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This is us season finale analysis

This is a show about family, relationships and real-life. And sometimes couples reach a point that is boiling up for years and then explodes. 

In Jack and Rebecca case was last episode. They reached a point that all they have is their daily routine in Jack´s case, they changed and they dont know who they are anymore, in Rebecca´s case. 

Rebecca and Jack didnt get to make their dreams came true and thats sad. Inside of them are this seed of sadness and lack of accomplishment  everyday. And someday everything explodes. The trigger was her show and his drinking. 

When they Jack and Rebecca met was pure and real but they had reasons behind it - if wasn´t Becca Jack would be a thief and if wasnt for Jack, Rebecca would be chasing a dream that maybe never would come true and would end up settling to a unloved marriage because of external pressureJack and Rebecca was both the salvation of one another. But for another view i think that put a lot of pressure in you and on the relationship. The kind of pressure that one day with the daily routine and problems makes everything explode between couples. 

This episode to me shows the lesson that love is good a happy and healthy relationship is essential but its not all you have. People still need more, need other things in life  - goals, personal realization, accomplishment.

so, if you know me, i’m sure you’re aware i struggle with a lot of mental shit. right now, it’s negatively affecting my focus and drive (irt writing specifically), which means i keep making blogs, ditching blogs (or at least moving them to the back burner almost immediately), rinsing, repeating.

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@rebecca-dearest The people who hacked the Fall Out Boy twitter earlier today were tweeting “Joshler is real” from the FOB twitter, and then apparently someone (idk it it was the same people) was threatening to hack Jenna’s twitter to “confirm” Joshler and say that she’s annoying and doesn’t deserve Tyler and a bunch of crap that’s not true. Big fat mess. She doesn’t deserve that, and Tyler doesn’t deserve the stress of people harassing his wife.

Oprah Winfrey and Rose Byrne Uncover Tragic Medical Mystery in the 'Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks' Trailer

Oprah Winfrey and Rose Byrne are teaming up to expose the untold story of one of the most important figures in the history of modern medicine in the first trailer for the upcoming HBO biopic The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

Winfrey plays Deborah, the daughter of the eponymous Henrietta Lacks – a black woman whose unique cells were harvested without her permission while she was dying in 1951, and were used in a number of world-changing medical breakthroughs, including in vitro fertilization and gene mapping, among many others.

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Byrne plays journalist Rebecca Skloot – the author of the book the film is based on – who gets in touch with Deborah to uncover the truth and tragedy behind her mother’s unwitting contribution to science.

In the new intense, emotional trailer, it’s clear Henrietta’s family was unaware of what was being done to and taken from her as she was hospitalized fighting cancer, nor were they informed of what impact Henrietta’s “immortal” cells had on the world of medicine.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks premieres April 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

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I’ve been working on a practice exam for my certification today and one of the questions was as follows: “Some people have expressed the view that your subject [drama] is a “soft option” in comparison with “more academic” subjects. How would you respond to this argument?”

I had to resist writing:

“Well I would respond by saying that this person is stupid and their opinion is stupid and they should feel bad. Because they’re stupid.”

As my entire answer.

When my dad was teaching, he asked all of his students to write three paragraphs in the style of an author of their choice

He wrote a parody of Hemingway as an example:

After a while he spoke. His words came out in a sentence. One sentence. It could have been two. But he felt one sentence would do the job. Like a well sharpened knife penetrating the shoulder blades of a bull in that moment. Two well sharpened sentences would not do. What proud pedigreed bull would tolerate a sloppy sentence? A death sentence would be more tolerable.

So, one sentence it would be.  With a beginning, after that a middle and finally an end. She was happy that he spoke.  Because he had been silent before that. But she was sad that he didn’t say more.

Her heart bled  for a longer sentence, that might eventually become a paragraph as long as a late summer day in Andalusia, when the sun, more stubborn than a wounded bull staring down a triumphant matador, hangs wearily above the horizon, not yet ready to die, but unable to stagger through another day.