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Recovery Road -  Monday, January 25

Send a me a number! Chicago Fire & Chicago P.D
  • 1: Chicago Fire or Chicago P.D?
  • 2: Which Dawson sibling do you like best?
  • 3: Would you rather be a police officer, a firefighter, or a paramedic?
  • 4: Would you rather have Shay (RIP, god bless her soul) or Severide as your roommate?
  • 5: Favourite crossover between CF and CPD?
  • 6: Favourite relationship (romantic or friendship) between which two characters?
  • 7: When did you start watching Chicago Fire/Chicago PD?
  • 8: A character you'd grown to love?
  • 9: Favourite episode in Season 1 of Chicago Fire/Favourite episode of Season 1 of Chicago P.D?
  • 10: Favourite guest star?
  • 11: Where do you think Rebecca Jones would be right now on the series, if her character hadn't committed suicide?
  • 12: Do you think Severide and Renée would have gotten married if the baby was his?
  • 13: What scene has made you cry the most?
  • 14: Dawson & Casey or Lindsay & Halstead?
  • 15: What do you think of Chicago Med?
  • 16: Who would you cast as the doctors on Chicago Med, and what would their stories be?
  • 17: Do you want Severide's sister Katie or the Darden boys to return?
  • 18: What character would you like to have more screentime/deeper story?
  • 19: Which character do you want to know more about?
  • 20: Who would you be most scared of, Voight or Boden?

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