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Recovery Road -  Monday, January 25


Recovery Road -  Monday, January 25 on Freeform

Send a me a number! Chicago Fire & Chicago P.D
  • 1: Chicago Fire or Chicago P.D?
  • 2: Which Dawson sibling do you like best?
  • 3: Would you rather be a police officer, a firefighter, or a paramedic?
  • 4: Would you rather have Shay (RIP, god bless her soul) or Severide as your roommate?
  • 5: Favourite crossover between CF and CPD?
  • 6: Favourite relationship (romantic or friendship) between which two characters?
  • 7: When did you start watching Chicago Fire/Chicago PD?
  • 8: A character you'd grown to love?
  • 9: Favourite episode in Season 1 of Chicago Fire/Favourite episode of Season 1 of Chicago P.D?
  • 10: Favourite guest star?
  • 11: Where do you think Rebecca Jones would be right now on the series, if her character hadn't committed suicide?
  • 12: Do you think Severide and Renée would have gotten married if the baby was his?
  • 13: What scene has made you cry the most?
  • 14: Dawson & Casey or Lindsay & Halstead?
  • 15: What do you think of Chicago Med?
  • 16: Who would you cast as the doctors on Chicago Med, and what would their stories be?
  • 17: Do you want Severide's sister Katie or the Darden boys to return?
  • 18: What character would you like to have more screentime/deeper story?
  • 19: Which character do you want to know more about?
  • 20: Who would you be most scared of, Voight or Boden?

Heart Break and Cherry Garcia

Prompt by the vivacious futuremrsjaicourtney1995

“Do you see him?” you asked your best friend looking for Jai Courtney in the crowd of people.  You and your best friend had VIP tickets to hang out with the Suicide Squad cast at SDCC. You were excited to meet Jai and your best friend Rebecca wanted to meet Jared Leto. You spotted Jai surrounded by a crowd of people. He was easy to spot as he was taller than all the people surrounding him. He was smiling laughing, taking selfies and signing autographs. Rebecca squeezed your arm.

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Cute Luke imagine- Rebecca

I had my first day living with Luke and the boys.I woke up with him cuddle into my side. I smiled and gave him a peck on the lips. He smiled in his sleep and I tried to get up but his grip on my hips stayed. “ Noooo don’t go Rebecca” Luke mumbled and I stared at him. awwwwww he’s having a dream about me. I laid back down and just stared at him. I smiled and chuckled. “ what a moron” I said and he pouted. “ now that’s a lie” Luke said and I rolled my eyes. “ Get up already the boys are downstairs” I said and he just pulled me close. I was about to say something but someone jumped on the both us.

“ comeee on love birds let’s eat” Beau said and I chuckled. “ I tried to get food but this one doesn’t want me too” I said and Luke smirked. “ well that’s about to change” Beau said and quickly grabbed me and ran out of the room. “ BEAU YOU BITCH” Luke yelled and ran after us. I got tossed in the air and felt someone grab me. “ Morning Rebecca how’s your morning” Jai asked and I chuckled. “ Very interesting my twinny” I said and he chuckled. “ Well were going for a run” He said as Luke came running after Jai. 

“ Give me my girlfriend back idiot” Luke said and Jai ran faster. “ Never she’s ours” Jai said and i chuckled. “Oh no babe save me” I said and Jai chuckled. “ Don’t worry babe i’m coming” Luke said and again i’m passed off by someone. “ Hello love what happened’ James said and I chuckled. “ Idk you boys are playing get the love birds away from each other or something” I said and James just chuckled. “ alright then” He ran and Luke was close behind. “ Skip hurry up” James yelled. Luke ran behind James but Daniel came and gave me a piggyback ride. James stopped and Luke tackled him. James was laughing while Luke was playfully hitting him. 

Daniel ran by a closet and set my inside. “ Shhhh don’t make a sound give me clothes” Daniel said and I gave him some clothes and he ran out and shut the door. “ Daniel don’t you dare drop her into the pool.” Luke said and I heard a splash and another one. “ What the fuck that’s not even her Luke” Daniel said and I came out of the closet and saw that Daniel was in the pool while the other boys just laughed at him. I felt arms wrap around my waist and a peck on my cheek. “ hello babe” I said and he smiled. “ Good morning my beautiful” Luke said

“So how was your first day living with the Janoskians Rebecca” Beau asked and I laughed. “ very very interesting boys now i’m hungry can we eat” I said and unwrapped Luke’s arms and walked to the kitchen. “ awww bro she loves food more than you” James said and I stare at them as I eat pancakes and bacon on that were made. “ That’s not true” I said with a mouthful of pancakes. “ lies” Jai said and Luke came and kissed me. “ well she may love food more than me but I love her till infinity” Luke said and I blushed. “ your so cheesy” I said and Luke just pinched my cheek and grabbed a piece of pancake off my plate. 

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