1940s. Those extra riders are cramming onto a system that is essentially the same size it has been for decades.
By Emma G. Fitzsimmons, Ford Fessenden and K.K. Rebecca Lai

The root cause of subway problems in New York City is not aging equipment, which is still an issue. The root cause is population growth taxing the system:

The major cause of subway delays is a factor that basically didn’t exist 15 years ago: Overcrowding. The subway is a victim of its own success and the city’s resurgence. Large crowds slow down trains, which creates more crowding in a vicious circle that takes hours to unwind during every rush.

Subway ridership has risen dramatically since the 1990s, when about four million people used the system each day. Now it’s nearly six million riders each day — the highest level since the 1940s. Those extra riders are cramming onto a system that is essentially the same size it has been for decades.

And fixing the broken signals and splayed tracks won’t address the physical problems: how many people can you cram into the cars that the current lines can actually move around. Overcrowding slows everything down:

But how exactly does overcrowding cause delays? Subway officials say trains slow down as they face an onslaught of passengers at each station. “Dwell time” – the period a train spends in the station loading and unloading – balloons.

After a train starts to pick up large crowds, it becomes harder for people to get on and off, said Brussard Alston, a train operator for nearly two decades. The delay reverberates down the line as a queue of trains behind it backs up.

“Once the damage is done, it takes a while for it to dissipate,” Mr. Alston said.

As a computer scientist that used to teach queuing theory, this problem is intractable unless you make bigger stations and put more cars on the trains. But again, you reach limits based on how many trains the lines can actually handle, even if dwell time can be minimized.

Ultimately, the long-term solution is to dig more tunnels, and create new lines. Oh, and could you please start that process like 10 years ago, please?

Sugar on the Asphalt: Thirty-Six
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Sorry this is up so late! I’m sure you guys are used to it by now. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think <33

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war on a desperate raspberry-lemonade cupcake; august 17, 2013

I burned my hand, but not the cupcakes. I figured some gauze and ointment was better than a batch of dry raspberry lemonades. After my mitt slipped, my only option was to either let the dozen fall onto the floor, or level off the pan with the palm of my hand. It might not have been my best decision and my current injury left me unable to hold a piping bag correctly, but the red velvets for the birthday party had been done hours ago, so I shrugged it off and frosted everything else with a small, angled spatula.

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“Bobbing for apples is so gross. If I’m going to swap spit with a stranger, I’d rather just make out with you.” (Jae or Lay whichever you prefer! :3)

Lay looked at the young women next to him as she spoke, he proceeded to lick his lips. “Miss you would like to make out with someone you only just met? Very dangerous, I like that.” he winks at her grabbing her by her hips, whispering in her ear, “Tempting–lets get out of here.”

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*after a few days Rebecca and the baby got to return home. After Rebecca layed Pearl down for a lap she went and found Junpei, hugging him from behind*

He smile brightly. “Hey baby I miss you.’’

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*Rebecca was laying in bed one day taking a nap. She was woken up by a sharp pain and then felt something odd before her eyes got wide* J-Junpei, c-come here please. I-i think my water just broke *she called from the room*

He got up from the bed “H huh really?!’’ He took out his cellphone and calls the hospital.