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Shout out to Crazy Ex Girlfriend for sinking the ships

or: Thanks to CEG for not adhering to the typical romantic comedy™ narrative, and instesad deconstructing it during the course of a whole show and showing its negative impacts on the psyque of people (specially women), and why they don’t work on real life. 

Rebecca (and the audience) is so invested in making sense of her life and her own existence by comparing her life to movies, and goes to great lenghs to actually emulate the typical narrative structure of a romantic comedy. There’s also the patriarchal expectations that romantic love™ will solve all your problems, and this is where it gets tricky for us, the audience, and for Rebecca. 

Rebecca desperately want to be saved by a boy. As a result, she really thinks that every empowered action in her life that contributes to her betterment as a person and her growth as a human being, is going to be rewarded by a romantic interest at the end of the movie (insert: “Put yourself first for him”). All her efforts, all her growth, will pay off because a man will see how much she has achieved and now that  she’s in a great place she’s ready to recieve her prize and be swept off her feet. 

As an audience, we too secretely expect that. We keep watching and keep hoping that she’ll end up with someone (kinda anyone), because “it’d be so cute, right??” Josh, and Greg and Nathaniel, we switch them up like Rebecca does because to us a classical romantic reward sounds compeling and the cusp of growth and achievement. Neverming you found new friends, a job you like and a place you can call home, and maybe some necessary mental health while you’re at it, it all loses its charm if you don’t have that last paramount ingredient to tie it up together and officially granting you happiness, officially making your successful, oficially making you a heroine. 

I’m not shaming on anybody’s ship, but the creators themselves have commented on how curious they find that people are so eager to tie together two people that are actually horrible for eachother (like, again, Rebecca does), specially when one of them clearly has to learn that a romantic relationship with a man is not yout ultimate validation as a woman and as a human being. That you really have to look out for yourself on this one and abstain from those relationships that will be toxic or damaging for you (Greg leaving West Covina breaking a circle of toxic self destructive behaviour being the prime example); or using it ro run away from your troubles and yourself (Josh). Or even having your Manic Pixie Dream Girl carrying all your emotional baggage for you (Nathaniel). 

CEG it’s showing us why these can not work on real life, it’s why every time we think a ship will sail it sinks instead. Rebecca is not here to be swept off her feet, she’s here to learn how to love and accept herself, live with herself, learn that getting help does not reduce your value as a human and to let go of internalized patriarchal narrative and amanormativity. 

CEG is a love story, just not the kind we’re accustumed and keep clinging to.

Women Who Kill

Rebecca Blackmore

When teenager Rebecca Blackmore gave birth in her North Carolina home on the 17th of June 2011, she was rushed to hospital, but the baby wasn’t with her. Blackmore told nurses it was a stillborn and the baby was wrapped in her wardrobe. However, when police arrived they noticed the baby had multiple stab wounds.

In 2013, Rebecca Blackmore was sentenced to 10-12 years

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Robron - #24 pls

#24 - can i kiss you?

“Can I kiss you?”

Aaron’s surprised, really, when Robert asks. It’s not as though Robert ever has, ever felt he needed to. If there was ever anything Robert was an expert in, it was reading Aaron’s body language, knowing his tells and signs and knowing when he was, and wasn’t in the mood for a snog.

But here he was, asking.

Aaron’s brow furrowed as he looked at his husband, the two of them sitting on the couch, pretending to pay attention to whatever new mid-week drama that had started, the typical mystery full of murder, and badly lit scenes.

He wasn’t very interested in it, if he was honest, but Aaron’s mind was elsewhere a lot, these days, mind on Robert, and Rebecca, and the possibility of Robert having a baby, a real life human being born out of his drunken intentions to hurt Aaron where it would hurt the most.

It was a sort of irony, really. Robert tries to hurt Aaron as much as he could, and inadvertently plays into Aaron’s biggest fear, the idea he can’t give Robert a child of his own, not the way Robert had expected when he stood up and married a woman, first time around.

He knew it was silly, of course he did - a child is a child, and they deserved to be loved, no matter how they come into the world, and Aaron would find his way and he’d love anything that was a part of Robert, of course he would, but Aaron couldn’t help but Robert’s first child was going to be with him, however they would have eventually gone about it.

It’s not like he wanted to think about it, but he couldn’t avoid thinking about it, either.

Robert was doing his best to though.

Master of avoidance, his Robert. It had been a week, and they’d yet to have a proper conversation about the fact Rebecca had decided to keep the baby, Robert adamant he wanted nothing to do with his future child.

They were stuck in a strange sort of limbo, both of them wanting to move on, but this one, very big, conversation holding them back.

“Why are you asking?” Aaron asked, hitting the mute button on the television.

Robert looked at him, hair messy and eyes downcast, as though he didn’t want to admit just why he was so tentative, so unsure. Aaron had noticed, his reluctance to be fully there, full in their new home, of course he’d noticed.

Aaron always noticed, when it came to Robert.

“I didn’t know if you’d want to,” Robert admitted, eyes glassy as he spoke, a tremor to his voice Aaron didn’t like hearing. He was used to confident Robert, the self-confident, unshakeable force he’d fallen in love with.

This Robert was quiet, and reserved, and oh-so unsure.

“I’m hurt,” Aaron said, doing his best to think things out before he spoke, to try and be coherent. Miscommunication had done this to them, after all. “I’m hurt, Robert, but I still want you. I still love you, and I still want you. You don’t - you don’t need to ask to kiss me.”

As if to prove it, Aaron leaned in, pressing a chaste kiss to Robert’s lips, his husband tasting faintly of coffee and the takeaway pizza they’d had for dinner, neither of them in the form to put their shiny new kitchen to the test.

“I just wanted to be sure,” Robert mumbled, lips inches from Aaron’s own as they broke apart.

“You can always be sure of how much I want you, Robert.”

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Why do you think rebecca and mr serrano was necessary omg

Okay. I’m going to try to explain this to the best of my hot-mess, ineloquent vocabulary. And it will probably be very long.

I think this for a variety of reasons.

The first is that Rebecca, if she had been any other character on any other TV show, would probably have already been considered to hit rock bottom. The very first major action we see her take on the show is moving across the country to follow (read: stalk) a guy she dated for two or three months when she was sixteen. Everything else after that involves very problematic behavior: utilizing Paula’s tracking devices/spy cameras, leaving Greg mid-date to have sex with some other guy, eventually gaslighting Josh once he dumps her via a smear campaign, throwing Paula under the bus to keep her past under wraps, encroaching on Valencia’s and Josh’s relationship (however unhealthy it was and however desperately they needed to break up) and manipulating both of them, breaking into Anna’s salon to cover up the fact that-while stalking her, too-she ran over Anna’s cat, kissing her boss while engaged to someone else, and keeping her friendship with Paula quite one-sided while she’s obsessed with her own mess. In order to show that Rebecca has really hit rock bottom, she needed to do something really bad. Something so problematic it’s out-of-character even for her. And sleeping with Greg’s dad was one way to do that. When she’s already done so many questionable things, what else could they have done short of maybe actual murder (which she’s shown not to be down with at all) to change the status quo and drive home just how messed up of a place she’s really in?

The second reason is that, although I did enjoy Greg/Rebecca and held out a small bit of hope that someday he’d come back and they’d be endgame, I know that’s not the point of the show. This show is a journey of Rebecca’s self-discovery. And it’s clear that, in order to truly be happy, she needs to learn how to love herself and not tie her worth to being in a romantic relationship. I would argue that the show’s point is about Rebecca realizing she doesn’t need a man. But as long as Greg is still an option, I don’t really think happily single Rebecca is a possibility. If she always keeps him on her mind to fall back on, I don’t think she’ll ever really learn how to be by herself. And, also, given how much the fandom seems to love Grebecca as a ship, as long as Greg was still a romantic possibility, they would keep holding out hope for them and trying to shoehorn this show into a traditional romantic narrative. People would keep shipping them and, if we keep hardcore shipping them, we lose the point of the show, which is Rebecca learning to be okay without a significant other. So, in order to get Greg out of the narrative in that way (and sink the ship to make room for the focal point of the show), they had to create a situation in which it was impossible for them to get back together. Her leaving in the middle of a date to hook up with someone else, only going to a party with him to spy on Josh, and generally ignoring him/taking him for granted weren’t enough to drive him away completely. If those things weren’t enough of a roadblock to prevent them from getting back together, something really big had to happen. And I think what she did was one of the few things that would be an actual dealbreaker.

The last reason is that it’s very easy to take all of the relatable aspects of these characters and forget that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is meant to be a satire that deconstructs the problematic aspects of romantic comedies (and a few other genres, like the Swimfan-esque revenge movies). As our good friend Jarl said, sleeping with your ex-boyfriend’s father is just not something works of fiction typically do (the only other time I can think of something like this happening was on Chewing Gum as an implicit commentary on the adverse effects of toxic masculinity, especially when women subscribe to that mindset, too). One of the reasons this series is so special is because it makes it clear that life is not a movie and that Rebecca isn’t living in one. It takes typical movie behavior and follows it through to its logical conclusion and deconstructs exactly why it wouldn’t work in real life. One way to prevent us from falling into Rebecca’s misinterpretation of her life is to introduce a story element so far removed from any typical movie or TV narrative device that we have to acknowledge that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend isn’t a rom-com/genre of your choice. This show works because all of its characters are real people. And real people make shitty choices. Real people do things that make literally no sense. Real people (at least, some of them) do things like sleep with the first person who shows them positive attention for two seconds, regardless of the consequences. And in order to truly reflect real life, Rebecca had to do something a real person might do, in all its stupid, nonsensical, terrible, not-glory.

And as someone who also struggles with depression, anxiety, and self-esteem issues, I can vouch that wanting to cling to someone (not necessarily in a sexual way) just because they make you feel slightly less bad about yourself for two sentences of conversation is a very real thing. Because if you think you’re worthless, you will hold onto anything that might make you convince yourself that you’re not. Maybe other people can survive on escapist fiction where everything works out and characters don’t make you hate them sometimes, but I can’t. I need characters like Rebecca who make stupid, awful decisions that make me hate them because I make stupid decisions, too. Obviously, I’m not going to have sex with my former S.O.’s parent or stalk someone or do most of the things Rebecca does. But I do sometimes need things in fiction to not work out. Because stuff in my life doesn’t work out. And I spent a lot of my life thinking that lack of positive resolution made me a worthless or horrible person, when, really, that’s just how life is. I spent a lot of time thinking that feeling angry or standing up for myself or making mistakes meant that my life wasn’t worth anything. So to have Rebecca make this absolutely HUGE mistake, but still be the protagonist and still be sympathetic, and still have me and everyone else pray she gets well gives me hope that I matter, too.

And that feeling of “You matter,” that representation of mental illness that says, “Your story deserves to be told, You deserve to be okay, You aren’t worthless,” is exactly the reason why Rachel Bloom (and Aline Brosh McKenna) wrote this show.

So, yeah. I hated this. I hated it with every fiber of my being. I hated Rebecca while it was happening, and I screamed at my TV at the unfairness of having to witness it with my own two eyes. But I will absolutely defend this writing decision because it made perfect narrative sense and successfully did exactly what it was trying to do.

I’m sorry this is so long, and I hope I gave you a satisfactory answer. And if not, I’m always open to chatting about a favorite show. :)

Highlights from the Mixed Cast panel at Storytelling Con, Barcelona, April 22, 2017

Please note I missed the first 10 minutes of this panel… 5AM is early to get up on a Saturday :)

  • Favorite scenes for each actor:
    • Gil:  “I guess I have to go with meeting Ariel.  I’ve had some nice scenes but that was really the special one.  It was the first scene that I shot.  Walking down the stairs and seeing Ariel and falling in love.”
    • Sean:  “It’s difficult to pick one because there are lots of scenes that I enjoyed.  But there is an episode [4.17] where I’m riding a horse down a street in New York.  And obviously you can’t ride a real horse on concrete because it’s dangerous.  So they have this pretend mechanical horse which is just a big rocking horse and they put it on a truck and they drive it down the street.  So I’m on a big pretend rocking horse driving down a main street and there are all these people in Vancouver looking at me going what is that guy doing?  And I was like… I’m Robin Hood.”
    • Beverley:  “My favorite scene was in Red Handed, when Ruby was just about to attack Peter and I threw the cape on her… that was so exciting because we were outside in the snow it was beautiful it was tense and we were fighting and I had to throw the cape on her and turn her back into Ruby.”
    • Bex:  “I have two favorite scenes.  My first one I love the scene with Zelena and Regina in the episode… I love all the stuff that explores the relationship between the sisters.  And there was one episode in season 5 called Sisters… there was a very emotional scene with me and my sister and our mommy when she made us hold hands and close our eyes and we remembered that we had known each other all along.  That was my first one and my second one was the musical which you haven’t seen yet!”
  • Gil sang A Whole New World to Deniz as if he was Ariel.
  • Bex best moment as the Wicked Witch:  “My song in the musical was so much fun!  I don’t even know what to do with myself.  I keep looking at the calendar is it May 7th yet?  That was the best moment for my character because in this song it tells my character’s whole story in one three and a half minute song.  One of the best days of my life.”
  • The most touching moment filming scenes:  
    • Gil:  “Getting to kiss Ariel.  Multiple times.  I was like ‘can I get one more?’  They are like Gil it doesn’t need to be an open mouthed kiss.”
    • Bex:  “One of the most emotional scenes I shot was when I had to give up my baby to Robin and Regina because I was hurting her and I had to surrender her that was really…”
    • Beverley:  “When they were going through the gate back to [the Enchanted Forest] and I had to say goodbye to Roland.  […]  I was holding the baby and I kissed his head that was very touching.  Raphael is a gorgeous little actor.”
    • Sean:  “Obviously working with Raphael.  I started working with him before I became a dad… because I was a child actor myself I felt very protective over him.  It was one of the first days I was filming with him I had him in my arms and he was only 5 at the time and I have lots of nieces and nephews and I’m very touchy feelly and I kissed him on the head.  We weren’t filming and he turned around and said ‘did you just kiss me?’  And I was like yes, yes I did.  I’m not sure if I’m supposed to do that… why is this strange man kissing me… from day one we had a really strong bond, we got along very well.  He’s just a very sweet boy and I love him.”
    • Faustino:  “When we have these little glimpses of nature cutting in.  We were shooting a scene [in 3.02] by the river with Snow White and Charming and all the dwarves and in comes a deer.  Just starts walking.  Walking … walking and we’re just kind of doing our scene and the deer is in the scene.  Everyone at that point was .. and then at that point the deer was right there and Ginny goes ‘oh my god’ … and on the wedding scene we had some birds that snuck in the building while filming we had those glimpses of nature setting in…”
    • Deniz:  “I was always a big fan of the cartoons of Aladdin and on the first day we actually got to do the scene where I fly in and Jasmine’s in the hourglass and Jafar’s there with the staff and I’m in the cartoon I’ve watched four hundred million times…  And I got to be Aladdin and save her…”
  • What do you love most about Once Upon a Time:
    • Gil:  “That I got to play a Disney prince.  Because honestly I was shocked that I got that part.  I feel honored and humbled.”
    • Deniz:  “That I got to work with all these lovely people.”
    • Faustino:  “I love the message.  It’s a message of hope and ah that message is represented through all of you.  Thank you.”
    • Bex:  “The best thing about Once Upon a Time is how it’s brought all of us together.  The fandom has created a community.  Like no matter what happens we’ll always have each other.”
    • Beverley:  “I love that it took these fairy tales that we all knew as children and then gave this life and history which connected all of us together.  And that it’s international.  The cast is international and now we get to travel the world and have this international community.”
    • Sean:  “I just like that I get to wear leather head to toe all day and they pay me.”
  • Will Zelena be a good person or will she just be a wicked witch:  “I think Zelena is going through a massive transformation… I think becoming a mother has made her heart softer.  You’ll see throughout the rest of the season what happens with Zelena’s relationship with Regina but I think no matter how redeemed my character becomes there always be a little bit of wicked in there.”
  • What UK food does Bex miss the most:  “A good bloody cup of tea!  Like a proper cup of tea with milk and sugar!  Like a lady!”
  • For Sean:  What do you like most about playing a Disney fairy tale character?  “Well I thought of Robin Hood as a character by itself before Disney made a Disney movie of Robin Hood.  I just liked the fact that I got to play a …  just getting to play the legend of Robin Hood.  It’s just one of those characters that any male actor would really enjoy.”
  • What do you think about fans that follow you around the world [at conventions] are they crazy?: 
    • Bex:  “I think it’s amazing that people get on a plane to come and meet us.  It’s mental.  We are very very honored and it really means a lot to us.”
  • They were asked to dance the Macarana.  Bex attempted to decline saying she needs more coffee but Beverley made them all get up and do it.  The editor at this point is having 1990s PTSD flashbacks…
  • Favorite same sex love interest for your own characters:
    • Sean:  “I don’t want to disappoint the gents here because they’re strapping men every one of them but I’d have to say my old pal Colin O’Donoghue.  When he raises that eyebrow I just fall to pieces.”
    • Gil:  “Aladdin here.  He’s got long hair …. something to grab hold of….”
    • Deniz:  “I’d have to go with the one and only Prince Charming.  He’s the prince of Charming.”
    • Faustino:  “Charming absolutely.”
    • Beverley:  “I just feel strange because I’m a grandmother… of course Zelena would be number one but my tied for number one … Jasmine …”
    • Bex:  “I think Zelena might have a crush on Belle.  She’s so little!  I can pick her up she’s so cute!  In really life I think Rebecca Mader would go for Lana Parrilla we’re not sisters in real life so it’s not wrong.  It’s not weird.”
  • How long does it take to become the Wicked Witch:  “Three hours.  Seven coffees.  And lots of snapchat, twitter and instagram.  But once the green makeup is on it can stay on for 17 hours and then it takes half an hour to take off.  And then I look 16 at the end because it’s taken all the skin off.”
  • Who is your favorite scene partner:  
    • Beverley:  “I love hanging out with Archie and Geppetto.  We have a nice little trio and the three of us [talk a lot].”
    • Gil:  “Again there are just so many to choose from.  I’m going to say Joanna who plays Ariel.  Though last time I was up there I got to work with Karen David and she was absolutely wonderful.  Do you want to trade?” [to Deniz]
    • Deniz:  “Karen David’s my answer.  Actually no Jafar.. Oded is so fun to work with.  He’s so evil and so lovely in person.  It’s kind of cool to see him switch.”
    • Faustino:  “Since I play dwarf I’m going to say my dwarf brothers.  Because we have a lot of fun all the time.”
    • Sean:  “I can’t pick one person.  All of us became good friends.  Bex is like my sister, Colin is like my brother, Mikey Raymond-James who left the show a little while ago is one of my best friends…. it’s a tie.  Lana obviously … I can’t pick between all of my favorites.”
    • Bex:  “Lana Parrilla!  Two reasons I like working with my sister the most.  One when we’re in character we play and each take is different.  And number two she makes tea like a British lady.  I spend a lot of time in her trailer drinking her tea and eating her chocolate.”
  • If you could play any other character:
    • Sean declines to answer because they were all well cast.  “I’m very happy I got to be Robin Hood because I think I would have been a terrible Queen of Darkness.”
    • Bex doesn’t want to play anyone else but her.
    • Beverley:  Rumple.
    • Deniz:  “I’d like to play Zelena for a day.  Just for a day.  One day get green…”
    • Gil:  “Prince Charming because he’s gotten to do way more episodes than me.”
    • Faustino: “Hook, that’s an interesting character.”

@rebecca-dearest The people who hacked the Fall Out Boy twitter earlier today were tweeting “Joshler is real” from the FOB twitter, and then apparently someone (idk it it was the same people) was threatening to hack Jenna’s twitter to “confirm” Joshler and say that she’s annoying and doesn’t deserve Tyler and a bunch of crap that’s not true. Big fat mess. She doesn’t deserve that, and Tyler doesn’t deserve the stress of people harassing his wife.

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I'm trying to name characters in a fantasy world and I came upon the name Keziah and really liked it. The character has arabian features but the name is from the Hebrew bible. Is this an issue? Thoughts on this + naming characters respectfully?

Can my Arab character have a name from Jewish texts?

‘Arabian features’ don’t contradict the person potentially being Jewish. There are Jewish people with those features (as well as Christians, by the way – my best friend is from a Syrian Catholic Arab family, for example.)

If you’re asking about a Muslim character with that name, honestly, I don’t have a problem with it personally but I invite other Jews to weigh in. It’s not a name I hear week after week in shul like Rivka and Miriam, so that makes me way less likely to care if people with no connection to us are using it, but that might differ from person to person. Since they use our books, Christians have been using our names for centuries anyway. So there’s that. (‘Mary’ is the same name as Miriam, for example, and that’s literally the most important female name in Christianity. Not to mention the connection between the names Joshua and Jesus.)

I feel like… with the name Rivka, I’d have a problem with a gentile character specifically named Rivka, but a gentile character named Rebecca would be okay although if she was actively antisemitic I’d feel really uncomfortable. Does that make sense? Because tons of Christian girls are already called Sarah and Rebecca and Deborah in real life. And in the m/m world alone I keep running into gentiles named Isaac, which has historically been a suuuuper common name for our men.

Please remember (this goes for everyone, not just OP) that Muslim is not the same thing as Arab. I work with Black and South Asian Muslims IRL at my day job, and the Arabs I’ve known personally IRL are Catholic, ex-Catholic, or Jewish. So if your question is “can my Arab character do [not Muslim thing]”, the answer is probably yes, as long as it’s not reinforcing negative tropes about Arabs in general. 

As for the respectful naming of characters, the “Names” tag has a wealth of information for you on the subject.


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Do you have the idea of what race rose is in this AU? If you do, completely disregard the rest of this ask. If you don't then here's an idea: Jewish. Think about it: Rebecca and the real life Steven (Sugar) are mixed white/jewish, steven inherited his legacy from his mother, and rose has curly hair (granted they're anime drill ribbons). Again, If you already had an idea and/or don't like this one, feel free to disregard this ask

(( Actually, Rose is Italian in the AU! ))

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What did Estelle say about su on Hollywood Game Night?

She said some nice stuff! Not, like, new info or anything but talked it up. I’ll try to transcribe the conversation best I can for you:

Jane Lynch: Now I hear that you play Garnet on Steven Universe, and I know what all those words mean but in that order I don’t understand. What is it?

Estelle: *laughs* Steven Universe is a cartoon on Cartoon Network. I hate to call it a cartoon. Its really – its quite clever and quite grown. Um, I play a sarcastic, like, “protector”. She speaks like me

Jane Lynch: Oh, good!

Estelle: ‘cause its… me.

*everyone laughs*

Jane Lynch: Right, she’s got an accent and stuff.

Estelle: It’s fun. It’s a really cool character and it’s, like, a smart way of, like, teaching young people about actual real life and things that happen. The writer Rebecca based it on her younger brother and kind of her tribulations and trials of, like, you know, being a bigger sister. And she also saw a video I did of a song called “Freak” and she’s like *makes her voice higher* “I love the video and you look great in it and you know the charac–” *normal voice* and if you see the video and the character, you understand this and that and so… Its a whole thing.