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Once Upon a Time needs to be renamed ‘LOST: The Reunion’.

Seriously. Look at all these actors that have appeared on both shows.

1) Emilie de Ravin. Plays Belle in OuaT. Played Claire in LOST.

2) Lana Parrilla. Plays Regina in OuaT. Played Greta in LOST.

3) Jorge Garcia. Plays Anton on OuaT. Played Hurley on LOST.

4) Alan Dale. Plays King George on OuaT. Played Charles Widmore on LOST.

5) Rebecca Mader. Plays Zelena on OuaT. Played Charlotte on LOST.

6) Elizabeth Mitchell. Plays Ingrid on OuaT. Played Juliet on LOST.

7) Patrick Fischler. Plays The Author on OuaT. Played Phil on LOST.

8) Eric Lange. Plays Young Leopold on OuaT. Played Stuart on LOST.

9) Robin Weigert. Plays Bo Peep on OuaT. Played Rachel in LOST.


10) Zuleikha Robinson. Played Amara on OuaTiW. Played Ilana in LOST.

11) Naveen Andrews. Played Jafar on OuaTiW. Played Sayid on LOST.

And I just love the last one… it convinces me that they just ask the LOST cast before offering roles to anyone else…

12) Anthony Keyvan. Played Young Jafar in OuaTiW. Played Young Sayid in LOST

Have I missed anyone?



An animated adventure into one of my embarrassing moments in high school theatre!

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